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  1. Very informative indeed - could you be patient enough to say what difference there is between the two buffets ?l Also do they still have the Elegant Nights and if passengers do dress up (suits for men) ? Many thanks
  2. First 2 questions.....how many elegant nights are there ? And are the men wearing suits? It seems that there are two Buffets - what's the difference between them ? Now two comments,,,,, in Malta it is uphill to the actual city of Valletta but there is a panaromic lift about 5/10 min walk from where the ship docks. It leads to the Barakka Gardens with a lovely view of the Grand Harbour. Second - next year the Sea view will not be cruising the Med. It will be replaced by the new Bellissima. Thanks for all your information (will be on the Seaview next month)
  3. Obviously English started being spoken in America as a result of English settlers there and I often wonder how and why it developed so differently. Why is their spelling different ? In the UK we say bag (for hand bag) . When I first started on CC I couldn't understand why the Americans always referred to a purse. Then I realised that purse means handbag . There was a thread about pick pockets and it was really confusing at first.
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