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  1. We just booked a Hawaii cruise for Jan. 2022 and used a cruise next certificate. Figured why not.
  2. We don't have our FCC back from our cancelled September cruise. We used our FCC from our cancelled May cruise to par for it. We did get FCC + 25% for the spa pass i purchased.
  3. For those of you that have received the right amount of FCC, was your cancelled cruise paid for with and FCC from a past cancelled cruise?
  4. I just received at corrected one as well. I now get $79.50 for 100% FCC and $19.88 for the 25%. This is exactly what is showing up in my Latitudes account right now.. We have a long way to go. I'm not sure I've ever seen a cruise for that price.
  5. I guess I should have worded it better. First the 25% FCC was applied, then 20% off , then part of our 100% FCC for the remaining balance. We did notice in our Latitude accounts last night that that some of the FCC is there but it doesn't match the email or the amount we should get.
  6. I just got an email about my FCC for my canceled Sept. Cruise and its not even close. We used our 25% Off plus FCC from our canceled May 2020 cruise. My fare after the 25% FCC was taken was $2,346.86. My husband's was $2,302.11. With the taxes, prepaid service charges. etc. Our total was $5,655.81. We used $3,687.55 of my 100% FCC and the rest was paid with my husband's FCC. My email says my 100% FCC is $1,302.55 and my 25% FCC IS $79.50. How does this add up?
  7. Our cruise was for May 17 2020. We opted for FCC. Today we received our refund for the onboard credit and soda packages we purchased. Only thing remaining unaccounted for is my spa pass.
  8. Hopefully the engine got repaired.
  9. I guess I'm the unlucky one. We should have been getting off the shipv2 days ago. No Latitude points for me.😒
  10. I just used some of our FCC for an excursion. I had to call the Shore Excursions directly and told them I wanted to pay with my credit. No problem.
  11. We currently have a deposit down on a cruise for May 2021. We put down the deposit on May 1 for an MA cabin. The price was 3263.20 per person. Today that same cabin is $5799! That's crazy.
  12. We were suppose to be on her now😭. This was suppose to be our 40th Anniversary and my end of cancer treatment cruise.We have rescheduled for September with a deposit on a back up next May.
  13. Noticed the Star is on the move from Southampton. I assume going to dry dock for engine repairs.
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