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  1. You took good care of the Breeze. DH and I sailed on her May 18, and had a great time. Love a Wildra review! Carry on, and thank you! Following!
  2. We just sailed on the Breeze last month in cabin 7459. Our cabin door rattled. We told our steward, maintenance tried to fix it, but it still rattled. I finally slid a hand towel between the door and the jamb. Had to really slam the door to shut it. That helped, but didn't fix it. We slept with pillows over our heads, lol. We didn't notice the noise until the ship started moving. It was unfortunate. First time it's happened in 9 cruises.
  3. Since we are booked January 2020, not only are we going to Nassau and Half Moon Cay, we aren't getting any OBC. Bummed, because we are disappointed just as much as people who are booked in 2019. We will keep the cruise but aren't happy with our outcome. If it weren't for our B2B we would cancel.
  4. I'm right there with you! Booked for January 2020, so we don't get OBC, while others do. We are just as upset not to go as everyone else. Won't be rescheduling because this is our first back to back. Will just have to take what we get I guess. Bummer!
  5. We will not cancel or rebook, we will sail wherever they go because the cruise is part of our first back to back. Cuba was on our bucket list, and looking like it will remain there. Just hoping we don't have to sail the same itinerary both cruises.
  6. We have a cruise booked on the Sunshine to Cuba for January 2020. Just waiting and seeing what Carnival says. Still want to go, and will hopefully get there. Read that if you already have travel booked they will honor it. Only travel booked after June 5th not permitted. We'll see. Fingers crossed!
  7. DH and I will be on the ship with you, leaving Saturday! Maybe we'll see you. also looking forward to more of your review paper1122.
  8. Hi all. May I please ask if anyone has stayed in cabin 6344 on the Sunshine, does it have a sofa? It's one of the L shaped cabins on deck 6 aft. Looks like an awesome balcony. Just wondering if the layout includes a sofa. Some friends stayed in a similar cabin on the Magic and they didn't have the couch. Thanks so much if you know!
  9. Thank you so much for such a great review. Followed along all the way. Your pictures are so good. DH and I will be doing the exact same cruise in 29 days, lol. Could you please tell me more about Jack's Shack in Grand Turk? How is the food? Are the chairs and umbrella worth the cost? Are they less expensive there than at the pier where the ship docks? Thanks!
  10. Great review! Will be in the Breeze in May. Love all the pictures and info. Thank you for doing such a thorough review.
  11. I have sent ours via the email guestadmin@carnival.com three times. Have not heard anything, and it's been two weeks. Our cruise is paid off. DH called them(guest administration) this afternoon. They told him to fax it to them. They don't like to get them via email for security reasons. Have always sent them email. DH is taking it to work and faxing it tomorrow. We don't have a fax at home.
  12. So happy that Carnival found your camera. Enjoy all your vacation photos.
  13. The letter states that the cabin will not be ready before 1:30, therefore we cannot access the cabin until then. We will not leave our luggage in the room without being able to lock the door. The sign and sail will not be available until the cabin is ready, so we will have to wait until 1:30, with all the other passengers, so no perk. I don't think you're seeing my point of view. I understand that we should get early access, but as per the letter, we will not. I am done beating this dead horse. I was passing along information, and my disappointment with said information. I will say no more.
  14. Hi, no the cabin won't be ready until after 1:30. We won't get early access because we won't drop off carry on without being able to lock the room. Since it won't be ready early, we will carry around our luggage until 1:30 just like everyone else, and will grab something to eat, just like everyone else. That's my point all together. We will be doing everything just like everyone else. There is no distinction between blue, red, gold, platinum, or diamond. No supposed perk to enjoy. We are just like everyone else.
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