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  1. I would wait to assess that until after the ship is actually underway from Madiera!
  2. And depending on how far behind this puts them this will affect downstream itins as well. Next up is Philipsburg to Colon on the 26th.
  3. CruiseMapper shows here as just outside the port of Funchal in Madiera Showing as "at anchor" while makes me wonder about actual repairs happening.
  4. I know that. But they were triplets so my point still obtains.
  5. They actually told you how many were on the plan?
  6. It’s the itin that ship was build for. Fantastic.
  7. We’re the complete opposite and if we did this I’d add on some days in Istanbul! A favorite and I will not be intimidated. If my time comes, it comes and I can’t live my life looking over my shoulder. I could just as easily be killed by a cab in Rome!! to the OP. This looks like a great itinerary.
  8. That's right - rub it in!! Have a great trip.
  9. Do you mean the former Seabourn ships that WS acquired years ago now? The answer is “no” they’re gone. And that’s fine with me.
  10. I’m not sure what you’re looking for. The T&Cs are clear. 90 days. That dare is meant for last minute travelers and allows WS to fill up unsold cabins. If they open that fare to everyone they lose millions of dollars. There are many reasons to book early - your choice of cabin, your itinerary, ability to book airfare early, plan your trip, etc. the reason to book late is really only one thing. Cheap. So, for the people who have the flexibility to book last minute there are bargains to be had. But, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.
  11. What would you like to know? Five postings, all on this thread, and now gone. Hmmmm.
  12. Any modern device will work fine on the 220 so all you need is the adapter. I bought like 20 from Amazon for very little money as I’m always losing the. Most things adjust automatically, just plug it in. For some reason hair dryers have a 110/220 switch you need to change. Things like phone/tabled/laptops you can just use the adapter and you’re good to go. My trick is to bring a small plug in nightlight that’s strong enough to avoid flooding the bed area with light when you need the bathroom in the dark. I plug it into the “shaver” outlet and it provides enough light to do your business. They say shaver since it isn’t meant for things that draw lots if power like a hair dryer. A nightlight is fine.
  13. I’m embarrassed that I should know the answer to this but my memory isn’t working today. I tried googling a picture but that failed as well.
  14. I think we've all had them. We endured dozens of people from the Houston Yacht Club. They traveled in a pack and mostly started drinking at breakfast and got louder and twangier (apologies to an Texans on this board) as the day went on. The completely took over the Yacht Club to the point that no one else could use it.
  15. I think this is likely part of the issue. I can't find it back but in the process of looking for something else I stumbled across one port's published list of charges, and it wasn't proportional to size with the small ships winding up paying more per passenger than the behemoths. And, yes WS is one of the cruise lines Tauck uses. I was on one item with a big group of them and let's just say there were a pain in the be-hind. They sort of destroyed the WS attitude of just do your own thing. They had their own agent on board, and the Tauck passengers tended to move around in a flock, completely consuming certain spaces as they went. Just changed the atmosphere.
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