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  1. IMO, if you are a couple traveling on you own why would you want an enormous veranda? .. especially given the pandemic is still active Personally, I would NOT attend nor host a large gathering on any verandah for a good long time yet to be in the future.
  2. Yes, this ^^ We sailed from Pireaus two times and stayed pre-cuise in Athens both times.......... MUch nicer hotels etc there and we totally loved those stays . I particuarly liked the Platka, the restaurants; shopping in this area and especially the views of ACROPOLIS while dining on an outdoor restaurant patio Some nice hotels in this area 🙂
  3. ^^^ Dittto that travel worldwide including to the caribbean is way down. jewelers inthe islands have to be DESPERATE (IMO)..for business, cruisers, buyers. Desperate people do desperate ( sometimes very uglythings. for such a purchase, given the circumstances existing today, buy the ring at home.
  4. I tried to make a b-to- booking for two seven day cruises and was told, CDC is limiting cruiers to days only and was unable o book my b-to-b, thus, I made no booking.. Forget about ten day cruises...if I was Told correctly
  5. Yes, ^^^ that Rules of that sort apply to everyone.You comply If you want to sail a ship that has such a r ule
  6. IMO, It is highly unlikely anyone here can correctly answer these " (many) what will the ships do questions " until each cruise company announces or makes i t known what their policy will be.
  7. Likely, paying the fines is all it takes and also, likely, that happened long ago.
  8. I was booked for Boston/Montreal/Boston, b to-b which was cancelled for 2020. I would be very happy to 'try again to do that terrific cruise, again and again
  9. ............... And for those who (horror of horrors ) go through life with only a land line phone ??? Since the plague arrived on ourr shoes, the land line meets my needs,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I never have any desire or regular use for a smart phone.......
  10. ** My late dh was in First Armor Division at Fort Hood,,,,,,,,, Kileen was our home for about a year We were lucky there were no available on base houses when we arrived.
  11. A [u] b-tob [/u] is consecutive cruises on the Same Ship.
  12. NO WAid all. I would Never agree to t hat !!!!. IF it works for you fine but............ nOT me and I am a 'red hot' high risk person if I should be infected. I would test once to board if required and tha t is ll. You asked and I certainly answered your question ! Enjoy your cruise spent in the Infirmary.
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