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  1. Will do. I prefer a full transit, only through the old locks, and “eastbound”. It may or may not be Princess Cruises, depending on what ships are doing this and the price. I’d even take a small Carnival Fantasy-class if one was repositioning. Not that picky about amenities and reward levels. Just want the experience.
  2. Another wonderful voice from my past!!! 🙂 I remember the good old days when I too had multiple cruises booked in a year. However, I probably won’t book that Panama Canal cruise until 2025 at the earliest, and then to celebrate my retirement. I had been looking at just a tiny cruise to get my feet wet, something like one of those 2-day sailings put out PBI to Nassau. They don’t have a single supplement and the air is reasonable. Cruising solo can really gut my savings on the longer cruises.
  3. Back in the day I tried hard to set a tone, one that showed and exemplified what we’re here to do: help each other. I went back and re-read some of the pages, and what we all experienced during that thread was nothing short of amazing - a community of people coming together for six months in harmony, with a shared bond and love for each other and cruising. It was a unique time and place. And it was amazing. Glad that I can still put a smile on the faces of those who remember me.
  4. What’s up! Nice to know I’ve been missed 😉 lol and it’s been since the old “Everything Royal Princess” thread of 2013 since I was a regular on here. My cruising days are way, way behind me and I’m afraid any new posts would be of me asking “what’s this and that“, since I haven’t been in the loop for so long. All my posts now are on a Broadway World Forum since I’ve been attending shows (Broadway, and while they’re also on tour) for several years now. My next cruise, if at all will, be a final bucket list item to make it through the Panama Canal. But that’s probably never going to happen. Me and Gray Kitty are still here in West Virginia, and content with shorter road trips instead of long cruises.
  5. No worries! I haven’t posted on Cruise Critic for years. Glad my old efforts still help others. 🙂
  6. Glad to see this thread still has some life in it! LOL
  7. Long time lurker here on these Egde threads. Your observations on the Infinite Veranda are pretty much exactly what I was thinking when this “novelty” of an innovation was revealed. It’s really not like a real balcony. There’s a distinct difference between actually stepping outside of your stateroom and being outside, as opposed to just lowering the glass on this panel, even if you can separate the outer edge of your stateroom with the bifold doors. For that reason I’d probably never book one of the IV staterooms. It just doesn’t let you sit outside, feel like it’s outside, when compared to a real balcony. It would be interesting to see, maybe in another thread based solely on this observation, what people who have experienced the IV vs a real balcony think of the benefits vs drawbacks.
  8. Looks like her Nassau “visit” has come to an end? She’s sailing away.
  9. At 5:29pm there’s inbound traffic MSC Vittoria (1000+ foot long container ship) on MarineTraffic in the ship channel.
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