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  1. We just moved from midship to aft and saved $915.00 thanks for the heads up about prices. We have a balcony cabin.
  2. yes across from the garage. This lot was pretty full last week also when we arrived.
  3. Run by Royal they are the original parking areas that were there before the garage was built.
  4. They have outside parking lots and they give very good directions as to where to go to park.
  5. Be aware that the garage is sometimes full now with more than one ship there now. Last week they were only allowing cars with handicapped tags into the garage.
  6. We also had a similar charger on Adventure last week and no problems.
  7. We were there last week on the Adventure and had a great time. Chill Island was great also and very quiet. The water was still cool. Lots of empty chairs and umbrellas. Royal has added soft serve ice cream on the island just like Disney and it was very good. Tremendous amount of choices from the lunch buffet like Cuban sandwiches, tacos, many different salads. The only thing we found bad was the seagulls they flocked around any food left on tables and very scary for the grandkids.
  8. We did in fact have the soda package so since the casino did not have either drink we wanted it would have cost me $13.00 to leave casino and go to another bar to get our drink and then return to the casino.
  9. No mountain but when you are told that the SHIP is out of the mix and find out that he (lied, Mispoke) or whatever you want to think he should not have told me the entire ship was out of mix. My wife me and daughter are all prime members in casino and lately service in casino has been terrible.
  10. It is the statement that the ship is out of the mix that was the problem. We only drink 2 or 3 different drinks and BBC and Mudslides are 2 of them. We only drink on cruises and usually only have 1 drink a day. So I can only assume he was too lazy to get supplies or did not want to serve me.
  11. Friday night last night of the cruise was in casino and getting a BBC and was told by bartender that he did not have the pina colada mix. I then switched to a Mudslide and was told he could not make this either. I did not hear what reason he could not make the Mudslide. I then approached a casino employee and we went to the bartender and he told us that there was no more pina colada mix left on the ship. I did not think this was possible so went to guest services and the Representative called the Bar supervisor who came and talked to me in person. He made a few phone calls and said what the bartender said was not true. He took me to the Pub and got me my BBC. He was nice enough to apologize to me and said he would take care of the casino problem. We also complained about the freestyle machines on this ship. Always out of ice and one machine in windjammer broken all week and the other machine was empty 4 days of the cruise. We were able to go to bartender in windjammer to get soda but the wait was very long sometimes. The other two machines on Deck 5 were also always out of ice and most flavors of soda. Sometimes the wait at Promenade Café was so long we just did without ice. The bar supervisor did however refund us 2 days of our package.
  12. Rub it in John just keep rubbing it in.... Always enjoy your view
  13. We were on the Anthem in March and while getting our free drinks in the casino (we are prime) the drinks were terrible watered down and mostly not worth drinking it seemed like the bar tenders treated the free prime members differently.
  14. 1979 40 years ago this year on the Song of Norway we sailed thru and around 2 hurricanes David and Frederick. Still coming back for more. Will celebrate our 40 years of cruising 3 times this year.
  15. I wanted to thank you in person for this live thread. My wife and I were on this cruise and had a wonderful time. We passed by you and your wife a couple of times but never had the chance to say hi. My daughters were able to keep up with our cruise by reading your posts. I hope that the two of you feel better soon. Thanks again for the great reporting the last 2 weeks.
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