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  1. Thanks so much for the replies - I'm going to check them all out and see what works best for us.
  2. Just booked a Carnival cruise the end of April and need help with options for staying over night. Three of us are flying into Orlando the day before - was hoping to find a hotel that has both free airport shuttle and offers a shuttle to Port Canaveral cruise dock. Even if it has a $10 per person charge or something like that. We are not familiar with any of the ride options like Uber. Does anyone know if there are hotels in Port Canaveral that have the shuttles that will pick you up at airport? I didn't know if any offer that since it looks to be almost an hour away. Another option is we stay at hotel in Orlando and get up in the morning and take shuttle back to baggage claim at airport and use the Carnival transfer for $35 ea. Not looking to pay high class. Would like to stay under the $250 range. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Happy & safe travels to all
  3. Thanks - I passed this idea on to my son to give him options...
  4. Good to know - I figured you had to turn them in and they scan your card that you returned them or you would be charged later for not turning them in. Since it doesn't cost any more to wait and rent one if we need it after we get off the ship we are going to do the wait and see....who knows someone headed back to the ship might even offer theirs. Happy travels
  5. Thanks so much for the info. Looks like we will wait and see if we really need one or not.
  6. Do you have the opportunity to rent a raft or float after you arrive on the island of Castaway Cay at the same price ($13) that is offered on our reservation? Is there any advantage to booking it before you go or if we decide we want to rent one will we be in the same lines as the people who are just picking them up after booking early? Haven't decided yet whether we need them or not. Looking for suggestions. Part of our group has booked the snorkel / raft / bike combo so I'm wondering if we would just use their rafts while they are snorkeling or do they take the float or rafts out there with them for that. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks much
  7. We have 8 people going on the Disney Magic next Monday. Flights from Cleveland to Miami were too expensive when we booked so we are flying into Ft Lauderdale on Sunday and staying at the LaQuinta in Hollywood FL overnight. We booked QLS to pick us up at hotel Monday morning and take us to Miami Port and also post cruise to pick us up at Miami Port and take us to FL Lauderdale airport. Because there are 8 of us it is only $12 per person each way. So hopefully all goes well...
  8. Thanks so much for the answers above. Glad to hear that we will get towel animals - that is one of my favorite parts of the end of the day - coming to the room and seeing what kind of animal they left us. NCL has discontinued doing the towel animals but the room stewards might do them if you request it. We were on a 13 day fall foliage Quebec City to New York City and we had an animal all nights except one :) Our room steward on the NCL Dawn was great. Do you know if the Disney Magic has the slot where you have to put your room key in order for the lights to come on when you enter the room? Checking to see if I need to take an old casino card to put in the slot because I for sure would walk out without my room key if it wasn't sitting right next to my daily stuff to take with me. Safe travels...
  9. First time Disney cruisers - we are on the Magic Marvel trip 2/10/20 - can anyone tell me if the room stewards leave towel animals every night in the rooms? Also I know you you are allowed to take a 6 pack of beer on the ship at each port. Are you allowed to carry these around and drink anywhere on the ship and at dinner or is this just reserved for your room? I know I read a post where if you want to take a glass of wine to dinner from your room you can ask the bartender for an empty glass to take back to your room to use. Looking forward to spending this 5 day cruise with family that includes a 6 & 8 year old grandkids who have never cruised. Thanks in advance for answers and any advise you might want to share. Happy travels.
  10. We are new to Disney and are on the Magic in Feb 2020 thru Port of Miami. The flight that we are looking at to return to Cleveland leaves after 7 PM that night. Since they aren't posting Excursions until 75 days prior to the cruise...can anyone tell me if Disney offers any post cruise excursions in Miami and then drop you at the airport? There are 8 of us so including 2 little kids so we don't want to consider renting vehicles for the day to do our own thing. Earlier this year we did a Holland America cruise out of Miami and we did a Everglades Excursion with them after the cruise and they dropped at the airport for our 4pm flight home. Any information would be greatly appreciated....
  11. Thanks for the extra advice on this. And Turtles06 - your pictures were awesome - so I'm putting in my notes to make plans to be up and out on deck for the sail by the bridge and also the statue. Safe travels to everyone and as always cruise critic is where to go to ask for suggestions....
  12. Thanks so much for the extra suggestions. And thanks to Nitemare for the comment about reaching out with your thumb and hiding the Statue of Liberty. That's what I was afraid of. It looks close on the map but figured it was further than it looked. Time to talk to my sister and decide what we want to do.
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