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  1. Lyn, your opinion is seem as fact by most even slightly experienced cruisers. IMO, the common practice of cruise lines scheduling passengers to fly from great distances with arrival times figured barely in time to make a ship's embarkation deadline is travel industry malpractice.
  2. Which takes us back to the original poster's complaint about "negative nellies" saying that plans to cruise in October are not realistic. Each day that passes it seems that those "negative Nellies" are more and more likely correct.
  3. It is against cruise critic rules to name travel agencies on the boards. Been that way for quite a while.
  4. Another great source of info about availability is to go the website of most any major on line cruise agency and check availability for the cruise in which you are interested. You will get a deckplan showing available cabins in any particular category you want to search. Cannot give examples of these websites here, but they are not hard to figure out.
  5. I was merely stating a fact. I feel a little sad/disappointed when I embark on an Oceania cruise and learn that she is the cruise director. There are many Oceania cruise directors (eg. Julie James) who do a fine job, do not make the cruise all about themselves and make announcements in a much more abbreviated way.
  6. My heart sinks whenever I embark on an Oceania cruise and hear her annoying voice for the first time. I know I will enjoy my cruise a little less having to listen to her drone on and on reading me a schedule of events I am most capable of reading for myself.
  7. This is a smart move on the part of RCCL and NCL. I am a retired health care regulator and also a lobbyist. I can tell you that putting together a panel with the significant gravitas of this group gives them credibility with the CDC and also when they plead their case to Congress if necessary. Of course the cruise lines have a steep hill to climb in terms of credibility and convincing government agencies that cruising can ever be safe and viable in this Covid world, but this is definitely a credible strategy.
  8. Spain is not opening up to cruise ships. Ban remains with no indication when it will be lifted.
  9. I am pro mask for all of the safety reasons..good thing cuz I live in NY State where the law requires masks and people are very compliant. I comply and recognize the necessity but I absolutely hate wearing one. I feel confined and breathing is not easy. For me, they are not "easy to get used to." As a result I wear a mask out of necessity for shopping, doctor visits and keep one in my pocket while outside walking in case I end up close to others. However I do not plan to fly, vacation or engage in recreational activity requiring a mask. Just not worth it to me, given the discomfort.
  10. This comment did not age well😒
  11. They sure are less than forthcoming about the opportunity to get a refund in the short run!
  12. But can you enjoy a cruise, knowing that if even one passenger or crew member comes down with Corona Virus, you may be quarantined in your cabin 24/7 and you may have to stay there for weeks on end if the ship is not allowed to dock at multiple ports. No way could I even consider taking that risk, no matter how small.
  13. Pros of Oceania are longer cruise, much more luxurious atmosphere, much much much better food, for you guys an opportunity to trying a new cruise line, more interesting itinerary. Pros of Princess are opportunity to experience wonderful Glacier Bay, less cost, (although on a perdiem basis, Oceania is not that much more expensive, especially if you get Oceania prepaid gratuities), better and more diversified evening entertainment.
  14. Great response which is well deserved.
  15. When I read an article like this it makes me wonder if I ever want to give this company or Carnival Corp my money ever again. Horrible way to treat people...although not sure CDC is being reasonable, either. What a mess! https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article242380421.html
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