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  1. I am on holiday - my 'telling off' mode is switched off 😉
  2. Wine o'clock has already called and I am guessing we will be visiting our local park again. Saw it alot in Spring in lockdown and loved it. It will be 'nice' to see it in the Autumn as it really is a beautiful space and the trees stunning. I think we have got over the fact that we can not visit our new caravan in Wales, but there is always a reason for things and I think need to think that we still have a lot to be thankful for. (Just remind me of that if I get grumpy over the next week or so ---- you have my permission to tell me off!)
  3. Apologies - don't let me turn to the dark side !!!! Anyway, for us (with 2 flexi days) we are now on a half term break. I will be around more for at least a week 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thinking of all of those having this vaccine trial - keep us in the loop and please stay safe
  4. Ahhhhh I'm getting the hang of this now -------- the game is on 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
  5. One of the things that made me smile during lockdown in the Spring and I felt that I got to know the people behind the names. Had a look at our local park today as we drove past and looks like we will be visiting again over the Autumn ------ doesn't seem five minutes sincce we were walking there every day and watching that heron, Harry !!!
  6. Don't laugh but I have nooooo idea what 172 means ...... a cabin number I can only dream of???? Anyway, half term approaches so I will probably be less of a moaner and a chunterer and as time goes by more relaxed. Looking forward to more daily chats with my favourite P&O people (That must be worth more 'brownie points ........................................................ 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 )
  7. After having a chunter at the weekend you lot are making me laugh now with all of your comments. I love you all and think you are all wonderful If you can't beat 'em ....... 😉
  8. I may have read this wrong but the sailings and dates for those of us in Stoke on Trent are really not good at all. We will be really limited for Easter and May from Southampton unless we cruise on work days either side 😞
  9. I need to learn to write an message / post / e-mail and then leave it until the next day before posting or sending. Those who work with me would say that I still don't get that one quite right but am working on it 😉
  10. Been there and posted once and was removed (oh the shame). Looking back I think I can see what you were trying to say. What's done is done, let's move on - nice to read your recent posts 🙂
  11. Its been a long weekend so need to chill out -------- if I was a dwarf my name would be Grumpy tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Speak soon when I am perhaps Happy or Bashful 🙂 🙂 🙂
  12. Before we cruised on Celebrity Edge I spent about 18 months on CC sharing my excitement, my views, my experiences of the launch of this new ship with a member called Vtcruising. Had no idea who it was or their life. Over that time she became a friend. Then last year we had a message on CC that she had unexpectedly died in her sleep at a young age. I was shaken and unashemedly sat and cried at the news. Her name is still there as she opened the EDGE cabin thread. Her CC 'family' mourned together. Were people who posted doing it for effect - I don't think so and if some were that is their problem At the end of the day we are CC members but we are also human beings and it would be a sad day when people can not come on here to share their 'stories' and have others show compassion. By the way, to show any sort of respect for those suffering after a tragedy is to be admired - wherever the flowers are purchased. It is the thought that counts. There are enough people in the world who don't seem to care so let's not criticise those who do. Re my post about the whole ranking thing about reputation - I still don't get it and CC need to scrap it. That's just me as I live in a world of league tables. Sorry folks, I started this thread and wish I'd kept my keyboard mouth shut.
  13. Hi, not a reply to you at all Grapau. Sorry if it looks this - apologies xx I am not sure about this whole thing where you can look about your own reputation and ranking on CC. I live with this ranking system in my job and it is soul destroying at times so I find it difficult on CC as I take things too much to heart sometimes ... come on here to escape it all not be on a ranking system. That's me being open and honest with you all and if I have got it wrong re the whole system and what it is about apologies And above all I don't want you to think I am getting at you Grapau27 You're one of my CC pals 😉
  14. Have to say, I live in a world of League Tables so this makes me cringe --- sorry I didn't come on here to be in a competition. I don't get it at all and it make my stomach churn .... what IS that about?????
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