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  1. I graduated from Auburndale High School 🙂 Lived on Lake Juliana for about 20 years. I miss a lot about it down there but it sure has changed a lot since I left in 97. I was down there in '18 for my 30th reunion. The drive to PC is easy peasy though.
  2. They must not be talking about Air2Sea. Lift and shifted my Alaskan cruise back in mid May to next September and still waiting on over $1000.00 in airfare refunds.
  3. Im not sure there will be any cruiselines left if it goes on that long.
  4. My first Royal Caribbean cruise, 10 years ago. So long ol gal.
  5. I lived in Central FL for 20 years and still have never made it to the Keys. That needs to change!
  6. Sadly, Im losing it too. I booked a cruise on Harmony way back in early 2018 over 400 days out for September 2019. Hurricane Dorian reduced my 7 night cruise to a 3 night cruise and I opted for a FCC. I immediately booked a Alaskan cruise on Ovation for this August using that FCC and of course that is now cancelled too. We have moved that credit to the same cruise for next September. It will be 1424 days since Ive been on a cruise if I cant squeeze in one between now and then and that isnt looking to promising. Im use to cruising at least every other year. Really starting to wonder if I will ever roll onto another cruise ship again. A lot of things can happen between now and then. I may not even be alive. Also, I have NO desire to go on a cruise with restrictions, even if it involves rolling away from 1800.00 in cruise credit
  7. That is the ONLY way I found it drinkable. Ive given up sugar though since my last cruise so will probably be flavored waters only.
  8. I cant wait to read the comments after this! 😎
  9. Very well said and I could NOT agree any more than I do! I liked the post. I would love it if I could. I work for the Technical College System of Ga. We are under the same mandate. I dont like it but I will do it. I wear one while out in public because we asked to but I absolutely WILL NOT wear one on a cruise ship, even if it means rolling away from a large cruise credit on a 2021 booked Alaska cruise. No thanks.
  10. Yeah, the pandemic is taking every single thing I love about cruising out of cruising. I had to lift and shift from this August to next September for an Alaskan cruise or walk away from 1800.00 in cruise credit. If things havent changed by then, it will likely be my last cruise
  11. I feel your frustration but Im not giving up. I booked Harmony of the Seas over 400 days out only to have Hurricane Dorian completely ruin my plans. I took the FCC and booked Ovation to Alaska about 350 days out only to have COVID 19 completely ruin my plans. I had it lifted and shifted to September 10 2021. If I cant somehow squeeze a short cruise in between now and September 2021, which isnt looking promising, it will be 1431 days from my last cruise to the next. That is IF the September 2021 cruise goes off as planned. I cant throw in the towel. If I do, I lose about 1800.00 in cruise credits.
  12. I wouldnt be able to cruise. I am 100% confined to a wheelchair due to paraplegia. I absolutely HAVE to have an accessible cabin. Im finding now that we have to book over a year out generally due to these booking up so fast. I use to have no problem finding an accessible cabin inside 6 months before the cruise. That may be on the of the reasons they have went to this. Thanks for the information everyone! I now have a wonderful TA and she can handle this for me 🙂
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