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  1. No beaches close to the port. During this cruise hiatus you can research ideas from others who had the same questions by searching past threads (using the Search function). Lots of great info here (safari taxi vs private taxi, Child car seat, CGB vs Brewers Bay vs Long Bay, Beef Island...)
  2. Thanks! We are in Mexico for the winter, we'd planned on returning to NY state end of April but we are considering staying here longer...see how things are going in a few weeks, there and here... So sad in NYC... In the meantime Quito is helping us remember Tortola through his music, thankful to have that... You and your family stay safe, and hope to meet up in beautiful Tortola one day soon!!!
  3. We find some of the Western Carib beaches to be absolutely gorgeous and everyone who enjoys cruising should experience these different areas themselves. Each of us have our own opinions - based on our own individual experiences which can be affected by so many variables!) - and you really need to see the gorgeous beaches throughout the Carib yourselves. We love the BVI (BVI and USVI are in the Eastern Carib itineraries, by the way), and beaches like Grace Bay which are not in cruise ports (Providenciales is a nice land vacation). But to be honest, some of the nicest beaches we've enjoyed (and are now enjoying) are in the Western areas of the Carib and are accessible by cruise ship...
  4. Quito Rymer (of Quito's Gazebos in Cane Garden Bay) is a well known musician with several CD's and is streaming live min-concerts on his Facebook page, great to hear his muzak while all of us are staying at home. Makes us even more eager to get back to Tortola of course...There are videos you can enjoy now. https://m.facebook.com/QuitosGazebo/?tsid=0.5660496460706553&source=result
  5. Long Bay (West End) is further from the port than the other two and the only facility there is the Tropical Fusion restaurant which opens for lunch and dinner. For your time in port I’d suggest either CGB or Brewers. I’m not sure what time Nicole’s opens in Brewers but the taxi drivers will know, and if not early enough you can head to CGB... I see the cruise lines also now offer an excursion to Long Bay (Beef Island) which may be something you’d like on a short day too...
  6. Sure, it’s smart to research early! 😀 Most folks choose one of the ship excursions, either the Rebel Yell cat or the inflatable powerboat. The problem with any non-private charter is your time in White Bay is limited to 2 - 3 hours. The other reasonably priced option is the public ferry out of West End. The ferry leaves West End at 10AM and leaves Jost at 2PM giving you ~3 hours in White Bay. You would taxi 20 - 25 minutes to the New Horizon ferry terminal, ferry into Great Harbor and take a short taxi over to White Bay. Figure ~$68/pp for round trip using the taxi/ferry/taxi option...
  7. Yes, that is the big difference, most folks going on their own want more beach or snorkel time.
  8. Curious, how long are you at Sapphire with there excursion? That is usually the determining factor...
  9. Please provide your port times and date?
  10. Gorgeous this year! 2015 - 2018 and more recently ALL of the Caribbean was impacted by the sargasso, including all of the Riviera Maya and Cozumel. We haven't seen it that bad in some time here near Playa, but it varies by location and day...
  11. Yes the water colors are gorgeous, Cancun is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world...
  12. Ferry to VIrgin Gorda or Jost Van Dyke, take a cat sail to snorkel or just enjoy the sail, island tour, head to a beach...Tons of ideas in this forum, take a look! Difficult to throw out ideas without your port times and some idea of what interests you...
  13. We would probably take one of the Nevis excursions, and just taxi to a nice beach on STT like Sapphire that offers great snorkeling + a beautiful beach with nice island views and all the amenities you need.
  14. Enjoy your day on Tortola! We loved our visit to Bermuda too
  15. We would do neither, but if you are looking for a busier vibe on a nice beach both work, just different experiences. CGB is the "go-to" beach for the majority of your fellow cruise mates because it is the easiest beach option with several beach bars and amenities and a much larger bay than White Bay. So you can expect to see more people there, as well as more families and older folks than on White Bay, Jost because CGB is easier and cheaper to get to. However White Bay also gets quite crowded today, and you can expect to see many bareboaters and day trippers from STT and Tortola, along with your fellow cruise mates. And yes getting to Jost is pricier and much more time consuming. So it's a personal decision, some feel WB is worth the time and cost for a short visit, while others prefer more beach time and like the lower coast.
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