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  1. That was not really official since it was kinda sorta hacked and then taken down. Nevertheless it still got cancelled
  2. Just got the official notification all cruises canceled through November 30.
  3. Well Norwegian canceled all November sailings and certain ships until March. Not looking good for Celebrity which is fine just go ahead and say it.
  4. I’m not too concerned about protocols for reasons that I won’t talk about. I have made final payment so I guess if it doesn’t sail I will just get my money back and save it for our Alaskan cruise that may or not sail next summer. It’s the not knowing that’s so frustrating
  5. Not arguing but I learned to not say definitely something is going to or not going to happen. I’m looking at it as there’s a 50% chance of going and a 50% chance of not going
  6. I'm not going to cancel just in case it does sail. I just want to be able to get excited about it or not. 🤪
  7. Spoiled Rant: Booked Edge for Thanksgiving and at this point I'm fine with going or cancelling. I just want to know for sure either way. I know these are first world problems and there are so many people with issues far worse but I thought most people on this forum could relate.
  8. Just booked the Edge sailing for next March and keeping fingers crossed. I booked Aqua Class 1 cabin 10189 and was wondering if anyone had traveled in a similar cabin as it is right next to what looks like suite room with a part that is jutting out. Is this a problem viewing since the confirmation from the TA notes there is an obstruction?
  9. Is the $18 charge for the large format? The last time I was on celebrity they only had the regular size. Is the large format now what the regular ones used to be!
  10. Thanks. Still not sure about it since it not that big of a deal to pick up a soft drink for the mini bar myself.
  11. That was exactly what i was about to ask. Thanks for asking. Anyone know?
  12. I don’t even see it in my cruise planner yet. It’s a good time off yet.
  13. We have the 4 perks with the premium beverage package on our upcoming cruise. Does anyone know how much the add on of Drinks and More is per day?
  14. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else but when I tried to release my hold, I looked at the price and they showed it as $300 more than the email I had from it. I just let it release after twenty four hours.
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