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  1. We were always told exactly where the group would meet up to go back to the ship before the walking tour began. Usually the bus has to drop you off and has to wait away from the pick up spot. Even if you are with the tour there is always free time at the end.
  2. Look at the Square Footage of the Cabin. Sometimes they include the outside Balcony in the total so beware. The cabins are very well laid out but if you are a larger size person I would go for the largest square footage. You don’t need the suite. Just enough room around the bed. All the cabins are similarly decorated no matter which size but each brand has a specific decorative style. Examine and compare the cabin, lounge and dining room photos. You want to be happy! I’m sure you’ll find the perfect match.
  3. WAZE is the way to go. Put in your destination and follow it. The regulars know short cuts that you might not be aware. Also timing is everything, I’m sure you know this. Good Luck
  4. Biggest piece of advice: Don’t choose Viking because of the ads. Choose Viking only if it’s the best match for your group. I cant imagine anyone going hungry on any cruise line. Besides breakfast and lunch there is also Tea time at 4:00 pm. Plus during visits to the various towns you probably sample the local treats.
  5. Unfortunately the perfect store for her, Lord & Taylor went out of business. The retail brick and mortar stores in Manhattan just aren’t doing well.
  6. Saks Fifth Avenue if you’re not impressed with Macy’s. 49th and Fifth Avenue. Next to St Patrick’s Cathedral.
  7. There is no need to shop in a mall in Manhattan. The Manhattan Mall really doesn’t have shops suitable for what she’s looking for. Macy’s is the Worlds Largest Dept store. Their private label brand Charter Club sounds like what you are looking for. There is also the Inc. private label in Macy’s. Talbotts or Ann Taylor are two brands with their own stores in Manhattan that sell classic clothes.
  8. Hi. You should be fine. The Columbus Day Parade starts on 43rd and 5th Ave and marches up toward Columbus Circle, ending on 73 St. You said garment district but unless you know exact streets you won’t know for sure. There might be a few blocks before 43 used for assembly. But in my mind garment district is in high 3O’s 7-9 Avenues. The taxi should know how to get from LaG avoiding the parade. It’s not difficult. If you have the food tour already booked I wouldn’t worry. The parade is no where near Little Italy though some marchers might go there after the parade. The HoHo has different routes. I’m sure the providers have alternate routes figured out.
  9. Rules on CC say we can’t mention travel agents by name. That’s why you have to find out in a convoluted manner.
  10. There is another thread some place on CC but the gist of it is they transferred to a Hong Kong company. The ship will be rebranded to appeal to cruisers from Asia.
  11. When I suggested the food hall I thought you only wanted a quick bite to hold you over. If you want a lovely NYC lunch experience I suggest either Bouley at Home tasting lunch menu or Gramercy Tavern tasting lunch menu. Both are Michelin Star restaurants and you’ll have a very lovely special lunch. Wine pairing is also available. Both are located in very lovely NYC neighborhoods. Use Uber it will be relaxing.
  12. Do not book directly from Regent! First look at the stickies and you’ll see if “Member Referral Credit” look through the postings. You will get a small credit off the price you pay on top of the lowest offered price from Regent. When corresponding with folks who provide their email address you might find out the TA they used to book their Regent cruise. For the record I’m not listed. The TA I use I found this way. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the perks you receive from TA. It will be much more than $400. Good luck in finding a good TA. Look for someone who posts frequently on CC with good info. Also there is a sticky with air deviation. The best part of the air deviation is that you don’t pay unless you accept the flights offered. I was on the Med itinerary during the summer. There are hang out opportunities but nothing like offered on the big ships.
  13. I’m really confused about having to take buses on the Rhine. I don’t recall many bus rides.
  14. Roz I want to add that I’ve noticed mailings and I’m sure you have too, of sailings six months out that Uniworld offers waived single supplement. Of course to help them fill the ship but you might find something that works for you.
  15. Well if you eat at Frances Tavern you can brag you ate at same place as George Washington. 😁
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