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  1. Hi GV, I think we may be on the same cruise, 4/16 from NYC? Here's my 2cents, while I do appreciate a bus ride that allows me see more of the country than the immediate port area, I don't want to spend 4-6 hours of my day on that bus. Google maps shows the shortest drive to Paris at 2.25hrs, which would probably be longer with traffic and a rest stop. For me the time I'd have in 'the City' isn't worth the time on the bus. I'd feel rushed, and am sure I wouldnt get to see near enough to balance out the ride to get there. At end of the day though, it boils down to your priorities and comfort level. If you're staying a few days after the cruise in London...the Eurostar can get you to Paris in the same amount of time, which would be a great day trip if you take an early morning train and return in the evening. 2hr16min, city center to city center... Tutu
  2. ohhh, we're in on a Friday, so things should be open. Love a ticket that works for all the transit , that's always a plus
  3. We will be arriving on NCL Escape. Have no idea where they dock. How far would you say the walk is? tanx again, for the input. Tutu
  4. is there any sort of shuttle from the pier (cruise ship) into the city center in La Havre? if not, how easy is the walk ? Have no interest in spending hours on a coach to Paris, so will be exploring the local area on our own. TIA for your help, and expert knowledge. Tutu
  5. two sheet pans of veggies roasting in the oven tonight. Baby rosemary/smoked paprika potatoes, brussel sprouts, brocolli, golden cauliflower, green beans, onions, butternut squash, and some baby 'bella mushrooms. yummy in my tummy
  6. Chicken tika with potatoes and melted onion over coconut rice
  7. We did Alaska late in the season last year. Arriving in Vancouver late in September. Momz got sick the last couple of days, and we ended up having to go straight from the ship to hospital ER. As the news for this covid-19 started popping up, and people started describing how they felt she said, "you know, that sounds exactly like what I had, how I felt, and how it hit me. " On Thurs of our cruise, the day we were in Ketchikan, she started with a dry cough. We thought it was her asthma kicking up. The cough was rough, and unproductive. Then the fever kicked in. She spent thurs evening, and all day Friday in bed, sleeping with spells of coughing. No appetite, I had a very hard time getting her to even drink anything. Sat wasn't much better, but she didn't feel up to leaving the cabin either... by the time we were disembarking she was so weak that we needed wheelchair assist off the ship. I didn't thing she was going to make it out of the stateroom. I picked up the rental car, and went straight to the ER. Spent the day being tested, and on IV for rehydration. They tested for FLU and anything else they could think of. The Dr's wobbled back n forth saying yes it flu, wait no its not...finally said they didn't know but would treat like flu. Gave her two weeks of antiviral meds, and sent us on our way. Also gave me a weeks worth, since I was in close contact and caregiver. Now keep in mind, even though Momz is 77, she is very healthy and doesn't need any mobility assistance. She is very adamant on not relying on wheelchair or anything …...is afraid once she starts using those, she'll always need them. She started feeling better Monday, but was weak for a week or two after. We jokingly say she had the Canadian flu. I know illness isn't a joking matter....but she is adamant that it wasn't the flu. She says, "I've had the flu, several times in my life, and this WASNT the flu" We obviously have no way of knowing for sure, but ….
  8. same here. this time I'm ready with TheraZinc lozenges, with elderberry and zinc. helps boost the immunity system, and zinc has been proven to help keep 'cold virus' from making itself at home in your system, and common cold is part of the corona virus family....so hoping it helps with the current covid crap too. Also keep our distance, lol
  9. Here's my 2 cents...and thoughts. I don't think they'll send the crew homeward, too great a chance they won't be able to easily get back, depending on what this virus is doing in their home country in the ensuing month. And, they'll need someone to do the deep cleaning that I'm sure they will be doing during this 30days....gives the crew something to do. And then the ships will be spic and span and sparkling when they start welcoming passengers back.
  10. That's exactly what I thought too, we're planning on a lot more breakfast in the MDR. Past trips breakfast and lunch were always in the buffet, but not so much this time.
  11. And thousands die from influenza, but the media doesn't report that. Those of us who are traveling are more likely to be exposed to something on the planes, and other public transportation. Use those wipes on the plane, not just your stateroom.
  12. Hi OnTheGoMom921, the loops do not cross in front of the balconies. I was looking at the NCY port cam this morning, and the Bliss is sitting there in all her glory. The loops do cross in front of the windows that are just above the balconies, but not farther down. https://www.portnywebcam.com/ I personally would stick with the aft balcony because of the large size, and the wider view you get from the aft, but that's just me. Good luck on your upgrade, and enjoy your trip. Tutu
  13. forget the soup.....that's a drink that eats like a meal! and tempura bacon....has me so very intrigued
  14. these threads, and topics always make me think of other things that go on sale, right after 'we' buy them. If you purchased, say a whole new living room set, for lets just say 3k, and the week after it was delivered to you it went on sale for 1500$.....would you be back at the store asking for a refund? or the coffee and end tables to complete the set?? NO, because you obviously were comfortable paying the 3k. Or if the new car you just bought went on sale for a much lower amount than you agreed to pay?? again, NO you wouldn't be back at the dealer asking to be compensated because you paid the higher price. I just don't understand expecting to be rewarded, or compensated, if the cost of what you purchased (at an amount your were comfortable paying) goes down. JMHO....
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