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  1. Well, POA, hey, hi hello. Hope all is well with you. I have missed you and especially your good humor.
  2. Inexcusable, IMO, such a common condition and so many needing proper meds in proper dose for diabetes management. . Did the nurse not offer to set you up with a doctor/pharmacy at one of your ports where you could get what you needed? to leave you feeling ill and doing nothing to help you is awful IMO Dentist /doctor appointments are commonly arranged (in ports) for guests
  3. OoooOh , That is Nice, We we were in Rome, arly to mid October and had everything from hot weather, suuny and dry to more like fall. Maybe go to one of the weather sites and see a 'history of weather in cities you hope to visit.to get a fair idea. W had very good luck on stays in Copenhagen/ Amsterdam in October. No matter where we go, when, weather is also unknown "Until" you are there and you take what you get.
  4. Darn that OP didn't share the 'rest of the story" with us. 👀
  5. Dress code in evening on HAL ships is same when sailing in Alaska. The suggestion to read "Know Before you go" is a good one.
  6. For our Dozens and dozens of stays in Neptune Suites and never a free mini bar., Always the complimentary bottle of Welcome Aboard bubbly from Captain and HD
  7. I freely admit I have no idea how to run a cruise line and have no intention of presuming to tell a very historied cruise c ompany what they should do and how to manage the ships All I wish to do in this regard is call upon my very extensive cruise experience to note things I miss on the ships and perhaps suggest in threads of this sort things many of us would welcome either returned to our cruise experience or to introduce on the ships. To call what they pass to us to think of as CD 's.....they are in no way close to anything most of us think of a s succesful cruise directors. at Most, IMO, they fit the description of MC.at some shows and read the daily program on speaker system. No more 'fun games', no more 'cruise staff' what is a Carribbean cruise without cruise CD and staff? .. It is lacking vital amusements and entertainments. FUN As a cruiser, I have always been described as a 'self-entertainer' and that is accurate but even I notice the quiet lack of any organized typical warm weather cruise fun on HAL ships, these days Without the proper cruse staff HAL cannot make it 'better' It seems possible the team in Settle has not noticed how badly they have let the fun factor fall. . sail.noordam@gmail.com
  8. 🙂 Did the assignment go as scheduled ? ...is now the question 🤷‍♀️
  9. Thank you for this thread, OP, but it begs the question, Who was the Captain about which we re speaking/ reading ? If you don't mind, it would be helpful to name the Captain .
  10. Great response. so clearly stated and easy to follow. Well done 🙂
  11. Thanks for posting the report, Always enjoyable to read 🙂
  12. Anyone know what most cruise lines do in this regard? I don' t recall on NCL, "X", Princess
  13. I totally agree the senior officers on a given ship are SO very important and nOT only in terms of safety (which, of course, always rules) However, as good as ghey may be individually and as a team, so many rules, regs and budget comes from Seattle, entertainment is what they send them, provisions are from dictated vendors changes to expected scheduling and iinerearies are approved or Not in headquarters. Captain is Master of his vessel but he answers to those who control the checkbook in most in stances . bUT, Dont forget the staff captain, a n important position not always fully recognized IMO And , how respectful are the 'powers' in Settle to these Captains HD's, Chefs etc,e t c ??? When they have joint meetings? I can't put my finger on why, bu t I suspect they may be ' under-appreciated?'
  14. Noordam ( a Vista ) has been in the fleet 13 years. Maybe you cut her life in HAL's fleet expectancy too short?
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