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  1. Their primary business is shipping (Med Shipping Co = MSC), so I think they are good for a while 🙂
  2. On the 10/2 sailing we were told this for ocho rios
  3. I think this depends on the port...certain European and Caribbean ports require a ship tour
  4. It's per cabin so if you are all in the same cabin, yes 😕
  5. Last time I sailed Divina was about a week before covid closed everything down...
  6. I believe this is the wonderfully talented MSC IT Dept at work. I, too, can't book any 7 day Seashore's in April, but you know what...I *can* book the 14 day ones. Now how is that possible? Answer: MSC IT hard at work to make your browsing experience more pleasant.
  7. Yes, you'll all get drinks. But the YC has a special quasi-package. It sits in between premium and premium plus. In *general* everything except real high end champagnes, bourbons, etc. will be covered.
  8. AMAZING comparison. I would like to add/point out just a few things as it seems you sailed on Divina. 1) Seaside/Seashore and Meraviglia have showers (very large) instead of tubs. The balconies on Seaside/Seashore are also huge. 2) The YC restaurant in in the YC area on these ships also (instead of at the opposite end like on Divina) 3) Unlimited internet is now included in YC 4) Crepes as well as gelato are included. However, on Meraviglia neither is included 😞 5) The thermal spa on Meraviglia and Seaside/Seashore is VASTLY superior to that on Divina. But this is the best comparison I've seen to date. I, too, have wanted to sail Retreat but the price point is just too high for me. Your post has been very helpful.
  9. LOL, glad you are championing them 🙂 Now people will stop sailing, and I'll have the YC all to myself! Please also do this for X as I want to sail the Retreat but their prices are too high. See how I kept this on topic? YC prices are lower than Retreat prices 🙂
  10. Again, does ZERO to help the OP who is trying to compare YC to Retreat. It's obvious you have an axe to grind - and maybe you are justified in doing it. I'm just saying post on topic or start a new post. If you can't see how saying "MSC is bad" isn't on topic for comparing YC to Retreat then I guess there is nothing else I can say to you.
  11. You are comparing your views on the lines themselves. This does *nothing* to help the OP decide between YC and Retreat. This is especially true since sailing in the YC on MSC is a *completely* different experience than sailing non-YC. There are plenty of threads here talking about how "bad" MSC is...you should consider posting there. Or, post a helpful comparison of YC vs. Retreat. As it stands, saying "trust" doesn't tell anyone anything. Especially since you can go to the X board and hear lots of complaints there about how Celebrity "screwed" them.
  12. What does this have to do with the YC or the Retreat?
  13. Not sure what side you are looking at, but YC cabanas are ocean front...maybe 20yds from the water.
  14. I think the problem is that, like so many things with MSC, it varies. It probably varies US vs Europe, and probably also varies by ship and even sailing. And, of course...covid. So who knows what it will be like now? I've seen posts on here where people sent things as needed. This was all pre-covid. I haven't seen any post-covid reports.
  15. Well, normally I'd say that's weird, but I'll just say it's MSC 🙂 You could do this 3x and get 4 different results... From the T&C: 16. If the Guests purchases an Upgrade which is accepted by MSC Cruises SA, all other conditions of the original cruise reservation will remain in effect following the Upgrade. This includes conditions, experience, pertaining to cancellation, penalties, and changes. If the upgrade cabin category includes a higher service charge amount, the guests occupying the upgraded cabin will be charged the service charge amount applicable to the upgraded cabin. 19. If the Guests are currently in a cabin with “Fantastica” or “Aurea” experience and submit an Offer to upgrade to a higher category, we cannot guarantee that they will be assigned to a cabin with the same experience, but the experience itself “Bella”, “Fantastica” or “Aurea” will be maintained. For the upgraded Bid in Yacht Club, we will guarantee all benefits related to the Yacht Club Experience in addition to the original Experience.
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