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  1. Why do you think Mera will come back to NY?
  2. FYI-The sailings are still showing as available on the website! Between MSC and Carnival I'm on 5 cancellations......... One less "stresser" for me: I canceled the Meraviglia before the official cancellation so I missed out on the 125% FCC. Since I only sail out of NYC...I wouldn't need it anyway. Living in NYC...where everything is still closed....and now with demonstrations/lack of social distancing which may give us a 2nd covid wave...so who knows when anything will open.....looking forward to this cruise was such a bright spot. I mean, what could go wrong for Sept 2021???? Oh well, I had happiness for 2 days.
  3. Unfortunately for me, it looks like nothing out of NYC. Oh well....now I give my "$98 Gamble" 60 days to be refunded. This is exactly why I refuse to give Carnival any money now. Their rates are inflated to adjust for the $600 OBC. I know those rates will drastically fall after "the rebooking period".
  4. It's on their website: https://www.msccruisesusa.com/cruise-itinerary-changes-and-cancellations/select-2021-cancellations
  5. WHAT!!!!!! I don't believe it!!!!!!!!
  6. From one cat to another....NCL Bliss has a glass enclosed area in the casino where smokers can smoke to their heart's content.
  7. I just booked yesterday. The port fees are $126/pp.
  8. That's the one I booked. Based on the enthusiasm on this thread, I'm glad I booked early. I right with you in "the hoping".
  9. LOL....you can call me stupid. I also had a Carnival cruise booked, canceled, rebooked and then canceled again. I won't rebook with them despite a FCC and large OBC because I don't want to give them another penny until things "clear up". I was really hesitant about booking the MSC cruise...I didn't book because I got the best price in the world. But, the deposit was only $98 and I got a Fantastica Balcony...one of the corner ones....with a very large balcony. Those go fast. In addition, it's a unique itinerary. I guess the bottom line is I'm gambling with $98 to hold the cabin. Final payment isn't due for a year, and, well, would you have believed "this" if I told you about it a year ago. What I mean is, who knows what will be next year. I'm in NYC and I only cruise out of NYC; unfortunately MSC only has a few sailings here each fall. I prefer MSC over Carnival and NCL. I love the whole MSC experience....entertainment, pizza, Swarovski staircase, the bling etc. Worst case scenario...I lose my $98. That's how I justify it. You don't need to trick yourself. The customer service and idiotic refund policy have nothing to do with enjoying the cruise. Hope to see you onboard!
  10. I currently have a credit card dispute with MSC for refundable deposit that wasn't refunded. Conditional credit given...will be permanent on 6/29. So...I just booked the Davina for Sept 2021 with the same credit card. I wasn't blacklisted and neither was the card. Hopefully there will be a vaccine or a cure...or something....by then!
  11. And I'm stating my opinion....many people will say that they had a great time even if they know they didn't have a great time....because that's what people do. Am I not entitled to my opinion?
  12. I have a very strong feeling that the reviews may not reflect the reality. If anyone is so determined to sail, despite all the warnings, he/she will rationalize "what a great trip" it was.
  13. The ships may be ready.....and "new protocols" may be ready. But, I doubt that the product offered will be what I enjoy on a cruise. Reviews of early sailings will be very interesting.
  14. I'm not too sure what you are referring to....about running into me and not wearing a mask? (Maybe I misinterpreted). I do guarantee you that I won't be wearing a mask on a ship because I have no intention of cruising unless things radically change or someone comes up with an vaccine. I'm the President of the "Wear a Mask and Don't Come Close to me Club". I just made a woman in the building laundry room wear her mask or get out (as I told her I had Covid once, I don't need it again)!
  15. Thank you....I forgot about "upgrading"
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