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  1. Ice at least once a day? That’s it? The horror!! I was hoping that there was a sensor that know the ice was low and the butler would magically appear. However will we survive!! LOL.
  2. I knew my post wouldn’t be a popular opinion but that’s ok!! We just hunker down by the bar and it’s all over in a few minutes. Cheers.
  3. Another thread also said that they often have bottles that aren't on display, so if you ask something like "do you have any other single malts" they well may, and it doesn't hurt to ask.
  4. I think we must be the only people in the world who are sick to death of 1492. It just want to make me barf. I can sort of handle it with the sails, but when the raise that stupid little flag on the motor yachts we just grumble about "flag away." The crew looks a little embarrassed.
  5. Back in the day when Istanbul was on the list of ports and the Spirit went on a permanent vacation in Hatiti, the Spirit and the Star would routinely be in Rhodes on the same day. It was even cooler with the masts and sails, and they made quite a show of it with the 2 ships departing at the same time and actually sailing around each other a couple times (well probably motoring, but still) before leaving port one after the other - one headed West and the other East. Totally cool.
  6. We did a similar itin on Windstar last August - be prepared for high seas (or not) and the possibility of missing a port, one never knows Many of those ports are quite small and they seemed a bit repetitive after awhile: Portree - this isn't a bad place if you just want to poke around, if you head toward the right there's a fairly nice area of shops to walk around in, if you turn more left there's a nice shoreline walking path. Kirkwall - We had a very nice private day tour booked that I highly recommend - Marlene Thomson marathomson@btinternet.com. Very local, very personable, and know a lot about the area. She pretty much asked what we were interested in and then planned the day. Make sure you include a stop in town - the cathedral is wonderful and there are a couple very nice shops right across the street. Met us right at the head of the pier spot on time and off we went. Be sure to not miss the "hairy cows". Our itinerary was Reykjavik to Edinburgh and then Edinburgh to Dubin (B2B). And Kirkwall was twice - we missed it on the first leg and Marlene was most accommodating to move our tour to the second stop. Lerwick - We have no recollection of this port. I think we got right on a ship's tour that was fairly boring and then went back to the ship. There may have been a castle? Truly, zero recollection. Torshavn - Very nice but small, port. From where we docked you took a shuttle bus into a sort of tourist office and from there it was a short walk through a parking lot to the town. Cute, a few shops, there's a pedestrian only street that parallels the main road closer to the port side with some shops and restaurants. We had a short time in town before our tour, which unfortunately was mostly in the fog, but it was still interesting. I'd like to go back and spend a few days in the area. If you are hikers this is where I'd do it. Iona - Missed it - our tour drive miles and miles to get there and the the Ferry wasn't running due to high seas - they made up for it with a stop at a castle, which was fine but Iona remains on our bucket list. Reykjavik speaks for itself. A good place to buy cheap things to bring home (Chocolate, salt, etc.) is at the Bonus supermarket with several locations - look for the Pink Pig. For a splash out meal we recommend Fiskmarkadourin - never had a bad meal there - go for the tasting with the wine pairings. Right dead in the middle of townl
  7. There's never an issue with staying on board mid-cruise, but I think you'd be making a mistake. This can be a great casual day for a fairly quick excursion on your own. There's a nice shopping/restaurant area literally right at the end of the pier, and it's a quick walk to the island to the right where you can poke around for awhile. Very easy, and all very close.
  8. Have you found the online page on My Silversea where you can book various things like shore excursions, dining reservations and spa services? Really quite spiffy, and the ability to just do this online yourself is very easy and convenient. Various options open at different times, excursions is 180 days out, and you can make changes after booking. Payment isn't due until you're on board, so there's no reason wait. Some things sell out, when we went in at about 175 days out some tours were already "waitlist only". As you enter things they appear on a very nice grid that shows time in port along with the time-frame for anythings you've booked via SS. Nice. Excursions do have a "cancel by" date, but it's almost immediately before the cruise (2 days?). Restaurant reservations are cancelable on board by just asking. Most of our experience is with Windstar, and you pay when you book and you didn't know the exact tour times until you get your tickets onboard. We had some nasty surprised like "your tour departs at 6:30am, please be in the lounge 15 minutes early". Ouch, if we'd know that we'd have booked somethng else! Also, when the same tour is being run multiple times, you can choose with departure time you want to book. Very nice. While you're on the My Windstar page, take some time to browse through all the pages and if you have any "red" dots open the page and see what's missiong. When all your dots are "green" you're done. Some things are a bit hidden, so open all the links and do some exploring around the page.
  9. I should qualify that my use of the word "risk" here was less about personal safety and more about risk of losing out on the ports you booked the cruise for if the itinerary is changed in a major way.
  10. There’s a thread I started about 2021 pricing in general. There are several reports about very aggressive pricing. If WS starts to jack up prices to a Seaborne or Silversea level I see little reason to remain loyal. We’ve pretty much run out of WS itineraries in any case.
  11. This is a tough one. I’d trust Silversea to do what’s right, but the whole middle of that itin is really Persian Gulf heavy with no obvious substitutes. Seems like a bit of a risk.
  12. Is the martini vegan? I hope so!!
  13. I’d also think that if you put Vegan on your dietary restrictions that the chef would seek you out. On one line we’re familiar with, a dining manager actually meets with special diet people at breakfast to show them that day’s menu and to discuss what they can adjust to meet their requirements from the menu or to serve them something else if nothing appeals. The guest gets to chose from what’s possible.
  14. I *think* SB44 was commenting that she has a loyalty card with another service provider and she’s not about to give it up, so if WS came out with their own card it would be worthless. CB44: Have you checked your Chase benefits recently? Many of their plans were gutted mid-2019.
  15. I’m guessing that any new program will come out to less than the 5% off we’re currently getting.
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