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  1. Hi, The only power outlet in the bathroom is a shaver outlet. I plug my electric toothbrush into one of the power outlets on the desk.
  2. rkacruiser is correct...Peter Insull sold Minerva in 2017, looks like she will be a Middle Eastern version of the Royal Yacht Brittania. http://www.insull.com/134m-passenger-vessel-sold-and-ready-for-new-life-at-sea-a13.php
  3. Frankly, the way your post is written means that you will most likely hate travelling with Ponant. They are proudly French - announcements are in French first and English second and they won’t change that because their English passengers consider it ‘boring and annoying’. There are many reviews from people with similar concerns that felt ‘slighted’ as English speakers. The perception that the French are treated better or ‘told more’ is a common complaint. It is purely perception - as an Aussie who has done more than 7 expeditions with Ponant and who can understand the French announcements, it has no basis. My last trip with them had announcements from the naturalists in three languages to accommodate a small group of German speakers. An APT or A&K charter on one of the Ponant ships might suit you better as they are exclusively English speaking, although the Captain, officers and reception staff will still be French.
  4. Yes, there will be a formal Captain’s Dinner at the start of the cruise and a Gala Night at the end. Both are optional.
  5. Have a look at her on Instagram #lechamplain - plenty of photos there. Or Twitter @ https://twitter.com/search?q=%23lechamplain&src=typd.
  6. It's optional, but I have always left a tip for my cabin steward and an additional crew tip via credit card. It's not much in the scheme of things.
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