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  1. maybe USCG inspection...or deep cleaning. Relax....it's only a delay not a cancel.
  2. how easy is it for those on the promenade to see into your room?? do the doors have reflective film, so they are somewhat mirrored? tia Tutu
  3. thank you for taking us along on your journey, love your perspective on things. And apologies if it's been mentioned, but I've read through twice and can't seem to see it.....but where can I see the photos mentioned in the headers of your daily reports? enjoy those sea days.... Tutu
  4. Probably convenience. I think the vast majority of those going on the cruise consider that to be the vacation. They don't have extra days off to explore the terminal cities. If they are traveling the day before embarkation, they want to be as close to the ship as possible in the morning, for an easy transfer. As for post cruise, I think many of those who have the luxury of an additional day or two before returning to their everyday, chose close to the port so they can get to exploring the city as soon as they can. OR, they opt for something closer to the airport for easier transfer as well.
  5. Wow... keeping my fingers crossed that doesn't happen on our April crossing. If the US govt isn't allowing their employees to travel to those areas, I'm surprised that the cruise lines continue to stop there. I'm certainly not getting off the ship if our ship calls in there.
  6. on our trip last month, we stayed at Sheraton Wall Centre. was a great location and only a $10 cab to the pier. Previously we've stayed at Century Plaza, Sutton Place and L' Hermatage . Loved them all, especially L' Hermatage as it was basically an apartment. Enough room for all of us to stretch out a little, and the kitchen would have been a great have...if we'd been there more than one night
  7. I think we paid almost $250 pp not sure as we used obc for most of it. We got back to the ship just before they left the glacier. Dont know if they did any other ship that day. Our time was 1030 -2 I think. Here’s a few pics I took from the little boat
  8. Hi y'all, we've been home a week, and I can't wait to go back. I love Alaska. We did this excursion on 9/4 and loved every minute of it. Your cruise ship stops just inside of Disenchantment Bay for the transfer to the St. Theodocious excursion vessel. Then you wave goodbye to the passengers on you ship who are watching and wondering how you got the vip treatment. lol.( that's what the ladies we had dinner with said anyway, we had to fess up that we were on that boat) There were quite a few people, but it didn't feel too crowded. The top deck is only opened when the boat is not underway. They zip away from the ship, follow the shore a bit and get to the face of the glacier long before the ship does. The captain then spends the next hour or so slowly gliding along parallel to the face of the glacier, back and forth a few times, turning the boat occasionally, and basically having a very up close and personal visit. You hear the 'white thunder' and the bergie seltzer as you slide through the bergie bits and growlers. The guides and the captain of the boat are very knowledgeable and excited to share their information with you. We spotted a harbor seal on the ice. After they're done trolling the face of the glacier, which is about the time your ship gets to their closest point, The 'little boat' heads over to cruise around Henke island. That is where the stellar sea lions are hanging out on the rocks, lots a sea birds, and we even spotted a bull moose hanging out on one of the beaches enjoying the sunny afternoon. They bring you back to the ship shortly before the ship is done, and ready to head back out of the bay. When you board the excursion boat, there are binoculars on almost every seat, in case you didn't bring your own. They also have a great Route Map & Field Guide on every seat. There is a small snack bar on the first level, and some souvenirs available for purchase. After you've left the glacier face, they bring around a smoked salmon cracker bite for you to taste. and there is water, coffee, and hot cocoa avail at no charge. The ice for the water is from the glacier... they retrieve a large chunk and chip it up. Was it worth the cost? We thought so, and would do it again in a heart beat. being closer to the water, and the ice was something to experience.
  9. fwiw, that definitely looks like something the resort is using...to keep their towels from walking off. Unless someone went to all the trouble to modify their personal towel with the grommet …..
  10. thank you all so very much. This is exactly the information I was looking for. I very much appreciate the extensive font of valuable information that is available on these boards. Y'all are amazing. De aka Tutu
  11. I also see that the 'sky train' Expo line has stations close to the train station and Canada Place. Is it easy to use that with luggage??
  12. ok, here's my 2 cents, and 2 thoughts. 1:: I'm going to wear my 'flip/flops' to dinner, cause I paid good money for that pedicure with the fancy polish and I'm a show those tootsies off!! and 2:: Why the heck you lookin' at my feet anyway!!? what I do, or do not have on my feet are nobody's business than my own... What anyone is wearing on their feet in NO WAY impacts your experience, or meal, as long as the shoes, or the feet don't stink, it's all good!! We all need to be less judgmental towards others.
  13. Hello all, For those who've taken Amtrak from Seattle to Vancouver, how easy is it to get from the train station to downtown hotels?? We are planning for next year, and want to take the train from Seattle to Vancouver, but will be arriving a couple of days early, so won't be looking to go directly to the cruise terminal. I'm assuming that there are taxis available when the train arrives, but would like some info from someone who's tackled this before. Thank you in advance for your expertise, and for sharing it. Tutu
  14. We leave on Sunday for our Alaska adventure, and have this excursion booked. I realize that this season is coming to a close, but I will come back and report here how it goes. Hope fully it will be information that will be helpful for next year.
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