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  1. Am on Edge now. Ship is full. Inadequate elevator capacity is a huge issue. Elevator rides often involve long waits and body to body crowding, especially on embarkation day.
  2. We are on Edge at the moment. Seems like there are always some available chairs in pool area but ones in the shade are sometimes hard to find.
  3. Wishing you good luck with your medical visit in Curacao.We are on the Edge and are trying Eden for dinner tonight. Happy to hear your positive comments about it. I plan to write a full post cruise review but one key criticism on this otherwise wonderful ship is the lack of elevator capacity. The long waits and crowding on elevators seems especially frustrating for folks with mobility issues.
  4. Technically true. But practically speaking I have seen "dressiness" or lack thereof pretty much equally practiced throughout the ship. Back in formal night days, we encountered strict enforcement of the jacket rule by staff in Blu. Some people were so angry they showed written proof to the Blu head waiter of the more casual policy in Blu to no avail.
  5. Am on Edge now. Last night was chic night. I chose not to bring a sport jacket. Wore dress slacks and a long sleeve dressy patterned shirt. I absolutely did not feel out if place. However, I would estimare that 20% of men were very dressy with suits and ties with a few tuxes mixed in thst crowd. Another 35% wore a jacket with no tie. About 45% wore just slacks with collared shirt and no jacket. Again, this is just my estimate...hope it helps.
  6. I guess you have had better/ more experience with Oceania CDs, so I take you at your word. I have cruised Oceania eight times. Have had D twice and agree with you about her. Of the other six only Julie James was a delight and accepted my complement about limited microphone use by telling me that passengers are not stupid and there is no sense reading the schedule which they can see for themselves in Currents. I have not had the good fortune of experiencing other Oceania CDs who feel similarly.
  7. Agree except for "very few announcements." Oceania forces its cruise directors to read the entire schedule listed in Currents 2 or 3 times a day. More annoying announcements than Celebrity, Holland America and Crystal combined. This is one reason why we cruise on Oceania less than we used to...still enjoy so much about it, but the Carnavalesque announcements are very irritating.
  8. You have waited too long for most independent policies to cover pre existing conditions. However Steve at tripinsurancestore.com offers one policy which covers pre existing conditions as long as policy is purchased by time of final payment date. I suggest you give them a call. Policy is "CSA Freestyle." Much better than purchasing Celebrity's policy.
  9. Exactly. If you will be cruising to a fairly distant location, the cost of evacuation can be $50,000 or more. So the limits of Chase Saphire figure into the answer to your question.
  10. While it is often helpful for the aggrieved customer to have in mind a proposed "solution" to the issue caused by the company, Oceania is not our boss, so the saying is not fully applicable IMHO.
  11. Lyn, I think you will have no trouble finding more basic menu items on Crystal. With a day's notice they will make almost anything for you. For example, on our last Crystal cruise my DW had a craving for homemade tomato soup. She ordered it and they made it special for her... Each night she wanted it for rest of the cruise. I certainly would not pay to go on Crystal for tomato soup...but the point is they are very flexible...seems nothing is too much trouble...we appreciate that.
  12. Crystal is a wonderful option. Great entertainment and very good food..debatable whether food is as good as Oceania. Oceania cruisers will have to get used to serve yourself zero sneeze guard situation in buffet and some other food venues on Crystal. Pros and cons to every cruise line....of course...
  13. Agree wholeheartedly. My "constructive criticism" concerning cruise directors who insist on interrupting the serenity of my vacation with intrusive announcements, outdated gym equipment in poor condition, poorly handled noro virus situations...you name it probably go into the electronic version of a dumpster. I no longer bother with post cruise comments or any other feedback to Oceania management other than to complement excellent crew members...they probably prefer it that way.
  14. Likely they are just being polite. In most cases they most appreciate cash, as they often are primary support for families back home.
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