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  1. From what I could tell, disembarkation went smoothly. We were among the first groups called to go ashore - every passenger had their temperature scanned (and recorded) prior to actually stepping on the gangway. There was no backup with the luggage, no delays with Customs/Immigration. Outside the terminal, there was the usual wait for busses and shuttles and other pickups. I think that every passenger was off the ship and away from the terminal by about 11:30. Our driver told us that only one ship, a Norwegian, had not yet come in to port. It evidently left Miami before Divina on the 13th, but must have been on a cruise longer than 7 days.
  2. Tuesday was Cozumel. Today (Wednesday) is at sea. Thursday is Ocean Cay. Friday is back to Miami. I'm not sure what to expect when we debark. Our original plan had been to visit family in Naples for a few days before flying home.
  3. It’s a quiet day at sea, on Divina. Great weather. No new announcements. Passengers all appear to be in good spirits. There is plenty of space to spread out as needed. 🙂
  4. Divina just announced - Monday at sea, Tuesday at Cozumel, Wednesday at sea, Thursday at Ocean Cay, Friday in Miami. Friday was the scheduled end of the cruise.
  5. Thank you! Divina is a beautiful ship, the staff and crew are wonderful. We like sea days, so this has been relaxing for us. We’ve found the food to be hit and miss, but more hits as we go along. We’ve liked all of the entertainment. The only frustration has been the scarcity of information about where we’re going next. The compass says we’re still going north and west - to me, that means the direction of Miami. I don’t know whether there’s room in the port for us right or whether we would have to wait for other ships to move out first. There’s not been an announcement today. The cruise director will probably say something tonight at the show in the theater.
  6. ***** now says that the second ship at dock is Mariner of the Seas, so I’m sure you’re correct about that being the RCCL island. That would be CoCo Cay? I’ve not been to either GSC or CoCo Cay before, so this is good to know. Thanks!
  7. Sunday morning - Divina is anchored off of Great Stirrup Cay. Passengers are being tendered ashore. Two other ships are docked, at an area that looks like a water park. (I’m not familiar with GSC, so I don’t know what all is here.) ***** says that one of the ships is Navigator of the Seas. It doesn’t show the other ship. The other ship has a similar size and shape, but I can’t tell which ship or cruise line it is, other than that the bow isn’t decorated the way that NCL ships are. I don’t see any other ships offshore. We’ve chosen to stay onboard today, so I don’t know what activities or facilities are being offered on the island. The tenders are coming and going quite a way from where the other ships are docked. So far, no announcements about where we’ll be tomorrow.
  8. That is indeed what the ship announced - in seven languages. Great Stirrup Cay, owned by NCL. They emphasized that the decision to close the port in San Juan was out of MSC’s control.
  9. Google Maps shows Great Stirrup Cay to be north and west of Nassau, which means Divina is heading back toward Miami, and the opposite direction of the planned ports of San Juan, Tortola, and St Martin. We haven’t been told anything about missing other ports, but I find it hard to believe that we’ll be going there. I suppose there will be another announcement tomorrow.
  10. And now (4:00PM Saturday) we’ve just been informed that Puerto Rico has closed its port to all cruise ships. Instead, Divina will divert to Great Stirrup Cay (owned by Norwegian Cruise Line).
  11. This is a sea day, en route to San Juan. At the Meet & Greet, the cruise director’s take on it was “We’re so lucky to be the last ship out of Miami!” The captain was a bit more low key, and if I understood the gist of his remarks correctly, it was “we’ll see what happens when we get to the ports.” Apologies if I’m mistaken, but that was the impression I had. Dinner tonight will be open seating, between 6-8 PM, in the main dining rooms, instead of fixed at 6 and 8:30. This is evidently so that parts of the dining rooms can be closed, and the staff can be better leveraged for the service. I have to say that last night (the first night of this 7-day cruise), our dining room (Villa Rosa) was very sparsely filled, with many tables intended for 6 or more people having only two people at them. Tonight’s theater show will be performed once, at 9:30, rather than twice, at 7 and at 9. Last night the theater had mostly empty seats at the 9:00 performance. My understanding is that the previous sailing had approximately 2700 passengers, and this sailing has closer to 2000 - and the ship does seem much less crowded now than it did a couple of days ago.
  12. I’m on the Divina right now, doing a B2B that started Tuesday. On Tuesday the health questionnaire only asked about travel and exposure to COVID-19. Today, the questionnaire asked about chronic health issues (specifically diabetes, heart, and lung conditions). 6 cabins doing the B2B reported such conditions, and were all immediately taken to the ship’s medical area for evaluation by the doctor. So far as I know, at least half of those passengers (maybe all, but I only know of half for certain) were cleared to stay on board.
  13. We’re on Divina right now. We left Miami at 4:00PM as scheduled, and so far as we passengers know, we’re en route to San Juan, expected to arrive on Sunday. It would have been nice to know this news before the ship sailed. Per our waiter, yesterday there were 2700 passengers onboard, for the 3-day cruise that started on Tuesday. There are 2000 onboard today, for a 7-day cruise.
  14. Thanks so much for this detailed review! We’ll be on the Divina in March (our first MSC experience), and this is all welcome information.
  15. That's an excellent idea - thanks for the heads up!
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