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  1. The Salt Lake Valley has the Wasatch Fault. It really hadn't gone off like that in years. Being in a valley surrounded by mountains, it reverberates, I guess. Up here, we get occasional little hiccups from shifting in the old silver mines. If you even notice it, it's like a tiny sonic boom. The 5.7 shook me - it took me a moment to realize what was going on. At least it was not first thing in the morning - I hated those in LA. I popped open the 19 Crimes Dark Red tonight. It tasted like a Toscano to me - big red but dry on the end. It's nice, but I think I like the regular Red to just drink as it has no dry finish (stays pretty fruity to the end). I did go to my clean food place, but I got the Hash Hash instead of the tacos: diced roasted sweet potato, pulled pork, horshradish sauce, pickled onions. Sooooo good. Next time I'll have to get the tacos.
  2. We had our earthquake back on March 18, so I already had that one out of the way 😉 Not a usual occurrence up here at that magnitude (5.7) - we'll get little ones when a mine shifts. With my nerves to close to the skin right now I probably would have freaked out, too. We had some BIG winds overnight. Some of the loudest I've heard. I was surprised to look out this morning and not see things all over. for some reason, that burger just called to me. Have no good burger places up here just the fast food joints. Sigh. I was thinking about going to my clean food spot and pick up some of their tacos.
  3. Morning all. It is a sad day here at the house. I am beyond sad at the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She was an absolute lioness on the Supreme Court. She broke boundaries for women from the time she went to college until her last breath. She could have lived to 100 and we still would have needed more time. Her passing on Rosh Hashanah is special - someone who passes on that date are known as people of great righteousness (if I took what my Jewish friend wrote). She tried to stay as long as she could. She can now rest in power. May her memory be a blessing. To add to the sadness, it's a cool, gray, rainy, dreary day. It's a day for cuddling up in my fleece, drink a glass of wine to Justice Ginsberg, and get through it. Totally different: what was that third picture of with the burgers? Looked intriguing.
  4. well, I'm hoping I get to go back to work. No notification yet on opening. I'm thinking of just packing all my campng stuff in the back of the Kia and keeping it there. If nothing else, I'd just have to find a flat spot to set up.
  5. Add some bacon to those sprouts!!! A bar up here does and they are freakin' good!! I think they also had sauteed down onions they were "french onion soup" brown.
  6. I can go multiple directions, depending on where the fire is. Had one 3 years ago in the hills (no trees, just grass & bush)that got within 5 miles of my house. No evac needed since the wind shifted. Ready to head W down I-80 to SLC. The new one today is out by Duschene, a good hour away. But we have Red Flag again today. This is getting tired.
  7. We haven't found anything yet. There's 3 of us on the hunt. I did put in an order for a pair of slightly custom Black Converse All Stars low tops (classic Chucks). I wanted a leopard tongue and off-white rubber. The leopard just to be sassy and the off white rubber so it doesn't look so bad if it gets dirty. I'll be wearing them through November 4. If I go back to my job, I'll be able to wear them since they're black. But only on non-snowy days - I need waterproof and lug sole stuff since I do go outside for some things. A lot of women here in town are buying black Chucks. They go well with jeans and Patagonia jackets 😉 Nordstroms must be running out by now (any women would go to Nordy before a sporting goods store!!!)! Come Sundance time, since they are limiting attendance, we can be our own PIBs (People in Black - a running Sundance joke on the clothing worn by the Sundancers). I think it's salad night. Just have to figure out which one. Have a good day ladies!
  8. The dresses - they were from Just Fab. I haven't seen them in 2 years, though. They are made with french terry, so very comfy. I bought a little InstaPot around Christmas because everyone said it was great. It's still in the box. But, I have a really cool Krups rice cooker. It also has controls to be a slow cooker, steamer and oatmeal pot. I've used the slow cooker control a few times to do a hunk of pork and I've made good oats in there. Haven't steamed, although some potstickers someday may work. We had another fire down in the canyon between us and SLC. Fortunately, they knocked it down fairly fast. They had one little one-engine airplane that was dumping retardant on the hills. And, the fire up in the Uintas just keeps re-flaring up. There's a crew up that just beats is down and waits for it to come back. Found out my old friend is back up in Idaho working on the fires here in the Payette. She is in wildfire management. She is "retired", but they call her back every summer to work a fire. Man, the Gulf Coast is getting hit in a big way. This hurricane just won't move. The amount of rain coming down is incredible. Water and storm surge everywhere. It's going to be another long time of cleanup.
  9. I just wanted to get it over with. They accumulate interest daily. It was a hit, but I have no one to blame but myself for not realizing I missed it. Oh well. You're making limoncello??? Yum! what vodka are you using for the base? I've got a bottle of Limoncello in my freezer - I love it ice cold. I was all set to make that pizza bowl again tonight, only to discover I forgot to buy the pizza sauce! So, I sauteed up the mushrooms and the turkey italian sausage (spicy) and added some half&half to it to make a little sauce. I ate it like that and it was darn good! I've got enough left for another meal.
  10. sucks about the antibody test. I was in the same boat (notice i worked in a cruising reference). I can only go by all the issues and symptoms I had and still have (turns out shingles is prevalent among covid people - even one of my girlfriends had it and high glucose levels among diabetes with no change in diet). I hope you don't get any issues I was going to say you could do a virtual race, but with all the smoke and ash in the air, probably not a good idea. I've been able to open my windows during the day, but I have to remember to close them at night. Fall in the mountains! Did you get prepared stuff from Gelsons? It was always one of my things to do when my LA commute would take me near a Gelsons. It was either that or Irvine Ranch Farmers Market stores. I've got some chores to do today. The worst is I have to pay extra to the IRS for a blunder I made on my 2018 taxes. I can't believe I left off something, but it was totally on me. I must have not saved the file when I did it because I never forgot it before and it's on the same tax form as some interest stuff that I did enter. Sigh. Then, off to the post office to retrieve my mail that my carrier took back because my box got too full in 4 days from junk mailers... Have a good day folks!
  11. Reservists are the backbone of the military! Our AF Reserve here isn't fire fighters, they are refuelers. I remember in the Gulf War, my manager was in the Army reserves as part of a MASH unit. He was activated and only had a couple of days to get his affairs in order. He was gone for a year. Another firefighter friend is getting ready to go with her squad to Oregon. One just left yesterday. It's a delicate dance, I would assume, to know if you can spare a squad when you live in the mountains and desert that are prone to fires also.
  12. I forgot to add this. Someone posted this on one of my FB groups about how to make your house tolerable with all the smoke:
  13. Sally - you're getting that Tropical Storm, right? Man, the Gulf is not getting a break this year. I'm fearing what's going to happen with this one when it gets to Louisiana. I've heard this one isn't go to do as much wind damage, but the rain could be measured in feet!!! Not good for a low-lying area like New Orleans and the surrounding parishes. The smoke haze has shown up again. Not as bad as last week, but I can definitely see it. It should be a blue bird day, but it's a bright hazy day. I just can't believe all the fires still going and still out of control. And, crews are stretched so thin to cover all the fires so they can't really do the job they usually do to attack a fire. OOTD: In honor of those brave firefighters working their asses off on the West Coast, I wore my Smokey Bear "Resist" Tshirt, with my cammo pants and yellow trail runners.
  14. It was my pleasure. I first thought of it as kind of a spoof. Everyone always talked about clothes they were taking and and all the makeup/hair products they pack for a cruise. I was wondering if we were dropping all the "pretense" and going to basics. I hope we haven't scared anyone away! My version of "dressed up" and "make up" may be vastly different on a ship than yours (I'm always the casual old hippie lady!)!! At least we know we dress alike now here at home!! As for meeting on a cruise - I need to start a Go Fund me or find a benevolent benefactor I'm afraid... The sky around here is mostly blue, but I can spot some light brown cirrus clouds in some spots. So, it depends on the direction of the wind if it is from CA/OR or 30 miles up in the Uintas. At least we can breathe. That smoke - burns the eyes, gets in the sinuses, down in the lungs. Even a healthy person will have problems. The CA ladies - just do what you can!! I don't know if I want to jinx any candidate. I did some work this Spring for a nice gay man... I may try do write some postcards to get a little busy. I think at least tonight I'll conentrate on what I can make for dinner. Maybe some piece of fish and a little bit of salad. Lois - how is the weather up there in JAX? FL is dodging the latest Tropical Storm it appears. But, you're still hot & humid and raining. It's those days that you just can't dry out!!! Ugh.
  15. What was the old saying - you need a license to drive a car but anyone can be a parent... Sherri - did you see in the local paper that Sheriff Ivey wants people to put a blue light outside? I saw it on a FB group for Cocoa Beach. Watched some 9/11 video yesterday. Still makes me shudder. I just remember panic when it was said on TV that one of the planes had gone down in Central PA in a rural area. My family that is left in PA lives out in the country in Central PA. It wasn't until I heard it was Shanksville that I calmed down. I had an old friend who worked in the Pentagon - he got out word to all of us that he was OK. My heart breaks every time I see the fires on the news. One friend who lives in Tigard, OR, is just outside the potential evacuation areas for now. Another friend here in UT is a firefighter EMT and his team just headed out this morning to go help with the fires in Oregon. What is really concerning is that this isn't prime fire season yet. Usually, in California, it's later September/early October when those hot, dry Santa Anas crop up. Nothing going on today. It's another day where I have to buck up. Too much depressing things/news lately.
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