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  1. @GOARMY please let your brother know we are all sending positive thoughts for him returning home soon. Im here in NY the epicenter and folks you’re out of your mind if you are thinking of cruising any time soon.
  2. And the hospital ship is docking at Manhattan Cruise Terminal
  3. I would push the cruise as far away as possible. I would do 2021. Are you aware the Caribbean islands now are infected with COVID19 also. You want to wait as long as possible go get everything cleared. That said, I’ve taken many cruises and have flown in day of on all. Even to Europe. Never missed one. Due to circumstances out of our control we couldn’t fly in earlier.
  4. Regent operates the way their parent company NCL.com tells them to. Give them a chance to figure things out.
  5. The Metropolitan Opera, Met Art Museum, Billy Joel concerts all shut down also.
  6. Crazy expensive especially for a precruise stay.
  7. Sorry to hear this. A very horrible situation all around.
  8. Unless the new cruise is less money it all gets even in the end. You get the credit for the entire amount you paid or am I missing something.
  9. the Port Authority of NY and NJ does not run the Cruise Ship Terminals at present.
  10. There is always the risk you will be quarantined on the ship. I could not deal with that.
  11. LaG still undergoing heavy construction. Follow the signage to taxi or shared rides. It’s different depending on terminal. I also suggest getting the Lyft app if you don’t have it. They are offering 25% off new user special for five rides. Up to $10 per ride. Plus you can link your Delta points.
  12. Go to the official webpage of the show. You can usually call the box office. It will also direct you to which internet ticket service is selling for them. Usually Telecharge or Ticketmaster. Google is set up so the ads come first and it might not be official webpage but a secondary seller that adds huge fees. Playbill.com is good to see all the shows listed and be directed to the right place to purchase.
  13. Times Square attracts all sorts of people. Just because there are plenty of people around doesn’t make them helpful people. Lol Plenty of places in Financial District to eat at night. Stone Street has several options. Fraunces Tavern, Delmonico two very famous and always busy restaurants. Financial District now has several buildings that have been turned over to be residences after Sandy. It’s no longer a ghost town at night.
  14. I would call your TA and ask. Pretty low if they took it.
  15. Midtown East can be very close to major subway lines not only the 1,2,3. P
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