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  1. They will introduce a bidding option to cruise. Highest bidders get to go.
  2. Yeah, I thought maybe him but then probably not. Already on ignore list..
  3. I would agree PC better than Miami, but over the years it has gotten a lot worse especially on the weekend.
  4. We are Plat Plus. It should be just the opposite, making the program better by adding benefits to encourage us to book. A booking discount (full time vs. once in awhile promo) would be nice. Besides, if you go beyond the quota on your free meal you get charged so they already have some of this in place, for your convenience, of course.
  5. dexddd

    YC Butlers

    Not always. I've personally seen butler vacuuming room. They work as a team like silent ninjas.
  6. The thing is a recent report said they were working on March and early April. So they've been working on these refunds for many of us here with those dates yet not much happening except a couple folks last week. What were they doing those first 60 days??
  7. So are you saying Bliss brings in nearly half the total revenue?
  8. Lots of category adds. Jewel and Dawn class now split deck 9 and 10 OS. Two bedroom on newer ships difference for deck 18 VS 17. And not just a few dollars, like $400 more for first two each. For your convenience, of course.
  9. You mind sharing which number you used? We are at 74 days. Another day....not another dollar.
  10. dexddd

    YC Butlers

    I guess I haven't seen many, many here on MSC but more on NCL. They can escort you to shows, on/off ship, bring drinks to room. In YC common areas there are various butlers working, not necessarily your own, who will bring you drinks. They oversee and in some cases clean your room.
  11. I'd say Baltics on jade. We did it but our kids were 8 & 12. Tons of history. I don't think NCL will let you leave a kid on ship if you go to port unless they've changed that.
  12. We were supposed to be in one in March but no go. As said, four max. Prices have gotten out of hand.
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