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  1. πŸ˜• NAD = Nieuw Amsterdam? πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜•πŸ€£
  2. Cruising and diving. Very big thank you. NOw I "get it" πŸ™‚
  3. For those of us who do not deal on any level, at all with big box stores it would be oh so helpful and considerate to realize not everyone shops, books cruises etc in the same place and perhaps thin k about not 'assuming such......... How about shairng the 'rest of the story ?' Thank you if you (or some one ) will fill in what those cards are? I don't b uy bath tissue or laundry detergent there and I definitely do not book cruises/ travel there.
  4. Good info, Walfan I'll leave the chemistry to you. We trade off fat in some ice cream but they add more sugar. We all make those sort of choices sometimes daily.
  5. Did I misunderstand you to be saying HAL gift cards can only bve used in shops on board the ships (stores) but not for alternative restuarants or toward the fare for our cruises? That is ridiculous and I so hope I am wrong Who would buy any if that is the case? dumb and dumber.
  6. Maybe a bit later when we sailed from Copenhagen
  7. Pinnacle is not open for reservations on embarkation day. You may choose between Lido and (usually) MDR. There are 'sometimes circumstances of special, private invitations but that is not ordinary. (If you see people lunchin,g there, that might be how/why.
  8. Have you yet sailed HAL? If so, why did you not go your cab in to leave your carry ons and lock up valuables What time did you board? I happen to like HAL's system of having cab ins ready when we board. Best system of all the cruise lines I have sailed, IMO ( It isn't broke and I do not think it needs fixing). πŸ™‚ The fewer places I have to 'hand it over and out of my control, the more I like it. The fewest chances I might never see it again, the Better
  9. How many years and how many cruises enable us to self-refer as 'loyal HAL customers? are there some established numbers of which I am unaware?
  10. Anyone know where? I'm, guesssing places like Target, CVS, AAAoffices and ? >> HAL .com πŸ™‚
  11. It would be quite dishonorable if they refuse to grant the benefits that applied at the time the FCC was purchased, IMO and I'll b e very surprised if they do otherwise IMO. HAL is many things and one of them is they are an honorable company IMO Through all the years, hundreds of cruise days, I have no memory of them ever treating us unfairly when it came to anything in terms of $$. sail.noordam@gmail.com
  12. Thanks for asking, I was just about to.
  13. W hadport calls a out 3-4 times in Lisbon and several hotel stays. We really like that city. We always docked in the center of down town. Easy t distance to walk (though hilly) You can see lots on your own but if you don't want a HAL bus tour, you might consider, a smaller and private tour Do some reading in advance to deter mine what things interest you as 'must sees' Have lunch and/or dinner ashore. food is good. (so is the 'green wine). πŸ™‚ sail.noordam@gmail.com
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