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  1. I had a boss that use to say, "No good deed goes unpunished." Thanks for the heads-up and sorry for the pile on.
  2. Just like anything else it probably depends on the ship and the bartender. Our experiences have varied. Some bartenders don't swipe if you're on your second round at the same bar. They just pull you up on their computer. Others have always swiped unless it was for water. I always leave my card up on the bar so it's there if they want it. Just our experience.
  3. They use to do that when we used our drink vouchers but I've never seen them do it with the package.
  4. This is exactly it. We've been on cruises where we didn't even meet the concierge and others that did back flips for us. There's no set amount. Go with your gut feeling.
  5. We did it a few years ago and had fun. After reading subsequent reviews I think your experience will depend on your participation and overall participation rate of other party goers.
  6. I like what they've done with Navigator but it's not my favorite itinerary. I'd sail any of the others but Navigator would be my top choice of those mentioned.
  7. You weren't way off asking this question. We've done it on Freedom but we were in a Grand Suite so we brought the balcony table in. Between that and the coffee table it worked out fine. The only mistake we made was it was lobster night and we should've ordered extras. As it was there were only two of us in the cabin but my son and daughter-in-law were sailing in a JS and joined us. Enjoy your cruise.
  8. I didn't know there was a designation but here they are. There's also a 'splash zone' further aft and the Solarium pool.
  9. My thoughts exactly. It added nothing to the show.
  10. Zip ties are the top choice of kidnappers so there's that.
  11. My taste is more toward Target and Kohl's so I'm not worried.
  12. We zip tie too but if they want it they can have it. It'll just lighten my load. 😉
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