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  1. South Queensferry is the port which serves Edinburgh. I was just there on the Zuiderdam last month. It certainly is a tender port.
  2. Can't hurt to try. Maybe we just encountered a grumpy😁 reservations person when we asked.
  3. We have tried multiple times to trade for a specialty restaurant we prefer over Toscana and have been denied each time. So our reservations have gone unused.
  4. What in the world are you talking about re: "notification." in final papers????
  5. Another factor with Regent is if you have a late booking window for tours due to purchasing one of the less expensive cabins or if you book the cruise at the last minute, the free tours that you would find most desirable may be full. Thus you may have paid for "included" tours which are not available to you
  6. Since the beginning of time R class ships except for Sirena have only Polo and Toscana and larger O Class ships also have Jacques and Red Ginger. Sirena's two specialty restaurants are Red Ginger and Tuscan Steak. Tuscan Steak purports to be sort of a combination of Polo and Toscana.
  7. Also, if you are fussy about dining times in specialty restaurants (eg. wanting reservations for early tables for 2) Concierge class earlier booking window helps make those possible.
  8. Small point, but slightly irritating that they remove all hors d'oeuvres from the Concierge Lounge about 5:55 p.m., so if I want to go in and have a soft drink and a small snack prior to even a slightly late dinner, that option is gone.
  9. I agree that the way Oceania serves in the Terrace appears more sanitary, however not sure there is any evidence that Oceania ships are more "healthy" to travel on than other ships. With the self service and shared serving utensils in Baristas and the Executive and Concierge lounges all users touching the coffee machines, and the ability of guests to take pre made deserts off of the shelves in Terrace, Oceania ships indeed are not immune from the shared serving item concern. Indeed, our only experience with a norovirus outbreak in over 40 cruises was on an Oceania cruise.
  10. Just received an e mail from usual Oceania personal travel planner who also, of course sells Regent. Great deals for those wishing to try the refurbished Mariner...well less than 300 per diems...great pricing for Regent which, of course, includes some shore excursions.
  11. No need and no reservations accepted in Grand (Main) Dining room. No extra charge for the four specialty restaurants on Riviera or on any Oceania ship.
  12. If you read the details of the December inspection there are 27 pages of violations with remediation listed for each problem. Some of the issues raised are pretty petty, but some raised by the CDC (eg. mold in an ice machine) seem of some concern.
  13. Specialty restaurants on Oceania are heavily booked. Thus the reason to jump on your computer to grab good times for allotted reservations as soon as your category's booking window opens. For additional bookings once you are on the ship...Depends on how flexible you are. If you are willing to share and willing to eat late there is a good chance you will get your additional seatings, especially since you are in Concierge class and it is a fairly long cruise.
  14. edgee

    DC to Miami

    Are you comfortable with flying to Miami the morning of the day your cruise embarks? The only way that O air has even a chance to be price competitive is if you are willing to do a same day fly in and even then you can probably find better pricing on your own and take the air credit. If you want to fly in early the deviation fee would wipe out any possible chance for O air to be priced decently. We live in the DC area and cruise Oceania out of Miami every winter. We always fly in a day or two early and take the credit, but even if we flew in same day we can always get a better deal by taking the credit. That even includes the cost of flying Southwest to FLL from either BWI or DCA and taking Uber to or from Miami.
  15. I have been on two Crystal on Broadway cruises in the last 18 months and both featured Kevin McCollom himself. He is a wonderful, friendly guy. He held very interesting discussions about the business of Broadway and his experiences producing such successful shows as Avenue Q, Rent, Ragtime, Something Rotten along with many others.
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