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  1. Cruiseej, Thanks for the reassurance. My two cruising companions are from New Hope, PA. Perhaps we can swap cruise stories sometime.
  2. All of this is quite helpful. Thanks. I actually like the special dining room for Queens Grill guests. One of the things that has changed so much in the past few decades is cruise ship dining. I enjoy having the same servers so I can get to know them and they know me and my preferences. I have cruised with some of the same Cunard wait staff several times, and they remember what I like from one cruise to the next. If those with larger QG suites get better tables, I am not keen-eyed enough to have noticed. I keep hearing that Seabourn is very personalized and "everybody knows your name," the implication being that they also know your preferences. How is that possible if you eat at a different table every night? I appreciate dining with the same passengers each night, as well. I have been lucky never to have shared a Queens Grill table with a less than desirable table mate. I have made some life-long friends in this way. How easy is it to get to know other passengers on a week-long Seabourn cruise? Where should we go to maximize the chances for great social contacts? (We are three women on this cruise, leaving our husbands at home to rake leaves and walk the dogs.) The whole Queens Grill butler thing sometimes is not all it's cracked up to be. Some butlers are great, others not so much. From what I have read, the room stewards/stewardesses on Seabourn will do just about the same things a butler is supposed to do on Cunard. (I have never met a single cruiser who actually wants their butler to pack/unpack for them!) Do the stewardesses arrange cocktail parties if you have a suite large enough to support such a gathering? Who serves your guests? If you want to have a light breakfast in your suite every morning, will that happen at the same time every day if you let someone know that's what you want? While I have never really known how to take full advantage of a cruise ship butler, I definitely enjoy having priority embarkation and priority tender access by virtue of being a Grills passenger. Am I correct in assuming this is not that big a deal on Seabourn because you are only jostling about with a few hundred passengers, rather than a few thousand? I am very excited to try the Seabourn product and expand my experience base. We have booked a large suite for this upcoming voyage, and I am not a bit bothered that there aren't extra "perks" associated with that choice. I just want to have a really great time, and to have things taken care of in such a way that my vacation is always relaxing and seamless. Will I get my wish?
  3. I will be on my first SB cruise very soon - boarding the Ovation on Sept. 18. I usually cruise Cunard in the Queens Grill because I get to cruise so infrequently that I want every possible amenity. I know Seabourn is a very different experience than a Cunard Queens Grill cruise, but I am wondering if there is any advantage to booking a more expensive suite, like the Wintergarden or the Signature suite, on Seabourn. Are there any benefits that come with those larger suites or does everyone on Seabourn have the same experience (other than the amount of square feet in their suite)? And if anyone has enjoyed both of these cruise experiences, I would love to have your thoughts....
  4. I have sailed in Cunard Queens Grill suites a few times. I very much enjoy the level of service I receive: breakfast in the suite every morning, a butler to arrange the occasional cocktail party, etc. I also enjoy having the same wait staff for dinner every night in the Queens Grill restaurant. For anyone who has tried both lines, how does the service in a SB larger suite compare? And are you able to develop relationships with wait staff under the Seaborn model? I am not sure if the trade off with having more dining options on Seaborn is worth losing that connection with those that are greeting you every evening at dinner. Nonetheless, because our September Cunard cruise has been cancelled, we will be sailing on the Ovation in Greece this September. Just trying to get a sense of how the two compare with respect to relationships with the crew.
  5. I would pay a reasonable surcharge to be able to access a real Peloton bike with a decent compliment of on demand rides available. Being away from my Peloton is the only cloud on my vacation horizon.
  6. Is there a working hot tub on the Grills Terrace of the Queen Victoria?
  7. I am pretty sure this is a mistake. I received the same email and my August 30 cruise on QE is still a go. My travel agent called Cunard and they told her they intended to send this email to those holding FCCs but who had not booked a cruise. Instead, the email went out to everyone on their list. I wouldn't count on my experience/information, but would check on your own to be sure this is the case for you as well.
  8. Laktek, We have the Rostron suite for a 14-day Med cruise beginning August 30. We also considered the Q2, but decided the aft would be ideal in the Med in late summer. Please, what can you tell me about the suite? Does it have a butlers pantry next to the dining room or a “snug” room as I have seen in videos of the new Q1 suites on Victoria? If it’s a butlers pantry, does it have a sink? What is the bathroom configuration? Three separate sink areas but only one toilet? Anything you can share about the suite would be appreciated.
  9. Thanks very much. This is exactly what I was wondering. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. I am terrible at posting from my phone. Sorry for the missteps. I am curious about the date of her last renovation because I am looking for videos of the suite I purchased (7150 - a grand suite for my 65th birthday![emoji3]). All the videos are from 2014 or earlier. I seem to recall she might have had a renovation since that time? Does she look more like the queen Victoria now in terms of the aft suites? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Sorry. I hit send before I was ready and I don’t think I can edit from my phone. Anyway, I booked #Q129F - SouthHampton to Barcelona - Aug 30 - Sept 13. What have you booked? And can anyone tell me when Elizabeth most recently was renovated and what that renovation entailed? Was it a wash and brush up or a large remastering? Not gonna worry about the virus today. I just booked a fab cruise! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Hello Fellow Cunarders. This morning, I booked a 14-day Med cruise on Elizabeth. One of the new itineraries. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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