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  1. I've had a slightly different experience. I have had to top up to the full deposit when repricing into a TA group rate.
  2. just to check, does (re) booking a specialty on board still include the service charge, or is this then charged on top?
  3. Hi Paul, very late to the party (caught up a couple of days ago) but very much enjoyed your blog. How did this cruise compare to the Equinox where we met, also on an ABC itinerary though we didn't visit Grand Cayman? Any big difference weather-wise? Gill
  4. This is probably the best deal. My experience is also that Captains club will apply a select/elite discount to the usual 10% off pre cruise but that they will not if the price is on sale . Only way to confirm is to call as others say.
  5. Not noted any more excursions going on sale over the last couple of days for our Canary Islands cruise in September 2020. The majority of the excursions are showing a 30% discount. However, the cruise is so far out I wonder if we will see additional/different excursions available for booking after the sale is over.
  6. I haven't received an email but usual wording is to say savings up to x for selected items. This time my cruise planner clearly shows discounted and original pricing for the specific sale items and indeed what you see is what you get! Not everything is discounted in this sale, so if it's not flagged up then there is no difference in price.
  7. LPC is also showing a 10% reduction for our Silhouette cruise in September next year. This is a very modest reduction but how likely is a reduction on board? I have the impression -- admittedly based on very little-- that discounts are less likely for LPC than other speciality restaurants.
  8. Email notifications seem to be rather hit or miss. Also if there is an alert in your cruise planner., at least in my experience. Only way to be aware of the 'base' price of excursions of interest then check!
  9. It's a bit of a blind, but I use another website to check availability. Can't give the name but if you scan the seas you'll find it. I then check pricing using an available cabin number in the specific category of interest on the celebrity site.
  10. Yes, I know Red Bull is not included in classic package. so you would have to pay full price. Not sure about premium water. I have on occasion been given this with no extra charge but suspect strictly formally you would have to pay full price for this too.
  11. I have read of Royal Caribbean sending bidding emails to people in high end suites. Also in instances when it was known that the (still) higher suites were confirmed fully paid bookings. Never say never!
  12. Amen to that!! You mentioned a premium drink package. Just to add If you select a four perks deal, there is no additional surchage ...
  13. Where are you sailing from? As a Dutch 'gemeente' (local authority) Bonaire, formally only requires a form of photo identity.
  14. Yes, gratuity is included. No, you will not pay any extra on ordering a drink on board.
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