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  1. Back in August/Sept on Adventure, Peter James was in the Schooner Bar about 5-6 nights during the week. Edit: Looks like he's still there...definitely a must see! πŸ‘ https://www.peterjamesband.com
  2. They do have lactose free milk, but you need to ask for it.
  3. Post # 11 in this thread, by the OP, clearly states that it was fresh water. Also, I find it hard to believe that the first post here have the tone it did if raw sewage was involved. Just sayin'. πŸ˜„
  4. You can bring up images, or you can rely on a first hand account of the people that experienced the event. Just sayin'...
  5. You did well if it only took 20 minutes. On our last trip, the hair dryer died a few days in. With the help of our steward, another room attendant down the hall, a call to maintenance and another call to guest service, my wife got a replacement in "only" about an hour. I never thought that getting another hair dryer would be so complicated! She was not happy...but we still made it to the DL before happy hour ended. 😁
  6. Thank you for finally breaking your silence. 🍻
  7. That is the second most annoying video on a cruise. And the winner is.......
  8. Nor is cruising, yet here you are.
  9. The smuggling part was tongue-in-cheek...but thanks.
  10. OP--you should ignore Royal's corporate virtue signalling and smuggle a box of genuine plastic straws on to the ship. 😁
  11. I've always wanted to enjoy the nightlife on coco cay. 😎😎
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