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  1. This is my biggest issue. Not sure how the inflated rates are calculated. What good is a FCC if you simply cannot pay the upgrade on inflated rates? I guess you could play the game of calling to rebook when it drops, but that is a task within itself.
  2. Greetings, I have been searching the board for updated a la carte pricing and perhaps an updated menu as well as if there are any other purchase offers other than a la carte?
  3. If its any help, I saw a FB live with John Heald and he showed their extra screening process of using laser thermometers (I thought they were infared, but could be something different) and folks were only held up boarding by a few seconds.
  4. We travel with children, so we are out. I'm all for new lines and more competition to keep the cruise industry fresh and on their toes. Happy sailing!
  5. Sunset Beach bar has a small pool after their reno as well.
  6. Sorry, that's what I meant. I guess I looked at my notes wrong. I'll be partaking a few in April as well. I enjoy a good maduro stogie with a good glass of bourbon or scotch.
  7. The only place that allows cigar smoking on that ship is the sunset bar on deck ten aft.
  8. We made the walk last time we were there. Maybe 15-20 minutes (its a little tricky following the Google map that someone created, but there is a golf course between the beaches. I'm really glad we went to Mullet that day instead of Maho for beach time because there wasn't much beach left at the time between the road and the sea. It was really crowded compared to Mullet. We rented chairs, umbrella and enjoyed beverages while at the beach. The snorkeling area is the size closer to Maho and there were a lot of folks taking advantage of it. It also gives you a unique perspective on the planes landing in SXM from Mullet.
  9. This tour looks great (visits Jost, Norman Island and Peter Island) and was wondering if anyone has been on this charter previously?
  10. Good evening, we requested a table for our party of three and now I am curious how they seat a party of 3 and if we will be fighting the dreaded 2-seat tables on the Summit?
  11. It depends on the Cat. Some of them pull right up to the sand line, others about in 4-5 foot deep water. The Soggy Dollar bar got its name from folks swimming up to the beach. I'd contact the tour operator directly to see what they typically do. A cat can go into more shallow waters than a typical hulled boat so that is a positive. Sometimes the crew will bring items ashore for guests as well.
  12. Quick question: Looks like we would like to do the following in BVI: looks like we would take a taxi from Road Town to West End and take a ferry to Jost Van Dyke. We are interested in going to Soggy Dollar, so we would take another taxi to Soggy Dollar? How much time should we leave so we can make sure we would make all those connections back to Road Town? Are there any other more direct ways to Jost from Road Town? It's just three of us, so a private charter is way too pricy. Are there any other options you would recommend?
  13. I'm having a little trouble viewing the manage reservation as none of the options show our beverage and ppd gratuities under any option I click on. Any tips so I can make sure that my reservation shows what we paid for?
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