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  1. This cruise line needs to look at what the rest of the industry is doing and allow for refunds for those who are booked who will be at risk if they travel or cruise which is anyone over 60 according to the CDC. This cruise line needs to change its policy now.
  2. Aapreciate

    COVID 19 France

    What the hell Ponant!!! Booked in April with a woman who is 81 but there’s no possibility of a refund? I don’t think the cruise industry is going to be very strong after this but I can promise you that I and every single person that I am able to contact will never ever cruise on Pondant unless you get this changed quickly. You are a luxury line. Please act like it and respect your customers’ well-being. We should not have to choose between the health of an octogenarian and tens of thousands of dollars.
  3. Thanks for the responses. This was absolutely not a rant, an honest question. I read a review of the Quest on this site that said that lobster is no longer on the menu and that the wine list has gone way downhill. It said staffing has gone from 1 staff for 2 passengers to 1 for 3. We are looking at a cruise next year and I’m seriously considering Seabourn. I just wanted to see if that review reflected a common perception. Our 2015 cruise on Seabourn was my favorite ever. Hoping things are still great.
  4. I found the alcohol extremely sub standard. We were in the Royal suite so we got the fancy red wine. We looked it up - $11.99 a bottle. The whiskey selection was ridiculous. Jim Beam? Really? Yes they serve Moët but ONLY at breakfast because no one drinks it then. You can’t get it any other time, I asked. And all the mixers were Schweppes. Nothing nicer. The food quality was equally mid-market. All the salmon was farmed. Limited fresh fruits and veggies with nothing ever light ot organic. And much of the food was cold, it was a consistent pattern. Room service food was even less warm. Just not a luxury experience at all.
  5. We were on the Jewel from Amsterdam to Budapest. We had booked on the Jade but the water levels were so tight that only the Jewel could get through. We are American. The ship was full, with 166 guests of whom 110 were Australian. Most were nice but we did get the comment that it was too bad Scenic had started advertising in the US as there was now an onslaught of Americans. Did not make us feel very welcome. But that’s not Scenic’s fault. My other major complaint is the lack of hand sanitizer protection and the resulting consequence that EVERYONE got sick. There were four sanitizer stations on board and no one used them. Buffet implements were therefore major germ vectors. Ugh. Kris was the best Butler I have ever had and the crew overall was great. But never again Scenic for me.
  6. Hi. We sailed Seabourn in 2015 and absolutely loved it. Especially the lobster. But now I read on a Quest review that things have really changed? Can anyone who has sailed recently and also a few years ago compare the experiences for me? I read that the crew-to-passenger ratio has gotten much worse, service is suffering and the top drawer in food and alcohol is not available. True? Or not so much? Thanks in advance!
  7. Wanted to come back and say that while we had a wonderful time with our family, I will not choose Scenic again. The crew was amazing and fun, but beyond that I found the food and alcohol to be sub-standard. The itinerary often minimized port time (to be fair, it was a scrum getting down the rivers, waaaaay too many ships these days. The experience has certainly changed) and while some of the guides were good, many were not. We really ended up disliking the food and ate offship as much as we could.
  8. Hi, we are currently booked on a two-week Scenic river cruise in the fall. I've read with some concerns the Scenic reviews posted on this site, particularly with regards to the Danube accommodations that all riverboats had to make due to river levels last year. Between their apparently not notifying US passengers of the river problems (though they did notify British and Australian), the universal complaints about food quality and temperature, the really midlevel pre- and post-hotels that they are now using (and just check out the complaints at TripAdvisor from Scenic passengers in particular about the Doubletree Amsterdam), and their discontinuing their page discussing river levels at all, I have developed a real concern about taking any trip with them as a US citizen (and I'm going with my 81-year old mom so things need to go as well as possible. She is fit, it's just that I want her to have a great time). Can anyone offer me any reassurances about Scenic in Europe? I note that several years ago they announced that they were going "upscale": does that still seem to be true? I don't want to be on a boat for two weeks where all the corners are being cut, which is my current concern. (I don't mean to sound pretentious but the trip is costly and I'd rather change now than face two weeks of disappointment.) Thanks in advance and please don't flame me. We don't get to cruise every year so this trip is a BIG DEAL. I just am trying to avoid disappointment. -Kathy
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