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  1. Don't know for sure, but I've read elsewhere (think port's website) that Burnie is one port where you can't walk around. The city or port offers a shuttle to a place called "Maker's Workshop," which is a warehouse with some artists working and/or displaying their creations for sale, and I believe representatives from the tourist bureau. If you're taking an independent excursion (not a ship's excursion) you meet the rep there. I believe the port shuttle goes to a couple other places, like Burnie Regional Museum, but you should confirm that by visiting/emailing the port, or a Burnie tourist rep if one comes on board the ship that morning. The cruise line and the port set the times for the shuttle, so the port couldn't give me specific info for my cruise visit on Regatta in Dec or Jan. The above info is my understanding of shuttle information; I haven't actually visited Burnie yet! But hopefully it's a start!
  2. I didn't look, but Taormina may be on the latest shuttle list under Giardini Naxos or something like that. I don't think there's a port at Taormina itself, but I could be wrong. Do you know if you are you anchoring/tendering or docking there? Is there another city mentioned along with Taormina? It has been quite a while since we visited Taormina but when we did (on Oceania), we docked in Giardini Naxos, which is very close to Taormina. I remember taking a short public bus ride down the coast to Taormina, but it's possible a shuttle was offered.
  3. It's difficult to compare the quality (or value) of Oceania versus Viking tours because each line offers something different. Viking has only one "free" (included in cruise price) tour for each port, whereas on Oceania, you can pick the "free" ones you want to go on, as long as conditions are met (so many per cruise, top price). In fairness to Viking Ocean, I'd like to point out that not all of their free cruises consist of a brief drive around, with a couple brief stops for photos. On a free tour in one city we toured a museum. In another we enjoyed a 5 hour tour of the city, with a couple short stops plus some free time. On Viking it was tempting to take the free tours because, well, we'd already paid for them. However, if I wanted something more I planned my own day, or occasionally purchased an optional excursion from Viking. Luckily there are usually plenty of options when you cruise, everything from doing nothing at all/staying on the ship to taking a private 7 or 8 hour tour, plus everything in between!
  4. Just something else to think about: If you really have your heart set on a particular tour, I'd probably recommend trying to find a non-ship's tour just in case not enough people sign up for the ship's tour and the excursion has to be canceled. Canceling an excursion isn't the norm, but it does happen. Some people are reluctant to do private excursions due to cost, but I can tell you that almost always, we can find others to share to make the cost workable. I do, however, shy away from booking anything that can't be canceled if our ship doesn't make port. A few vendors won't let you do that, so you lose your money. (And I don't know if travel insurance helps in this regard.)
  5. roothy123


    I think I'll be OK - mine is a Craig Portable Power Bank marked 2200 mAh. I bought it only to power my cell phone if it dies in the car (at home), so it's just a little emergency thing. I'm not even sure I'll need it, or even be able to use it, but I do always travel with it just in case. I'm not even so sure our "universal adapter" and plugs will work in Bali. I'll be fine once I get on the cruise ship in Bali, and probably OK while sitting in airports, but in Bali, I just don't know. That's one thing I hope to figure out before I pack, since I can, but don't want to, live without a working computer. I'm not staying in a resort or even a big hotel, so not sure if they can help - and don't really expect Dewa to help on that kind of thing. But I guess I'll start by contacting the hotels to see if they have what's needed to enable me to charge my laptop and phone.
  6. roothy123


    Thank you for that, and thank you for the link to the blog in Danish. I'd love to read your English version, and look at any video you add, but for now, I'm fine with what you have already! I can use google translate to see what looks to be a pretty good version of what you posted. I also know a little of the German language, which helps a little in reading Danish and Dutch. On your blog, I only looked at the pictures and then translated the first few paragraphs of what you wrote about your Bali airport experience, but have already learned I need to think about taking my small power bank to use in case I need to charge anything. It's not high-power, so I think it will be OK, but I guess I'll need to be careful in Bali. Of course, we'll be flying into Bali not out.... The problem with Bali is that I don't have a lot of time and want to go many places, which is impossible. So I'm trying to determine my priorities. We'll stay one night in Sanur, then move to Ubud (just one full day), then go down to the cruise port, which is down near Nusa Dua area. We've arranged to use Dewa for all transportation, and will sightsee on the way to Ubud, down to the port, etc. Thanks again, and please post on here if and when you develop an English version of your blog! There are other blogs on Bali on the internet, but not many on Cruise Critic. I think many people on here would love to read your blog.
  7. I looked to see how I could download something, but stopped because it sounded like there was a charge to use their maps, or at least download their maps. This was when I googled from my desktop, so I wasn't using an app. SO, could you give me an idea of what you do to download Google maps or excerpts of maps, preferably free of charge? Do I pull up a map and then do something, or load an app, or what? I have a map of Bali that I downloaded using the maps.me app, and assumed I could also download maps for Australia/New Zealand, but since Google maps seem to be a little more detailed, I'd like to give them a try.
  8. roothy123


    So it's finally August, and I still have a number of months before I go to Bali. However, that has not stopped me from resarching, and I'm getting closer to figuring out how I will use my time. Of course, once I get an idea, I'll run my list or plans through Dewa! In the meantime, I was wondering: hallasm, do you have any more photos you could share, or a link to a blog or anything? I won't have nearly as much time in Bali and you, but would still love to see/hear about anything you did. The Canadiens, I haven't contacted Dewa in a while, but have lined him up for the days I'm in Bali, which start December 18th or 19th (I forget right now). If you remember, please tell Dewa we are excited to be touring with him then. I assume we're on his calendar, even though it has been a while since I contacted him! And if anyone can give me an estimate of the time required to get through Denpasar exit procedures and get outside the airport to meet Dewa, that would be great! With all that flying required from the U.S., I don't know if I'll have much of a brain or body left!
  9. Based on the schedule Captain Cook Cruises posted for a recent cruise visit, they start picking up from White Bay Terminal at 8 AM, run every 15 minutes (early morning) or every 30 minutes (later in the morning through 11:30), break for lunch between 11:30 - 12:30, then pick up every 30 minutes until 2:30 PM, which is last "from White Bay" service. There's return service as well. Note they do not go to Circular Quay, but if you're going to there, you can transfer to get there, although it's at a different wharf. From White Bay, CC goes to Barangaroo King St. Wharf # 2 in about 15 minutes. If anyone's interested in how to get to Circular Quay from White Bay, there's another thread on that subject; options include going to East Balmain to pick up the city run ferry to Circular Quay. Also, you can google Captain Cook Cruises Sydney to find their White Bay schedule. That ferry run only applies when a cruise ship is at White Bay. I don't know if the same schedule is maintained for all ships, and I don't know how accurate the schedule is (timewise).
  10. Anybody know if those shuttles from the port (Port Chalmers) to Dunedin's Octogon are free, or $20 roundtrip (NZD or possibly USD?), or if it depends upon whether your cruise ship pays for it for its passengers or not? I've read different things on Cruise Critic. Either way, it's worthwhile, as the public bus is less convenient, but I was curious nonetheless. Also, if there's a charge, do you need NZD? I'm not sure I'll have any when we visit Dunedin.
  11. Sorry; not familiar with that tour company, although I don't live in NZ/Australia and haven't researched Wellington much. It sounds like an interesting tour, though, although it doesn't appear to show you much of the central part of Wellington. That could be bad or good. I'm usually more interested in outside the cities than inside, so it has gotten my attention. I do know that you can take a public bus or taxi (though lengthy) to the Weta Cave, outside center city Wellington. Weta Cave looks pretty cool to me, although most people do a tour there, not just go take pictures outside the building and visit the shop. The tour implies a fun stop with a few fun pictures, but no real substance. Have you looked at Trip Advisor to see if there are any comments on this tour company? I usually try to do that first before booking.
  12. Just posting again so I'd get notification of replies; forgot to do that before!
  13. It's online now, but I'm waiting to do mine. Thanks for the warning on the picture!
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