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  1. Mid town East might be place to search also. Prices might be less than Times Square and nicer properties. The subway from Financial District will bring you anywhere you want to go.
  2. I don’t see the difference between hanging around in a motel room in NJ or hanging around the airport. If you’re really adverse to taking the tour you mentioned. You can rent a car, drive to Liberty State Park, then return the rental. But you’d still have to get to airport to return rental and get thru TSA. EWR is very busy during the late afternoon due to all the international departures.
  3. You do not want to risk having an abscessed tooth on a TA! Why is your wife having tooth pain? There must be a reason.
  4. Manhattan tourist areas are very safe. What are the boys’ interests? Please allow them to experience NYC.
  5. When Continental and United merged, they kept the United brand, but the Continental business model. I have several friends who worked at United for many years out of JFK.
  6. We sailed the Duoro last July. My best advice is to compare the itineraries very closely. For example I noticed that some itineraries make a stop at Mateus and others go to Fatima. Our cruise on Uniworld did neither lol but if for example I had my heart set on Fatima or another religious spot I would be heartbroken to find we weren’t going there. Same goes if you will be doing a cruiseline extension in Lisbon. Where exactly are the tours, and then how do you travel to Porto from Lisbon? Some lines take a bus with stops in Portugal along the way, while others take train with no sight seeing. Enjoy the Duoro and Portugal!
  7. If you’re booking on United then it’s probably going to be EWR. United is really Continental now. lol
  8. LGA or JFK if using Brooklyn port. LGA has a slight edge but JFK fine. If you use EWR then you have two river crossings. Always some sort of tie up plus tolls.
  9. My .02. Why does anyone care if some of us want to “gift” a certain waiter or attendant or bartender whom we feel just made our vacation special. I know they send the money back home. Why does this subject constantly come up? Mind your own business. If we want to be generous we will.
  10. You can park in the long term parking lot at EWR. Then after cruise uber back to EWR.
  11. @jp2746 where are you looking for Ellis Island tickets? You can visit Ellis Island without a tour. All you need is the ferry ticket.
  12. I was gifted tickets to BeetleJuice for Christmas. Going next Sun. Yay! Hopefully they will find a new home because they were kicked out of the Winter Garden to make room for Music Man.
  13. If there is not enough time, the reservation will come back “not enough time between excursions” and will not allow you to reserve.
  14. We were there last night. The food, drinks and service on point. The good thing with the large space is that more folks can get a reservation now. lol
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