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  1. Good to know...Thanks so much for all your info!
  2. I didn't realize that those companies do not own/operate any of their cars...very interesting. We have used Uber in the past & it has worked well...& on occasion, not so well 😕 So truly, it sounds as though we are better off just calling for an Uber when we need one when we get off the ship. Do you know if the Uber cost included the toll fare? The other companies quote a price + tolls, + tip...& perhaps + waiting time..
  3. I am wondering what time to book the car be there to meet us. If we are able to walk off with our own luggage we could definitely disembark quicker, but I would hate to be delayed getting off the ship & missing our meeting time. I assume your driver waited for you with no issue? There are some ‘not so good’ reviews on both Dial 7 & Carmel on Trip Advisor recently....that is definitely concerning!
  4. We are planning to spend a few days post cruise in New York. What would be the be way to get from Cape Liberty cruise port to our mid-Manhattan hotel? Taxi? Uber? Private car transport?
  5. We love the Blu dining room! Yes, the tables are close together, but it gives the opportunity to meet new people & socialize...if you choose. We found the Blu to be quieter & more attentive service than the main dining room. As for the Persian spa....we sailed on the summit several years ago prior to the newest refurbishment. We thought the spa needed an upgrade, but that being said...we enjoyed the heated tile seats & the steam room almost every day. We sail again on the Summit in September & I’m looking forward to hearing how the Persian spa is now after the recent reburbishment.
  6. I feel your frustration...the Celebrity site has always had issues with something!
  7. Scroll to the very bottom of the home page & there is a place to change the country. You can also just google Celebrity Cruises Canada & the CDN site will come up.
  8. I would also be interested in the dimensions of the safe, but we have 'always' left our iPads & Kindle readers on our bedside tables without hesitation. We have always had trust in our cabin stewards.
  9. Absolutely! I’d jump at an upgrade for only $150 pp to be in Aquaclass. Enjoy!
  10. Thanks mking8288 ...Great info. Much appreciated!
  11. Haha, I was just doing that while I was waiting for a reply Thanks again!
  12. Good to know...thanks! Any particular company that you would recommend?
  13. Thanks lenquixote66! We are docking at Bayonne.
  14. We are considering booking a private car post-cruise to take us to our hotel in Manhattan. How early do we have to book? Our cruise is not until September...is it too early to book now?
  15. Thanks baw53 for the YouTube video find! We are booked in SV 11275 on the Apex & I've been searching for actual stateroom pictures of the Edge ....this video is great 👍
  16. Good to know, but even the 60’s sound good to me! We woke up to 10° C this morning (that’s 50° F) brrr
  17. Thanks for the great information! I had a feeling that I should pack something to keep warm...just in case. And with our ever-changing weather patterns, you just never know! Fingers/toes crossed for sunshine & calm seas (yn)
  18. Thanks Den! That’s a very acceptable temperature, but I will prepare myself for ‘unpredictable’...just in case!
  19. We are departing in a couple weeks out of Southampton and will be at sea for a couple days. Can anyone tell me what the temperature will be like? Cool = wear a sweater weather? or warm enough to lie around the pool? In between?
  20. We 'tentatively' have a private tour company booked in Lanzarote that does take us to the Timanfaya national park as well as other areas. I am really looking forward to it! I have been trying to get a group together through 'roll call' & we only need a couple more people to make it happen....fingers & toes crossed!
  21. Thanks LondonTowner! We didn't really want the hassle of renting a car in a foreign country, but I think we will look into it a bit more now. We actually used to be avid windsurfers, so it might be fun to go and watch the action on the beach in Fuertoventura! But are there any other sights that we wouldn't want to miss in Fuerteventura?
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