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  1. Hi Kay, Since this will be the first time I'm traveling with the two devices I have a lot of concerns and questions. I would appreciate it if you would email me so we can discuss privately. My email is caroakley @ gmail dot com Thanks. Carole
  2. Kay, The Aerobika is a very helpful device but it's unfortunate we have to use one at all. This will be my first cruise/trip having to nebulize so I'm anxious about the whole routine and the time it takes. I'll have to get up extra early on tour days. Carole
  3. Kay, great to hear you were able to have your stewardess use the microwave daily for you so one less thing for me to stress over. I know about the vinegar and water option for the nebulizer parts but I also use an Aerobika device and it doesn't mention the vinegar option to disinfect. I'll need the microwave bag for that so may as well do everything in the bag. Carole
  4. Now that's the best option!!
  5. Thanks for confirming. Sounds like I will have the microwave option Carole.
  6. Terry, Your concern for using a microwave to disinfect would not be a health issue. The steam bag is the type that's used for baby bottles, breast bumps, etc. and the items are washed first. The steam bag is sturdy and tightly sealed with a small hole to let out the steam and is designed specifically for this purpose. Many items are disinfected in microwaves even those nasty kitchen sponges and I doubt anyone would have a special microwave just for sanitizing items. I will also check with the medical staff and perhaps they can supply me with rubbing alcohol. The reality is I can just use hot soapy water if nothing else is available but prefer to do what's recommended. Carole
  7. Hi Keith, First, Happy New Year to you and Anne Marie. I've been following your blog and the fantastic Disney family vacation you all got to experience. Now looking forward to following along on your Crystal adventure. Thanks for Guest Services e-mail. My comment was referring to experiences I've had when speaking to Crystal agents so I will try emailing. Carole
  8. LOL!! I'll also be needing some of the hard stuff!
  9. Keith, thanks for the information. We will be on Deck 9 in a veranda cabin so no butler but I can check with our cabin steward. It's not a problem for someone to assist or even do it without me. It's only a small bag with the items and a little water to microwave for 90 seconds. These are used to nebulize and have to be cleaned after every use but only disinfected every 5-7 days so not a daily requirement. Bringing a steam bag is a lot less cumbersome than having to carry a large bottle of alcohol onboard. I'm finding aging requires a lot more effort to maintain yourself. Carole
  10. Rob, I don't recall seeing microwaves for guests to use.. Unfortunately, on many occasions I have found Guess Relations clueless to answer inquiries. I have to know in advance otherwise I'll need bring what's necessary for another option but the bags are the most convenient. I will see if my TA can find out but if someone is onboard I would really appreciate it if they could inquire. We don't cruise until June so plenty of time to get an answer. Thanks. Carole
  11. Does anyone know if there's a microwave on Symphony that's accessible to guests maybe in Bistro or the Marketplace? I have to sterilize items in a microwave bag. Carole
  12. Congratulations! My cousins also just got their credit and only made one phone call and the rep didn't have a clue so their's never made it to the complaint department. Sounds like they had a lot of complaints and credited many at one time. I wonder if Crystal was responsible for the lack of timeliness. Carole
  13. The $450 credit finally posted to my account!! That was a lot more work than it should have been! Carole
  14. When you get the letter let us know if it has a discrepancy like mine. In my letter I noticed where is says credit from Crystal Cruises, Crystal Cruises is in a lighter print than the rest of of the letter like it was plugged into a form letter. Carole
  15. I got the letter from Chase today. Can't believe how screwed up they are with this offer. Here's what was in the letter along with a phone number to call with any questions: "We have received your request concerning your statement credit from Crystal Cruises. The offer was for a 10% credit with a maximum earning of $450.00 and the minimum spend amount of $0.20. This offer is valid one time only at Airbnb. Please allow one or two billing cycles for the $450.00 to post to your account. We appreciate your understanding in this matter." This is unbelievable!! I don't think I should call and let them know about the discrepancy in their letter so I'll wait and see if I get the credit. Just hope the discrepancy doesn't trigger some kind of inquiry by Airbnb because it's not their offer although it says the credit is coming from Crystal Cruises. The Airbnb offer is for 5% credit with a maximum of $28.00 and I've never charged anything to Airbnb. I wonder if Crystal is actually the one issuing the credit and Chase has to get their approval. Carole
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