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  1. What do you call a Škoda with a sunroof? A skip 😁
  2. It's sail by date on my Cruise with Confidence FCC too.
  3. I would go back to doing what we used to do. No flying European road trips. With epic train journeys and lots of ferry hopping. I only stopped doing them because of the planning but I'm happy to take up the challenge again. If we managed to do it with 3 kids in tow I'm pretty sure it will be a doddle now it's just the 2 of us. The children used to call our holidays; Mum's Grand Expeditions. I can't be doing with 2 weeks staying in the same place on the beach type holidays so when we discovered cruising it was a no brainer. We only did it every other year because of the enormous cost but the memories are worth double the price. Now ... I just need to dig out my old clipboard 🙂
  4. Oh dear, it's going from bad to worse. I wonder will Odyssey still be doing the Med next year do you think? I am in the process of trying L&S from Allure this summer to Odyssey for next summer and despite numerous phone calls over the past 3 weeks and a phone bill of over £50 in excess of what I usually pay, I'm still being given the run around and have not received a confirmation invoice of the new price adjustment. It's not looking good.
  5. Dining time is on your confirmation invoice. Call RC and ask for a copy to be emailed to you.
  6. I would feel very peeved if I'd paid higher prices for a new amped ship and then didn't get the amp. Especially if you booked to sail because of the new amped version. In a perfect world RC should re-price and allow price drops for cruisers already booked. Unlikely, I know. For the right price I would happily sail again on an un-amped Explorer. We paid a very low price when we sailed on in August 2019 and yes, the windows in the Windjammer need replacing as does the carpet. The 2 spa pools in the Solarium don't work so could do with a fix. There was a bad crack in the vanity unit in our bathroom but that is to be expected on a ship of her age. But the price we paid reflected all that and we got what we expected. Despite those things, we loved Explorer and had a great cruise on her and I didn't feel our cruise experience was any less than the one we had on an Oasis class a couple of months earlier. RC need to manage people's expectations here. Perhaps a little OBC would help.
  7. We are from the UK and like to fly in and depart same day. For us, Barcelona is by far the easiest. Airport to port is just a few minutes in a taxi. There are always lots of taxis waiting at the airport when you arrive and plenty at the port lined up on departure day so no need to book anything in advance. As far as departing on cruise experiences go - Barcelona and Rome are poles apart. While Barcelona is very much geared up to cruises, Civitavecchia is a big commercial port and nowhere near Rome so you would need to arrange transfers or get a train to the ship. So from my point of view Barcelona wins. Having said that we have booked Odyssey from Rome for next summer because I wanted to go to Mykonos. It just takes a bit more planning and an overnight in Rome.
  8. Final payment for my Brilliance Aug 9th cruise was due today. I called to cancel and will be issued with FCC which I will use sometime in the future. Will be holding onto them until the picture is a bit clearer and won't be applying them on any cruise until the very last minute. I was told 45 days for them to come through. We'll see.
  9. How are you all requesting your refunds & FCC? Online or are you calling RC?
  10. All I ask is for written confirmation in the form of an invoice showing the correct price of my cruise. Not an unreasonable request surely? They can't do it. I have to wait for my guarantee cabin to be assigned. It's a guarantee so this might not happen for a very long time. I don't care what my cabin number is - that is why I booked guarantee but I don't think I should have to wait for a year or more for a confirmation invoice, hence 2 hours just spent on the phone today to a Manager. He needs to get authorisation from Head Office He will call me back asap/in a few days/this week/within 7 days. Yes, he threw all 4 time frames into the mix. Most of the call was like this - just non specific waffle and nothingness. I was calm, I asked all the right questions, I stuck it out for nearly 2 hours, I was determined to get a resolution but he just wouldn't deal with it. Why does such a tiny problem have to go all the way to Head Office? So many layers of hierarchy, why can't an operator take ownership of a problem and sort it without having to ask someone else's permission. What a waste of manpower. I'll give him his 7 days and will eat my words if he does get back to me. I'll update if I hear sooner.
  11. firefly333, I was able to book a solo ocean view guarantee on Allure but RC can't L&S it to Odyssey properly because of glitch in their IT system. I have a cabin but that's about it. It's been a frustrating day today. Nearly 2 hours on the phone and I've not got anywhere. They tell me that they do sometimes offer guarantee solo cabins close to sail date but getting a solo guarantee on a cruise which is over a year away is never going to happen. I am told I have to wait until my cabin is assigned before they will issue me with an updated invoice. I am waiting for a call back to see if they can assign me a cabin early. I really don't want to wait a year before I get written confirmation of what I'm paying.
  12. I spoke to Manager. He can't do it. He's now gone off to speak to resolutions dept to see if they will make an exception. On hold again ..
  13. I spoke to Manager. He can't do it. He's now gone off to speak to resolutions dept to see if they will make an exception. On hold again ..
  14. Or 9 even. See I'm so flustered I can even get the deck right.
  15. Bet you can't see my corner aft available on deck 8 😭
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