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  1. I didnt use to believe in using a TA until a couple years ago after the whole hurricane Dorian fiasco and my cancelled Harmony cruise. I decided to look into hiring one to handle my FCC and rebooking and have found a real good one. We have actually become friends. She is an alumni from the same HS as me and graduated a few years ahead of me. I sure am glad I have her after all that has happened to me over the last 2.5 years when it comes to cruising. The rebooked cruise was cancelled and yet another FCC issued and weve had to rebook again. Ive gotten a great group rate on my hopefully up
  2. I sure am hoping so but Im not holding my breath nor am I pre purchasing anything at the moment. 🙂 IF my cruise actually happens, it will have been 4 years since my last at that time.
  3. Not bad. Deluxe drink package is 43.00 pp/pd and the White Pass railway is 110.99. Both of these are as cheap as Ive seen for my next cruise. I was hoping the UDP would go a little lower! It seems 179.00 is the lowest now. Has anyone else seen it any less than that?
  4. Alaska on Ovation, September 10 2021. Hopefully.
  5. They have my money already and there is nothing I can do about it but wait it out. I had an Alaskan cruise booked last August using a FCC from a cancellation from Hurricane Dorian. The Alaskan cruise was of course cancelled and I lift and shifted to next September. Im not expecting that one to happen either unfortunately. Even if we are cruising by then, no way will Canada open its borders to Americans IMO.
  6. You really have no idea if the hotels or cruise cabins you stay in have had a dog in them or not. They HAVE to allow service dogs which by the way, are not "pets". 🙂
  7. I, on the other hand, had my August 2020 Alaska cruise (bucket list cruise) cancelled obviously and was on a FCC because of a cancelled Harmony cruise because of hurricane Dorian. I will not get a refund if Alaska 2021 is cancelled. It will be another FCC. If my September 2021 cruise is cancelled, Im pretty sure Im done. It will have been 4 years then since my last cruise. If I can go 5 without a cruise, I think I can go forever. They will have gotten 1800.00 out of me though. At least my Air2Sea flights are refundable.
  8. Long story short, my Alaskan cruise was cancelled this year and we rescheduled for next September. With the FCC applied and the money from our Air2Sea flights FINALLY moved over to the new booking, the new guest invoice shows a negative balance of around 60.00. Does anyone know if that will be a OBC or will it be refunded to form of original payment? My TA is out of pocket today and RC wont tell me anything. Just curious is all.
  9. Same here. I smoked cigarettes for 25 years and quit 10 years ago. I still enjoy a fine cigar on special occasions from time to time and love the smell of cigar and pipe smoke. I cant handle cigarette smoke at all anymore.
  10. The only other choice I have is to roll away from over 1800.00 in non refundable FCC. If my Alaskan cruise actually happens next year, I will be there. I dont like all the restrictions but they arent keeping almost two grand of my money that they have had since late 2017.
  11. I pulled directly from the RCI website. Even clicking on the May 2021-April 2021 deck plan link, it still shows the Connoisseur Club and Vintages yet the Connoisseur Club is gone from RCIs deck plans for Freedom of the Seas. I am guessing on Liberty's next major drydock, the Connoisseur Club will go away, whenever that is. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/liberty-of-the-seas/deck-plans/2049/05
  12. Deck plans still show the Connoisseur Club and Vintages 🙂
  13. I just saw that its 43.00 per person per day for my Ovation Alaska cruise next September and the White Pass train ride is only 110.00.
  14. 1. Ovation Alaska 9/10/2021 2. Ovation Alaska 9/10/2021 3. Ovation Alaska 9/10/2021 If a September 2021 cruise gets cancelled over COVID, Im done. It will have been one month short of 4 years since the last one.
  15. The important part here is what name is the cruise booked under? Your Travel docs have to match the name that is on the booking invoice. If your PP is in your maiden name and your cruise is booked under your maiden name, all you need is your PP
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