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  1. Have you seen the latest Captains club promotion points activity ? Your chance to show us your posh frock and favourite tipple! 😊
  2. Chemmo, where are you? Your chance to show us your posh frock and favourite tipple!
  3. Just checked Silhouette -- all sailings up to and including the 20 Nov TA now not available to book. So looks 2020 European season is finally a goner. Wonder if the writing is on the wall for the South American season also ...
  4. Thanks for the heads up ! But still despair of X's proof reading, I thought all cruises were cancelled up to 30 September 2020?
  5. Agree x 2 . I think the uncertainty is reflected in the Roll Call activity, or rather scarcity thereof . We are all having to wait and see how cruising will evolve.
  6. Further cancellations probably next week ? The CDC no sail is until 24th July.
  7. Yes, family in Portsmouth report several cruise ships sighted in recent weeks
  8. I would expect a flash sale this coming weekend or next weekend. That does seem to be Celebrity's current modus operandi. Meanwhile, the cost of our September 2021 cruise went up again -- is now more than $2k more than the standard balcony with 4 perks 2020 pricing. Crazy.
  9. Confirmed today that Scotland has deferred joining in air bridges listed today although Scottish PM denied this was the reason for the delay in UK announcement. Air bridges apply to England only, for the moment.
  10. Is it not being announced tomorrow? Wonder if there is some agreement still to be reached with full listing, perhaps Scotland not yet convinced good to go?
  11. I don't see sale either but if price out 2 perks the deal is there. As OP comments this is the best flash sale in the last 6 weeks or so but in our case the base price of our 2021 cruise went up $150 pp overnight!
  12. Realise this not Celebrity board but out of interest when and where to was the inaugural Apex sailing moved to?
  13. This is also clearer than the US website announcement of 'most' sailings.
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