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  1. I was turning 62 and never had been on one. Was with someone who never had been and we went to Alaska. She wanted to stop and get the trinket of the day in all the jewelry shops and I really didn't get to see much. Best part was the train ride in Skagway. Now I have a big birthday coming in May and would like to go back next year. Have been looking for single cruises since that is what I am.;-)
  2. What no Bio-Freeze? If one has had a TKR, NO medicine will ever take away the pain with the weather and other symptoms. Just saying.-)
  3. Sorry I just cant bring myself to that. If you ever meet me you will understand. Picture a Kenny look alike.;-)
  4. Thanks honumaui, I will 70 this May and if you might have read my posts about my knee I am not sure what tours I can do if required to sit low in a boat. I did a white water raft trip on my National Parks tour this past May and was lucky they had 2 guys help me out of the boat. Not as mobile as I once was. Me with the Kenny beard in front.lol
  5. The past trip was from Seattle and back with Juneau,Ketchican, Skagway and BC. One other port I cant think of. I would prefer flying in and out of Seattle. One thing I left out in my response was I got a balcony and sure enough the cabin below had a smoker who came out and would smoke when we were outside. That wont happen again now I have learned the rules. If the cruise line doesn't want to enforce them I will say something to the smoker on my own.;-)
  6. To be honest? As it was my first cruise and was with my ex-gf and neither of us had cruised, we were playing this by ear. Like we got yelled at for not being in the back a line at embarkation in Seattle. Me being a retired steelworker from Gary Indiana, I bit my tongue and we got in line once we found where. The other main thing was people would sit off to the side and wait for lines to move and then jump in. Was almost a stink when a guy behind me said something and a lady said, WHO made you boss. So I guess it was more the ship. It was the Celebrity Infinity.
  7. I was in Alaska on Celebrity for my first cruise in 2012 and not the best overall experience. I would like to plan another trip for May of 2021 and unless things change I will be alone. I have traveled a lot for my birthday over the years and its on May 14. Any suggestions for what ship and what company would be greatly appreciated. I have looked at cruises for May of 2021 and would like a 7 plus day trip out of Seattle since I live in Indiana. Thanks
  8. I am single and have been on 2 cruises so far. No one left in my family to ask and since I was on an Alaskan cruise for my 62 bd and was with someone who wanted to stop in all the jewelry shops and get the trinket of the day, I didn't see much. I did the National Parks tour last May and paid $1010 single supplement, I would like to see Alaska again. Just trying to get as much info as I can about cruising alone.
  9. I am glad to see I am the so called lucky one who got either staff or mersa on my TKR 13 years ago this Sept. When I had my 4th surgery in 2014 the surgeon said he took out all my scar tissue, bent it 120 on the table put in a new plastic part of the joint and I should have been good to go. When I saw him in 2016 after going to Ireland and Scotland it swelled my whole leg. He said with the problems I had with my infection it is what it is and no more surgery. So all you people who have had good luck or thinking of having a TKR, look into the hospital as much as the surgeon. The 3 of mine where at a new hospital and no problems.
  10. I posted a reply to this in 2018 and now I have been retired 20 years. Those who ponder when or why will find the time has gone by fast enough. I had 30 years at UsSteel and dont miss it one bit.
  11. I just came back from a land tour of the National Parks and had to pay a single supplement of $1010. As Lois says they want 2 in a cabin.
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