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  1. Thanks I didn't read the per night portion. I knew it sounded too good to be getting all that for just $159
  2. What am I missing. We are booked in a sky suite for our next year Alaskan cruise. I was looking today at excursions and came across the Perks Ultra which comes with This sounds like a good deal but I was just wondering about other people's experience? The cost I'm seeing is $159 per person $350 shore excursion credit – you will be contacted within 3 business days after booking to select your excursions* This sounds good but I'm wondering about the being contacted and are there certain excursions we have to choose from Premium Drinks package for one guest We already have this by being in a suite Two dinners in specialty restaurants of your choice – reserve with the Maître ‘D once onboard This is close to $100 or more by itself. Xcelerate Stream (one device) Once again have a suite so it's included Unlimited digital photos Can take it or leave it Laundry service (one bag) Already have one in a suite so does this give us two? This sounds like a good deal but I was just wondering about other people's experience?
  3. We have been given by our big box travel agent a $50 dining credit for each leg of our next July B2B cruise on the Equinox. I'm pretty sure that won't show up until a couple of days after the cruises begin. My question is will that show up as just refundable OBC or will it specifically say it must be used for dining?
  4. I saved a bundle today on our B2B Equinox cruises for next July. I was just randomly checking to see if we might be able to upgrade our S1 bookings and noticed each booking had gone down. So after an hour and a half on hold waiting for TA and then another 30 minutes on them contacting Celebrity we were able to save $1500. I’m pretty sure I would gladly work making $750 an hour. So keep checking those prices
  5. Nothing different on invoice
  6. Checked my second week of my B2B cruise for next July and instead of the usual $600 OBC it showed $800. Anybody have an idea why it might show the extra amount? Don’t really want to call and them remove it. 😇
  7. As to questions one and two the answer is yes. As far as the last one I guess it would depend on what the other drinks you want in there
  8. Sorry about another FCC question but here goes. I know Celebrity will email the FCC but is there another place to view it such as your account on the Celebrity site. I get so many emails it’s easy to miss one.
  9. When are you cruising? Are you in a suite? There have been numerous posts about this so I don’t think anyone knows for sure. I did read that suites were able to board outside of their assigned time.
  10. Can some tell me the timeframe for the FCC if they use the sail with confidence plan. Had to,cancel yesterday and was wondering how long it will take to issue the FCC. I want to rebook soon to get the cabin we want for our next cruise.
  11. That would sound nice but since I’m transferring there won’t be any left over money. All of the money has to towards a cruise and can’t be changed to OBC
  12. I’m leaning toward the suite. We had a suite on the edge that we are having to cancel and it feels like going to Aqua would be a step down although we like Aqua class.
  13. Looking at having to cancel our upcoming Edge sailing. Probably going to transfer it to a thanksgiving sailing since we are both teachers and can only sail during school holidays. For the same price we can get a S2 suite on Reflection or an Aqua class on Edge. I would quickly take the Edge for a suite but I’m not going to pay 💰 over $10,000 for the sky suite for that week. I know it’s up to what we want but I’m interested in hearing other people’s thoughts. So which would you choose and why?
  14. Thanks and that is true about bigger things but looking at cruise things does allow a momentary escape from the reality of the situation
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