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  1. I have gotten some excellent deals recently on Azamara. For instance their Anarctica cruise 16 nights last minute voyage was going for about $1,000 less than Celebrity. Also there are excellent deals right now in South America around Xmas into the beginning of 2020, and India too. next April and May there are several AZ cruises in the med including the TA to Lisbon that are excellent deals, especially for single travelers with a reduced 50% supplement. I just booked a 10 day cruise on Pursuit May 14-24 from Lisbon to Southampton with three overnights in Bordeaux for $3,500 single occupancy Veranda on their double upgrade special. I think the pp rate for double occupancy is around $2,300 pp without any discounts (loyalty or TA). I think that is a great deal for the quality you get on AZ and the small ship experience. Also gratuities and drinks are included. Of course you have to want the itinerary they are offering but I would definitely not just assume AZ is higher than Celebrity. I am not interested in the shows generally or all that nonsense that sometimes goes on in the center of the larger Celebrity ships, the casino, etc. so the ambiance and refinement of Azamara works perfectly for me. I am sure people would disagree if their priorities are drinking, dancing and shows, though. And BTW the food on AZ is much better as is the general atmosphere in the ship with extremely laid back and friendly passengers and crew. And the beds are 1,000 percent more comfortable too. Just my opinion of course and I continue to find some good itineraries at fair prices on Celebrity, especially the smaller ships, which work for me. Anne
  2. i just priced an 11 day itinerary for veranda single occupancy on Apex to Spain and Portugal for over $7,800. Obviously I am not taking that cruise. I am in Paris now at a wonderful 4 star hotel on Rue Jacob in St Germain for far less than that per day,, including business class air and delicious food from the restaurants around here, plenty of money left over for purchases from the expensive boutiques and the best pastries you could ever have.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ Plus, you cant get better surroundings than Paris, even in the rain!
  3. I booked a cruise for single occupancy with a 50% single supplement versus a 100% single supplement so that may be the difference. It sounds like yours was for double occupancy. in any condition, I will find out when I return home.
  4. Thanks Phil i will check it out when I get home. I am in France now. The cruise deal was so excellent that whatever it is, I would take it. The cruise is costing me about $310 a day when Le club voyage discount and travel agent discount is taken into consideration. That is cheaper than. the Baltic cruise I was booked on RCCL around the same date which I am canceling.
  5. Thank you Bonnie. This makes sense since it looks like I only paid a 50% supplement for this cruise which was already a great deal due to the double upgrade. I might point out to singles who are interested that several cruises on AZ in Europe in April and May 2020 have these great single rates which are unadvertised. The Pursuit April TA is even a better deal but unfortunately I canโ€™t take advantage. I think most of the best deals are on Pursuit for some reason. some of these cruises are working out way cheaper <50% of some prices on the new Celebrity cruises for 2021, which is really unbelievable. Anne
  6. I just booked a single occupancy cruise on Azamara while I was on Celebrity Constellation earlier this month. I booked on the 2nd day of a 10 day cruise. Celebrity told me the maximum OBC would be $150 for single occupancy since I booked on Celebrity not AZ. They queried AZ and showed me the email confirming this from AZ. Has the policy been changed recently? Bonnie can you clarify this with AZ? I thought I should have received $300 OBC but AZ says no. This cruise is May 14-24 on Pursuit and has very low rates for single occupancy that are not advertised as low single supplements but show up when the cruise is priced. The exceptionally low single occ fares are the supposed reason that the OBC is reduced to $150 for singles booking onboard Celebrity in the first half of a cruise. i intend to clarify with AZ when I get home but would love to know whatโ€™s what before then. thanks Anne
  7. When you can find better service, better itineraries, better food, much better small ship experience for a lower price on some Azamara cruises in the Med next April and May than comparable Celebrity itineraries, you know something is up. Add to this non refundable deposits on Celebrity and the fact that drinks and gratuities are included on Azamara itโ€™s a no brainer as to which line to pick. Even though they are both part of the same company. Le Club Voyage points earned on AZ are higher and automatically apply to Captains Club loyalty program, too.
  8. Believe it or not, I am paying less per day for a Veranda on a May 2020 10 day cruise to Portugal, France, and England on Azamara than comparable cruises on Celebrity in 2021. Pretty weird. And AZ includes drinks and gratuities plus a FAR better small ship experience, azamazing evening, white night buffet, incredible crew, food and service. And three overnights in Bordeaux, among other ports.
  9. i have been to the catacombs, took a tour with a private guide to the Jewish Area, been to Trastevere many times including the flea market. I am mapping out a tour to take to some of the Byzantine churches I havent seen, after I visit St Clemente, so hopefully I can pull it off. unfortunately there is rain forecasted for every day but one, which does put a crimp in your style there as there arent as many museums there as some other cities. But like I said, I have my regular repeats I always visit, so wont be bored, thats for sure. thanks for your help, Anne
  10. Unfortunately, flying out of there this afternoon to Rome. Each time it gets worse.
  11. Budget Queen, did you do anything way out of the ordinary you would recommend? I am flying to Rome today for four nights before a cruise and am looking around for something different since I have been to Rome at least 15-20 times. Not that I dont have my favorite sites and repeats to see, and shopping/wandering around is also fine, but just wondering If there is anything significant I have missed. I am going to Basilica San Clemente this time and taking a food tour of Trastevere but no explicit plans other than those.
  12. I am flying out his afternoon to Rome on Air France through Paris. I have also flown the NS Alitalia flight to Rome. Both in business and both were excellent flights. Always prefer stopovers in Paris before going to the med but do not fly on US airlines.
  13. I booked last night right before the deadline. I wanted to wait to book when I am onboard on board Celebrity next week but didnt want to risk it not being extended because it was an amazing deal for single occupancy. When it was extended, I called AZ and was able to cancel with no penalty since it was in the 24 hour period. i intend to rebook next week onboard to get my 7% discount and $300 OBC plus lower deposit. Win win. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ There is plenty of availability for prime verandas, too.
  14. Does anyone have any clue on whether the double upgrade will be extended? Just wondering if anyone has any inside information.
  15. I will be following your adventures with interest as I was on the TA before they dropped Cuba, then changed to the Celebrity Adriatic cruise on Nov 8 Venice to Rome. I am spending a week in Paris at the end. I am glad you were able to fly in the 777. I love the privacy of the 1-2-1 configuration and almost always fly Air France to Europe since I rarely go there without a visit to Paris, my happy place. (This will be my 31st visit). Unfortunately I do not stay at 5 star hotels, as I prefer the little boutique hotels in the 6th St Germain. It is nice to travel on hotel points, though, after working as hard as you do for them. I don't blame you for spoiling yourself. I am sure you want to see as much of Paris as possible in the shortest amount of time, but since you won't get to see anywhere near what Paris has to offer in 5 short days no matter how many hours you have, I recommend you spend some time just wandering around and soaking in the atmosphere, not running from one tourist attraction to another. Pick out the priorities and leave the rest for another time. (there will be one) Some great areas IMO for just walking are St. Germain, the Marais, Monmartre, the Grand Boulevards, Hidden Passages, the 7th and streets around the Eiffel Tower and the 5th near the Pantheon Rue Mouffetard., and Luxembourg Gardens. You will come across some hidden gems in all of these areas. Do not stress yourself trying to see too much, you wont make it anyway, I guarantee, and you will miss the real essence of Paris. That is my opinion of course, and easy for me to say I guess as I go there at least once per year, usually more often, and never for less than a week, but it is my advice nonetheless. PS don't spend too much time at the Louvre, go to the Musee Dโ€™Orsay instead. They have a great cafe on top, too where you can walk out and get great views of Paris and the Seine. i know you are going to love Paris but then, I'm biased. I am glad you said you had a friend who lives there, she will undoubtedly give you very good advice on how to experience Paris. Have a wonderful visit. Looking forward to your photos. Anne
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