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  1. The fact is the first time out of the gate and it's a failure despite all of the protocols in place. Everyone involved was presumably at their highest state of vigilance but still two cases snuck through. Even at reduced capacity each cruiser is affected by the actions of every single other person on board. The person who fakes an immunization certificate or ignores onboard protocols places the cruise at risk of being cut short, having port visits denied or being quarantined upon returning to the home port. I can find better ways to spend my holiday income without the
  2. Namibia's dollar is pegged to the Rand and it is regarded an official currency. The Rand is also widely accepted in Botswana. I have a client with an operation in Namibia and I used the Rand because it is easier to exchange when you return home, Namibian dollars and Botswana pula not so much. Bribes depend on country and circumstance. I usually know the tolerance levels before arriving.
  3. I do the about the same but not always USD. Sometimes I carry Euros or Rand depending on location and if possible I like to arrive in a country with their currency if its available at my local currency exchange. There's little need for cash on the ships but I treat port visits no differently than any trip to a foreign country. I securely carry my passport, enough cash to get to the nearest airport (or pay a bribe) and a credit card with sufficient room to walk on to a flight in any class and fly anywhere in the world.
  4. Exactly right. My exposure to and observations of anti-vaxx/-mask/-lockdown types leads to the inexorable conclusion that they are opinionated and bellicose imbeciles. No one wants to cruise with stupid and argumentative.
  5. Thanks to the various posters who refuted the "everyone gets motion sick at some point" comment. It would seem the people who are easily afflicted with motion sickness resent those of us who don't and warn that it is only a matter of time until we are in a situation where motion sickness gets us too. In return, I privately hope for a little rough weather on a cruise. Heavy seas are exciting. They also mean no lineups at the buffet, the MDR is largely empty and I walk through the corridors bumping into walls without people automatic thinking I'm drunk even when I've had
  6. So far it hasn't happened and I've been in boats and on planes where most people were losing their cookies while I made it through just fine. I was once happy to see other people green. On a fishing charter in Mexico the wind blew up unexpectedly and my wife who is motion sensitive became ill. The other couple we'd split the charter with thought it was hysterical until they went green and leaned over the side a few minutes later.
  7. If you get sick on one cruise you can get sick on any of them. There's no point in asking if one sea is calmer than another because there's no guarantee anywhere you go. Even large inland lakes such as Lake Superior can put up some pretty rough seas. I'm not predisposed to motion sickness but it puzzles me that those who are still insist on cruising. They dope themselves with prescription drugs that can have side effects, wear goofy glasses and magic amulets or pop Gravol and ginger pills. Any vacation I have to dope myself up for isn't a vacation worth taking.
  8. It won't be my problem. I am not sailing on any cruise line that forces me to take their excursions only if I want to get off the boat while in port.
  9. Cruise-line only excursions are a deal breaker for me. Being shepherded around like toddlers in a day care is not my idea of an enjoyable port visit. It may be that the cruise lines have no choice in some countries but that is not my problem.
  10. I'll cruise again when I can cruise mostly as I did before. Vaccinations and masks I'm fine with but if cruise-line only excursions are required then forget it.
  11. It doesn't matter what the courts rule regarding Alaska unless it includes a repeal of the PVSA. Cruises will not be sailing in Canadian waters until March 2022 at the earliest.
  12. First on my list is the U.S.A. because it's close. I'm a 60 minute drive from the border and go over often for sporting events, shopping and such. Next is the UK. I've visited it at least once if not twice a year for the last 20 years and miss it. Next up is Bulgaria. I've done work there and have friends in Sofia who I'd like to see again. I'm going to hold off on cruising for a while and do land trips until the cruise process is clearer. Cruise-line excursions only is a deal breaker.
  13. The Reign of Terror in the Canadian provinces was the result of the federal government's Reign of Error in not being more strict at the borders sooner and mishandling the acquisition of vaccine. My bet is there will be cruises to Alaska by Q3 2022. If not it means the pandemic situation in Canada will not have improved in the interim and if so cruising anywhere will be the least of our concerns.
  14. The CDC has been an exemplary success in its management of the cruise industry. It's been quite some time since a case of COVID-19 has come into the U.S.A. on a cruise ship. Mission accomplished!
  15. Medical condition? Probably not. Mental condition? Most definitely. Bat crap crazy.
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