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  1. The pool bar has been closed for sometime now, Beautiful Bill can give you a good history of the property as he’s been an owner there for years. We too were happy the pool bar was not in operation as it would have been too busy there. As I mentioned we loved both of these condos as well. My favorite spot was the corner of bldg D but many prefer to be closer to the busier area. I wish your review had links to each trip segment as I don’t really read all of the report or look at all of the photos, it is very detailed indeed! But I know many do enjoy that level of detail, thanks for the time you put in to share with others! I am sorry you have to wait in pain to have your ankle corrected. Not related to your issue, a relative involved in a head-on collision had major damage to his ankle and bones, tried an ex-fix, no help, traveled across the US to see leading orthopedic surgeons (local doctor wanted to amputate!), finally located an orthopedic surgeon at Strong Memorial who performed corrective surgery. That was ever so years ago and I’m sure newer techniques and products are now available...Wish you the best with that!
  2. I would also recommend posting a much more abbreviated report (on your STT and Sapphire experience) in the TA St Thomas forum as well to share with other land vacationers...
  3. So I see pics up to your FL hotel stay and that is the last page I can access...Is that all you’ve posted so far? Looking forward to your review on Sheila’s condos as we loved staying in both of those! [EDIT] I now see from your other thread here that it is a work in progress...
  4. Corrections to my questionable math skills! The ferry was previously $25/pp and I used that in my previous post so add $5 to the total costs I listed...
  5. Should clarify the cost of taxi depends on # of ppl, from the cruise port to ferry is $27 (each way) for one person, $14/pp for 2, and $12/pp for 3 or more...Ferry is $30/0pp round trip, and taxi on Jost is $10 for one, $5/pp for 2 or more... So for one person it is $~99, for 2 or 3 it is ~$63 or $59...
  6. Just grab a taxi at the port, the nice ladieS at the info center or the taxi coordinator can help. A taxi should be at the ferry port to meet the returning ferry, your driver may offer to return. You will buy a round trip ferry pass when you arrive at the terminal, and you will find a taxi when you arrive in Great Harbor. NOTE - The customs office was destroyed by the hurricane but I believe the ferry terminal is operating...contact New Horizons prior to leaving...and the folks at the ship port will know the current situation... https://newhorizonferry.com/ferry-schedules/
  7. When we flew back to the US from Mexico in May the TSA and Immigration teams had to come to the airport for just our flight...they left the airport with us...Very eerie for sure!
  8. Post 5 it also depends on the group size, “Potential for a large group” is wide open. The only practical option for larger groups is the New Horizon ferry mentioned in post 4 @ ~$68/pp. You can privately book one or all of the cats mentioned (Aristocat, Kuralu, Patouche) for larger sizes and charter them for the day for just a Jost visit. Obviously you’d need financial buy-in from all the people you are talking to in order to make that commitment unless money is no object. But try to get those commitments early as these popular charters fill early...
  9. Great! Especially with a large group the $2 bus is just not a valid option... Hoping everything remains calm so you can travel...
  10. We haven’t been recently and someone living there can give you a better view of HB and snorkel areas. Search the TA STT forum (sort search results by date), or ask folks there for current feedback... You need to get a ferry token at the office near Tickles’ Pub to board the ferry. Arriving you can rent a golf cart to get to HB and also tour the island. When we were there a lady who was staying on her boat gave us a ride to Dinghy’s food truck in HB in a small pick up for tips. Good food, free tables and lounges, swimming area there, contact them about umbrellas. https://dinghysbeachbarandgrill.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Dinghysbeachbarandgrill/ At the other end of the beach was Heidi’s Honeymoon Grill - not a nice beach but a popular spot... https://www.facebook.com/Heidishoneymoon/
  11. So $88 for your group...+ bags... There will be safari taxis that can accommodate your group...There should be a taxi coordinator outside the terminal... If you check the VINow dot com site (St Thomas —> Transportation) you will also see private safari taxis but the fare will be closer to ~$150 for 8 ppl...
  12. Yes the rate for 1 person is $18, for 2 or more it is $11/pp. It’s been awhile since we have taxied to the Tortola ferry so I don’t remember bag fees, but the stated fee for luggage confuses me - “Luggage: A flat rate of $2 per bag shall be added to the fare for each passenger.” That sounds like for one bag each passenger is charged $2 ($6 total for 3 passengers and 1 bag!). I assume it simply means there is a $2 fee/bag... For stops, the first 5 min is free then $1/minute after, and fares increase $2/pp between midnight and 6AM.
  13. If they do not pick up at the airport the posted rate on vinow dot com is $11/pp...
  14. Some rental agencies allow taking the vehicle to STJ, just look at that when comparing agencies. We’ve always used Budget at the airport with great results. There was an office at Sapphire but no longer... This is a different webcam, if you go to the sapphireinthesun.com site the drone video is still active. I had mentioned Hawksnest and Soloman for less crowds, Trunk for amenities with more ppl, Maho for snorkeling...
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