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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. Still haven’t booked. But I’m leaning more to the Norway cruise now. I think more diverse things to see and do.
  2. Why are you giving incorrect information? Marriott Brooklyn Bridge has restaurant on premises.
  3. A property in Brooklyn with a restaurant on premises or very close would be your best option then.
  4. @lynn-in-nc yes please do report back. I have that Norway itinerary on my list also. Have an amazing time!
  5. Thanks for all the wonderful advice as always JB. I’ll read your blogs thoroughly. I’m not 100% sure but I thought I read Tauck doesn’t charter the entire ship. Only has certain special excursions and group meals. The rest you mingle with other pax. Also there’s a Tauck Tour Director.
  6. Thank you everyone for your comments. I’m considering the around Iceland cruise with Tauck on Ponant. From what I’ve researched this tour hits all the must see spots in Iceland. Has anyone used another cruise line for Iceland?
  7. Greetings! We have sailed a variety of cruise types but never Ponant. Very little feedback here on CC. Would love to hear your feedback. We are looking at both the Norway and Iceland cruises for 2025.
  8. I disagree FiDi is really empty. They can go to Stone Street, the South Street Seaport is revitalized with nice restaurants. Or it’s an easy Uber ride to SoHo, Meatpacking District or the Village where there are packed restaurants if you want crowds.
  9. The Artezen in FiDi would be perfect for you. I love Financial District. Besides 9/11 Memorial and Museum, you can walk to Battery Park and view the Statue of Liberty. Take a walking tour of old New York.
  10. You board the ship on a gangplank. It’s not stairs but there are sort of speed bumps so you don’t go sliding down the entire ramp. It all depends on the tides and where you are docked. All you need to know is that there are railings and just take your time.
  11. It depends which airline Regent has contracts with. United Flies nonstop from EWR, Delta flies nonstop from JFK.
  12. Did you leave from Manhattan or Liberty Cruise Ship Terminal?
  13. Usually the Cruise Directors announce what’s coming up in the future and give an incentive to book. Are you taking any Uniworld tours this season?
  14. Have you done the Seine? I adored that itinerary.
  15. We were in Florence and Pisa previously. We chose Lucca, we had a bike ride, not sure if that is offered. Lucca is a lovely walled city and we loved it.
  16. A good pub The Dead Rabbit on Water Street. But there are plenty of decent Irish pubs all around.
  17. You can’t do this. No no no. Lol. When exactly is the cruise? You’re going to be sucked into traffic going to the Jersey Shore or Atlantic City especially on a Friday evening also.
  18. Ask when you get on the cruise. They’ll know.
  19. Go to a hotel. Obviously not a five star hotel. Go to the bell desk. Say Hi can you keep our bags until check/in. Have a $10 bill in your hand. 99% of the time it will be sure no problem.
  20. I always look at the included excursions with the extensions. I did take an extension in Milan because it included hard to get Last Supper and a private boat tour of Lake Como. I also took the extension in Munich because it included Neuschwanstein Castle. Many times the extension leaves the entire afternoon free so you have to do research anyway. Obtain tickets or tours to popular sites beforehand.
  21. Hi. Where is your hotel located or will you be coming directly from JFK? if you are near Penn Station you can find the PATH train to Bayonne on 33rd Street. You need to exit Penn Station and walk. It’s not far. But if you are near the World Trade Center you can catch the PATH train there.
  22. Which itinerary? Some itineraries you can walk around town a bit if you wish on some stops.
  23. I would definitely do the Alto Vista Chapel if you’re Christian. It’s just a lovely place. The Natural Bridge is also something only in Aruba and everyone should see the rough side of the island. The lighthouse has beautiful views. I’ve never done the others. But I do love Aruba Aloe products. The sunburn gel is great especially but I just purchase at one of the Aruba Aloe stores.
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