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  1. Well, if she signed up to be an attorney for a certain person undergoing a certain Constitutional procedure, she could probably get classified as an "essential worker" as no on else will help 🤪 October 2022 - Hope that one works for you!
  2. I do have a medicare supplement. That's how much the special Jardiance is. It's even more with GoodRX or SingleCare or WellRX... I looked it up everywhere. All my other ones are a decent price, just not that one. I'm going to see if I can go back on the lower dose again - it's a decent price. Not a good time at work. Got into work, didn't see our maintenance guy's car. I ask my co-worker "did xxx not come in today?" And she gave me this shake of the head and I KNEW it was COVID... So, now she had it, we sent another one home yesterday to get tested and now the maintenanc
  3. Well, the co-worker DID have COVID. She is kind of weirdly happy about it, saying she now has antibodies and doesn't have to worry for a couple of months. Ah, stupid children (she's 22)... Her 10 days was up on Wednesday so she came back to work. But, she also went skiing for a couple of hours each day before work. THEN, she tells me that someone we checked into one of the small units probably has COVID - the family booked the unit for the son at the last minute and they have another one. Sounds like they didn't want to cancel their vacation... No way to know. AND, we had some new yah
  4. Let's put it this way: There are only 5 of us total at the condos. It's pretty easy to know who doesn't come to work. I keep thinking I'm going to check the "close contact" box on our daily COVID check-in so I can get a few days off with pay...
  5. I think I was feeling a little lonely and depressed. Missed the conversation. I did what I seem to do every 1st day off - try to recover from work. It's like I used all my physical and emotional energy the 5 days of work, then just collapse. I'm really glad that we are so slow at work that I can just hang out and sit most of the time - I'm a little afraid to think how I'd be if I had to do the same amount of work I did last year (loading luggage, pushing bell carts, shoveling sidewalk)!!! I'm sorry that cruises were cancelled for the two of you. Honestly, with the way
  6. Wow. Everyone must be busy. Or tired of us... Thought I'd send a little photo of my view from my back patio. OOTD: It's my Saturday and another "show" to watch. I'm also kind of worn out from work. I get tired still once in awhile. So I'm watching TV in my new Woolx joggers and a Tshirt... Have a good day ladies.
  7. The last pair that I bought from Athleta was about 2 years ago - a camo capri that had zippered pockets. It fits pretty compressive. I also just looked at my delancy moto leggings: No M available, so I got a L. It fits very loose on me, from the butt down to the ankles. I wish I had my Woolx this summer, then I could have told you how they work in warm. The wool Tshirts I have worked just fine in the summer in the 80s. My other pair that I wear all the time (including work when I put a pair of boots on) is a Lululemon Align II legging - my camo ones. They are so soft
  8. Which ones are you looking at? They have some that are not tight at all. Some are lightweight and, even though they hug, they don't feel tight. I will say that the Delancy herring one ones (I think they still have 1 of them) does get loose if you get a size up. I bought the L 2 years ago. Now, that I've lost weight and am a M, they are wearable but a bit loose in the legs. another one to look at is the Stella legging from Woolx. Probably my all time favorite!! They are so soft and comfy, they do not feel tight at all. I wear them to work several times a week.
  9. They are renter families. And, unfortunately, the condo they are renting is not one we manage. Our GM is going through video to see if she can find out which kids did this. She is already in contact with the property manager for the unit that they will NOT be welcomed back. They will be billed!!! The snotty kid yet again came down to the lobby without a mask. We grabbed one and made him put it on. One more day... I am going to wear my camo leggings, a black Tshirt and my moto boots today. If I could, I'd wear a black bandana on my hair. I might put on my black
  10. I guess I'm lucky on that front with my hair. I'm lucky with my stylist too. She is taking extraordinary precautions herself since she has an autoimmune issue. A new low was reached at work while I was on my weekend. Some hooligan(s) decided it would be funny to use their fingernail (or something) to etch a few penises into one arm of our 1-month old nice leather sofa in the public lounge!!!! It fortunately isn't too deep, so we hope a leather person can get them out. Can you believe it????? The families will be gone Sunday - can't come soon enough. I felt li
  11. I couldnt understand the entire day! I have a whole bunch to say but I don't want to go to CC timeout. I actually stayed up until 3am to watch the whole thing. I could another day off - yesterday just wore me out. Went to my hair stylist today. We chatted about yesterday. We chatted about COVID. We talked about camping. For fun, she added a bunch of red to my hair. Looks really shiny in light! Then, next month, we can "lowlight" it with the usual brown to make cool stripes. My hair is seeming to hold the red pretty well - is used to lose it's sheen after about 2 weeks - t
  12. Damn. Sorry about the possible exposure. I hope it works out that you didn't contract it. You all are in a horrible situation out in California right now. Had a cancellation yesterday because one of the guests tested positive. I am staying FAAAAAR away from any guests who are coming from California right now! The kids are driving us crazy. We had to shut down our coffee/hot chocolte machine last night because the little pigs left the counter a mess and spilled hot chocolate all over. I was honest when people asked if I knew the machine wasn't working: "yes, some kids wer
  13. Good Evening! Just found out today that one of my-coworkers has come down with mononucleosis!!! She's out for awhile, I guess. At least it's not COVID. And the boss has a nasty eye inflammation. We're falling apart!! I was exhausted at the end of the day. One more day of just me and the boss and I have my "weekend." Can't some soon fast enough... Lots of kids at the condos this week. What a bunch of messiness. Hot chocolate all over floors and walls. One kid apparently had a hard time using the toilet and left urine all over the toilet AND footprints on the wall!!!!
  14. Funny, I can't remember the rant/rave against the Mayor... I swear, it is pretty slow at the condos. 4 units of renters left today, mostly the owners left. The snow sucks big time, not really getting more than an inch when it snows lately. Our January is looking pretty lean at the condos. I've seen the same names on the monthly bookings with no new entries. I think people are waiting instead of diving in here because Mammoth and Tahoe in California and Aspen in Colorado have locked down to some extent. No reason to come here if there's not enough snow. My co-workers have on
  15. I lucked out - CNN showed it live here in UT, so "midnight" was actually 10pm. Andy was being Andy - if you have ever seen his "Watch What Happens Live" show on Bravo, he is just as loose with his language there (not profanity, but R rated stuff). You probably missed them with Snoop Dog. I was rolling on the floor listening to Anderson laughing uncontrollably while Andy was asking Snoop about places he's smoked weed. I'll say one thing from 1st hand observation - Snoop does smoke some good-smelling weed!!! He stayed at one hotel I was working at. The "scent" was in the hallway - we too
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