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  1. Hi, its taken me an age to catch up on posts. Hello from a grey, miserable Stoke on Trent. Have been working from home for chunks of the week and hardly been outside as the weather has been grim. Been for a walk this morning and it was just good to get out into the fresh air. Have worked more in one day than the last 3 ! Glad I missed the EU arguments - I would have had to sit on my hands 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hope you are all well - keep smiling, the buds are coming out on our shrubs and bulbs appearing so Spring must be on the way. 😉
  2. If anyone is interested Channel Quest at 9pm looking at the new Sky Princess
  3. My French is ok and I was asking them questions and using manners when appropriate in French.The people we spoke to in French were not interested.. have an O Level which is not massive but I have basic communication skills if those listening are prepared to help out. Anyway it is about who you meet as you say .. perhaps just unlucky but it has left a bad taste. Have been to many countries and never had that before or since. Am sure there are lovely French speakers out there too. We were just unlucky.
  4. Well we just watched the new episode and really enjoyed it ---------- hoping that the cast grow as a team in the days of old. It doesn't yet have the same chemistry but early days
  5. Have to say, and please forgive me, I am not being racist, but have never felt welcome in France. Had some genuinely bad experiences so I couldn't cope with any more negativity coming our way. Just to add, we are not in any way racist but have had some bad experiences - probably met the wrong people and shop owners. I am now beginning to sound like Richard on DIP 😉
  6. You need to go back to the original series to 'get it'. Classic stuff.
  7. Monday the working week (though I spent most of Sunday doing work) but I am thinking positively and glad that this week will end at midnight 😉
  8. Our type of a guide 😉 I suppose part of me worries that we will go and it will not be as idyllic as it seems on the TV but looking at Solent Richard's blog it still does look beautiful.
  9. I suppose it may not be but if we can get one that does what we want to see it is always a bonus.
  10. There just seems to be sad news everywhere this week. Thankfully tomorrow is the start of a new week.
  11. I really don't feel like we are in a lockdown at the minute. The traffic on the way to work is no different than it has been since June and the supermarkets don't have all of the floor markings we had in the main lockdown in the Summer. I really don't understand it - this variant is 50% more transmissible yet the rules this time are far more 'generous' than last time. Confused dot com !
  12. You all look amazing ! You will have to wait until I retire I'm afraid otherwise all you get is photos with large pink blobs over faces 😉
  13. Looking back at the other people who played the detective (many times 😉 ) I have to say that I thinking acting wise, Ralf Little is the weakest actor they have had. Sorry to those who like him. Then again we weren't keen initially on Ardal O'Hanon but he grew on us, so perhaps its we just need to get used to a new face on the team. We have looked at a number of Caribbean cruises but as we are limited to the time of year we can go we don't seem to be able to find one that would go to Guadalupe. Oh well, one day 🙂
  14. Oh good - its going to be the highlight of our lockdown weekend --- well after doing the ASDA order. Oh the excitement 😉
  15. Oh I would love to do that one day. One of our favourite programmes and watch it over and over, just for the feel good factor. Haven't see the new episode - our treat for tonight - though I read that they have changed the theme tune. Ahhhhhhhh
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