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  1. I know when we snorkeled off the cays of STJ (Caneel Bay/Honeymoon Beach) the current was VERY swift! Too swift for most swimmers. But that was with sea swells and HB was almost entirely covered with water...
  2. Do a self-excursion, much more flexibility and time on STJ (depending on your port times, of course). Ferries and taxis are quite reliable.
  3. sorry you "lost time" aj...Where did you wait 2 hours to be served? Having a great lunch on the beach is part of the experience!
  4. There are two ferry options, Speedy's and Sensations. The Speedy's 8AM ferry to VG and 3:30PM return would give you a good 6 hours to enjoy Savannah and Spring Bays as well as the Baths, and perhaps lunch in Spanishtown with plenty of time to get back. The question is whether this excursion gives you some flexibility where you can "design" your day to arrive at the Baths later than the main crowds. I would expect to have that flexibility on a private excursion, but realize that others on the ship excursion and on self-excursions will be looking for the same thing. Hopefully others can give you more useful feedback on this excursion...Have you checked the SE site for reviews?
  5. Mitsugirly, Great feedback from PinaColadas2 - very helpful! You have a couple options and can try the one you don't choose on a future cruise!
  6. Meant to add you can also catch the Danza de los Voladores, or Palo Volador in the Parques Fundadores right near the Playa del Carmen ferry terminal before you ferry back to Coz. It is a must-see for the first time, and if you are there after 6PM you can also see the fire dancers. Great entertainment just a short walk from the ferry pier...Perfect way to end your day in the Riviera Maya! https://everythingplayadelcarmen.com/park-fundadores-just-keeps-reinventing-itself/
  7. Really no way to avoid the crowd at the Baths by going early or with a different group simply because you are a part of that crowd. We've not used this excursion operator but you may even be on the same ferry. Having said that, your port time and date play a big role in choosing the best option as you may indeed be able to avoid the biggest crowd by going to the Baths later in the day if your port time allows... Please provide that info...
  8. I should have added the ferries are very reliable and timely so no worries going on your own. Just in the event someone didn't watch the time and missed the boat - wherever they are on a cruise - having their original passport would be a good thing! 😊
  9. Yes we've stayed in CGB in May and the sea was extremely rough. Other times it's been like glass...
  10. No. Obviously if you miss the ship you'd want to have your passport with you to fly to the next port. But passports are not required for movement within the BVI...
  11. Check the Playa Del Carmen forum (and the Coz forum) on Trip Advisor for great feedback on the options I mentioned.
  12. Since you've "done" Coz several times, I would definitely choose something in the Riviera Maya (Yucatan Carib coast) over staying on Coz for 12 hours! There are great excursions through your ship if you like that secure feeling, and even better independent operators for those willing to go on their own. With your extended port time you have a rare opportunity to explore some of the natural beauty that is the Riviera Maya. Look at excursions that include the Tulum ruins, a cenote like the Cenote Gran or Azul, or Rio Secreto which is much closer to Playa del Carmen. If you are not that adventurous look at Xcaret and Xplor, both excellent experiences. You can still return to the ship to shower and then enjoy a nice dinner on Coz after an amazing day that you can share with your friends!!! Many less adventurous fellow cruise mates staying on Coz will also go out for the evening, but will not have the memories you can share...
  13. One note - Jost is a good distance from the more popular snorkel spots like the Indians and Norman, and also from the Willy T and Cooper. So unless you have a private POWERBOAT option you probably won't hit Jost and these other spots. Having said that, there are good snorkel spots that you can enjoy on an itinerary that includes a couple hours in White Bay, and the independents I mentioned are all excellent, just check for availability...
  14. Depends on what you are looking for - a gorgeous beach where most of your fellow cruise mates will head to? Or arguably the nicest STT beach with no amenities other than restrooms?
  15. Another option that many rave about is an island tour of Tortola, followed by some time at beautiful Brewers Bay. Much less strenuous, and Tortola is a much more beautiful island IMHO...
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