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  1. Than you , seems very logical
  2. It seems the first available booking for my ship is 8/29 on the booking engine, if they do cancel is there a general lead time they would notify us by ?
  3. ok, thanks very much for the response, fingers crossed to reschedule
  4. I was actually hoping that meant they were cancelling. We were a group of 6 and the 5 others are all bailing out and cancelling, I made the unfortunate mistake of booking a non refundable rate
  5. The Carnival booking engine will not allow me to pull up July 2020 to search a cruise out of Miami, I am booked July 4th however the website hasn't been updated since April 13th which shows my sailing is still on. Anyone know what's going on ?
  6. Thanks for response, if you do hear anything about the magic, please post.
  7. I don't know the name of the website or if Carnival gift cards apply, but there is a website where you can sell gift cards for a lesser value. If worst comes to worst and you decide not to sail that might be an option.
  8. I'm booked for 7/4 since last year and I'm fine not to sail, I just made the mistake of booking non refundable and don't want to lose my $ by me canceling instead of Carnival, waiting on an update ......
  9. Agreed, I just wish they would update past June 26th on the Magic, any idea when new announcements will publish ?
  10. That's my hope however my husband wants a refund now. Since they just announced the date I feel it would now be another month before they extend if they even do ? Until then I have a pit in my stomach I may lose it all
  11. I am booked July 4th on the Magic out of Miami, not yet cancelled. However I made final payment last week on a non refundable deal, do I have any recourse ?
  12. what recourse would I have if I just paid in full "non refundable" yesterday for Carnival sail date of 7/4/20 ????HELP<<<<<
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