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  1. I hope so! Really, really don’t like Share, but enjoy several Curtis Stone menu items.
  2. I have had balcony directly across from elevator, and we heard nothing.
  3. We took our grands to Alaska at about those ages, and they had a blast. There is none of the carnival atmosphere, but they do creative activities, swim, have pj movie night, and lots more. Our 7 year old wrote and directed a skit for the talent show that we still laugh about (she’s a college freshman now). It depends on what you want for them.
  4. Thanks Cruise Raider, I’ll check out your info! Does anyone else get the feeling that no one knows what we can do?
  5. Thanks everyone. I thought I had read what cri8tiv1 shared about getting off for the test. Life would be simpler if we could do what LAcruiser and Eppe4 said they were doing on the Majestic.
  6. Will we need to pack everything between cruises in case we test positive for COVID? We have the same cabin and would normally not have to do anything but get off and come back on board. Sure hope not, but I can see the crew not wanting to pack our things.
  7. Since you will be canceling because of an action by Princess to a linked cruise, you should get all your money back in some form- refund, FCC, or roll over cruise which might work best with your situation. If you want to wait a few days since we are 40+ days out, Princess might follow Celebrity and cancel. Hope you get things worked out.
  8. We just need to remember to bring adapter for our hotel stay before we cruise in October.
  9. We did it a few years ago because our grand kids had passport cards so could not fly in to Canada. They could use the card for train or car.🤔 It is a very easy trip, but it is recommended that you book your tickets ahead of time. When we reached Vancouver we got a shuttle type bus to the cruise port.
  10. That is interesting- I’m glad to know that some will be available if they are needed.
  11. I’ll have to only wear light blue, I guess.🤣
  12. Hi Holly, we are hoping to sail on the Regal in October b2b2b. Trying to figure out the testing requirements. At least Princess is doing the pre- boarding test at Southampton. What cruises do you think will be cancelled? Thanks station 10fd. Maybe they supply them in a pinch, but I’ll be packing my box.
  13. Do we pack our box of masks, or does Princess have them on board?
  14. I tried calling the hospital where we got vaccinated, and they told me I had to go to the health department. Probably states are all different. Iamcruzin- apparently it is the airlines giving everyone problems. The lady on my roll call had to get the corrected info sent to the airport before she could board. I don’t need that kind of stress on top of 3 day tests etc.
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