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  1. My late DH and I sailed about 1,000 (cruises- mAny lines combined). in May, 2020, I sailed solo for the first time, since his passing. Going to and boarding the ship alone was hard, of course bur after traveling so much with dh, lots of adjustments were called for. I had such a successfully fine time , I booked to sail again this month. of course, HAL cancelled that cruise but as soon, as it is possible, I hope to make another booking and sail solo again. I usually must pay double as I want our usua l suite with veranda and they charge(most of the time). For me to sail totally different than what we always did, sets me up to fail IMO. When the ships are open for bookings again, think about maybe sailing on your own.... if you wish
  2. I notice the diagram showing the projected path of the storm ENDS very far south of New England where we expect chance of heavy rain thunder, lightning , winds possibly as far north as parts of Maine
  3. I would love to have more ' Dutch features returned to HAL cruises They have moved way too far from the 'Holland" in Holland America Line, IMO.
  4. My best wishes to KK. UNtil, yesterday, I had no idea she is ill. I am very sorry to read i t here and wish her a full and speedy recovery I hope she is suffering a not too serious illness.. 'sail'
  5. Copper, where are you? HOw are you .. and 'the child bride?' Please know I wish you all the best of good health, safety and happiness in these awful times... and always.'
  6. I have been told there are skeleton crews on some ships to keep them operating, performing proper care that is necessary. I did not ask but wish I knew where a few that are (fingers crossed) staying in the fleet are. and which captains, HD's etc are where. I worry for some and wish to know they are safe and well, as are their families. Hey Copper, I worry for you as well. Some HAL 'people' really matter to some of us. Some of us go wayyy bac k and it matters IMO I never would want any to think any of us HAL'ers don't care and are not concerned for their safety and health. And eagerly await "til we meet again"
  7. I haven't been on CC much lately If KK is ill, I did not know but certainly wish her well. To any here who are ill , I wish you fast and full recovery Sorry if it is 'oldnews', I truly dislike this board's current format and dont' enjoy CC as much I did for a bout 10 years so I come here very much less now than I did with the former format. I am sorry if such (KK and others who may be ill) were discussed long ago as I am not aware of same
  8. What a bout some of the older less than fabulous Princess ships? Costa? Cunard?
  9. So many CC HAL posters here often speak of all the oldsters who cruise HAL 🙂 Maybe HAL seniors especially (those with high risk conditions) will be high on the eligible list and first to be able to sail again 🙂
  10. I think many (a great many )voluntiers were injected this week. I've not yet heard of any seriously bad reactions.
  11. These vaccinces, cleared as ready for human trials have come from the labs so quickly. Let us all hope they prove to be safe and effective... the whole world needs them badly and urgently.
  12. Two U.S. labs are in their stage three testing for a vaccine. About 30,000 voluntiers were injected this week as part of the trial studies.
  13. IF given the choice between sailing Amsterdam or Volendam (both 'R' class ships), I would opt for Volendam. 🙂
  14. Perhaps, they will use Volendam for that cruise seeing Rotterdam is sold ?
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