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  1. CBD isolate extract from hemp which contains 0.00% THC has no smell. My mind goes back to the grandmother at Disney though who was arrested for legal CBD and their whole family vacation ruined. Im not willing to take the risk.
  2. I cant wait til its ALL legal on a federal level and we can buy "duty free" weed in the gift shop like cigarettes 😎
  3. Based on my last MDR experience, I would actually put the OG a step above and Im not even a OG fan really. We have opted to get the Unlimited Dining Package for our next cruise.
  4. Where they serve 1 star banquet style food, prepared in advance, for the masses 😎
  5. I highly doubt it. The other adult will most certainly be required to purchase at least the Refreshment package. If i recall correctly, when they first reimplemented this rule, they were allowing medical reasons to not have to purchase. That is no longer
  6. Should be similar to Freedom class, there will be a door in the Imperial lounge on deck 5 Forward on the right you can go out. You can also go outside on deck 4 and go up the stairs. I had to find the stairless way on Freedom because of my wheelchair. I was able to go out there while the ship was underway. It was very windy though
  7. It also sorta penalizes those who book real early and also book under BOGO 50% off. Guest 1 will get their full amount back as a FCC. Guest two will be 50% of that. There is no price protection either. We took the FCC because of hurricane Dorian and it was going to cost us 1200.00 PLUS another 500.00 deposit to go on Harmony in the next 12 months in the same oceanview balcony cabin. We are going to Alaska on Ovation for less than that even including roundtrip airfare.
  8. They still do at the end of the booking. You can find out how much different it is without committing to the reservation
  9. Interesting. I do realize Labadee isnt an island. I had a friend that got a little too much into the Makers Mark on the first full day at sea, made an @$$ of himself later on that evening and was thrown off Freedom of the Seas for violation of the guest conduct policy back in 2015. They told us that they could not put him off at Labadee and everyone that was confined to their cabins awaiting being kicked off the ship would be put off in Falmouth.
  10. Wow, surprised to hear the have put people off at Coco Cay! I know for SURE they cannot and do not at Labadee or someone I know would have been the perfect candidate. 😎 So, I wonder what would happen if they put a guest off at Coco Cay and they didnt have the money to leave the island?
  11. Very good point. We dont even bother eating breakfast anymore. My cruise is over that last night the minute I go to bed. Disembarkation morning is depressing and somewhat organized chaos. All those smiles and welcomes you got all week are frantic looks of "thank you for sailing with us, now please leave this ship ASAP"
  12. The way I understand it is, ANY specialty dining restaurant can make your reservations for the entire week 🙂
  13. Following. Im on the 8/21/20 cruise a couple weeks before you! Ecstatic about trying out a Quantum class ship and Alaska has always been on my bucket list!
  14. It was consistently on sale for 175.00 per person BEFORE Black Friday. After Black Friday, it seems 179.00 is the new on sale price so its not likely to go lower.
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