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  1. Worst case scenario, fly to London Gatwick and take the direct (hourly) train to Southampton Central. However, SOU is a great little airport in and out, and 100 metres from the door of the terminal to the train station
  2. You're much better to have a layover in Europe than in the US. If flight 1 is late, and you miss your connection, there's going to be waaaay more options for an alternate AMS-FCO flight than there would be say a EWR/Newark-FCO/Rome or ORD/Chicago-FCO/Rome. Most airports in the US that do have a flight to Rome, are just a single flight per day; most major european cities are going to have 10+/day
  3. Without this act, the Staten Island ferry would be operated by a foreign company, paying foreign wages, equipping vessels to foreign standards. It exists to prevent foreign companies operating purely domestic routes within the United States.
  4. The 'best' airline for this routing would be Porter. YQG/Windsor -> YTZ/Toronto Island -> YQB/Quebec City That will also mean you avoid paying the (mostly) US taxes for crossing the border by air.
  5. No, it's not what I said, and you're assuming that cruise ships are faster than they are. Assume something like just over 400 miles/day for a cruise ship, and it's not like they can sail "as the crow flies". To put that in perspective, Juneau to Ensenada is right around 2000 miles as the crow flies. Ensenada is a good DAY AND A HALF SOUTH of San Francisco (the opposite direction to Alaska); Victoria is pretty close to along the way from Alaska to San Francisco. You'd need to bypass Victoria, sail straight to San Francisco, sail an ADDITIONAL 1½ days to Ensenada, stop, sail 1½ days BACK to San Francisco. 1½ + 1½ = 3 extra days. Which then screws the scheduling for the next cruise, etc etc. I'm guessing that all cruise lines follow, and basically cancel the beginning of the Alaska cruise season.
  6. LOL. You'd be looking at adding 3 days to your cruise to get down to Mexico and back to San Francisco.
  7. Full press release from Transport Canada: https://www.canada.ca/en/transport-canada/news/2020/03/government-of-canada-announces-intention-to-defer-the-start-of-cruise-ship-season-in-canada-as-covid-19-response-measure.html This will also affect (Seattle/San Fran) US based Alaska cruises, as the (required by the PVSA) foreign port stop (normally Victoria) will be unavailable
  8. To expand on why this is important, even to Seattle based vessels, in order for a foreign flagged ship to sail to Alaska (and back), it needs to make a foreign port stop to comply with the PVSA. For Seattle based Alaska cruises that means Victoria (mostly) or Vancouver. Both ports will be closed to vessels of more than 500 persons until July 1 Full Transport Canada press release here: https://www.canada.ca/en/transport-canada/news/2020/03/government-of-canada-announces-intention-to-defer-the-start-of-cruise-ship-season-in-canada-as-covid-19-response-measure.html
  9. Nope. It's called a 'concession' ticket, "...seniors 65 years and older and youth 14 to 18 years with valid photo identification proving age..." https://www.translink.ca/Fares-and-Passes/Fare-Pricing.aspx and you'll only need the ID if you're inspected by a fare inspector on the train (unlikely) Just select it on the ticket machine.
  10. That's only really true if you don't tip, and you're traveling on full-fare M-F with people under 65. Plus the downside of actually finding a minivan taxi, as you're not going to get 4 people + luggage in a Prius (the bulk of the fleet) $36+tip flat rate to Canada Place from YVR $9.25/ea Full Fare M-F Skytrain $7.95/ea Over 65 M-F $8.00/ea Full Fare weekends $6.95/ea Over 65 weekends and going the other way you can knock $5 off all those fares
  11. Even if TS cancel flights from YVR-LGW (unlikely), they will offer you either other routings or other days. They're not going to outright cancel everything
  12. The trick is not to go into Waterfront Station itself, but instead use the Granville St (@ W Hastings) exit directly from the platform. This shortens the walk, and makes the walk mostly downhill.
  13. US Dollars are widely accepted, although if you pay with a US$20 for a C$10 item, you will receive change in C$ Global major credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard are widely accepted, Amex & JCB slightly less so, but Discover generally isn't accepted (it tends to be a US only thing). Almost all credit card machines in Canada support both chip and tap functionality, although a lot of US cards don't support those yet.
  14. That should say "easy 4 block". You're actually head Northwest on W.Hastings.
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