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  1. Welcome to CC. We took our 3 yo DS back in 2006 when NCL had three ships there. For us it was flexibility to work around things. Car rentals were easy there but hearing stories of rental shortages now. We tried to keep things to about half a day or we split doing things off ship with older child. Key for us was to get a nap in for him. The ship will be deserted during Port stops so an afternoon stint in the pools was lots of fun. We have pictures on wall with kids in the pool and one with him sitting on a beach chair smiling and holding a su
  2. We were lucky to get June cancel in 45 days. Nearing 14 months for FCC from last year.
  3. We were supposed to sail in one month. No new ship smell for us.
  4. Doing some more checking, it is pay as you go. On US site, if you sign up for package, spend $100 get 50% credit. No list of prices. They do have a chart for ships as to what will let you get 50% credit if you spend money there. Example, Mera zipline, no credit, Seaside yes.
  5. They used to have unlimited package for room. That changed. From US site, price varies based on ship and when purchased. Buy online and get 50% credit or you can save 20% compared to onboard prices - asterisks. The newer ships have the first option and older ships the second. Check their site under 'onboard' then 'entertainment'. Also, the newer ships have 4d vs older 3d shows whatever the difference, not sure. We did 3d shows on Divinia and they were cool. F1 was cool too but it kept breaking due to software.
  6. Hope it works out for July sailors. Saw Port Canaveral also had crew vaccines.
  7. Maybe I missed it, but can you get the vc discount using a TA?
  8. We've had wristbands last two trips in yc and they work well for everything. MSC also sold wristbands for other categories and kids.
  9. Black status used to get free cake if your birthday was while on board. I always thought kind of odd thing as we don't plan trips around birthday so guessing few actually benefit from this perk.
  10. dexddd

    MSC for Me App

    There is another thread floating around here the past few days that may help.
  11. My thoughts is cruise lines have lots of employees from India. Is what is going on there hampering getting crews back on ships?
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