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  1. Our boys (5 and 3) have been on Harmony several times and loved it. The staff loved them and were very special with them. They talk about Harmony all the time. They did not want to try the kids club and we did not obligate them to so can't comment on that. They are open to trying the kids club on our upcoming Symphony cruise so we will see how that goes. We were just on Disney Dream and the 5 year old loved the kids club and the 3 year old hated it. I think it was the large open format of Disney that he did not like because he would get "lost" from his brother. Royal's kids club is much tighter and integrated so ironically I think they're going to like it more than Disney.
  2. They're not pesky. They don't get in the way. They're not allowed in Luminae if they don't pay for a suite. And they're not allowed on the suite sun deck if they don't pay for a suite. It is an actual, exclusive suite experience unlike Royal which allows NSPPs in all suite areas.
  3. Celebrity is the superior product. We have sailed Harmony a few times and have an upcoming Symphony cruise (all in suites) but its because the kids like it. If we didn't have kids I wouldn't even bother with Royal anymore. Especially with Edge and Apex. Celebrity Suite class is far better than Royal's.
  4. I also noticed that on my upcoming December Symphony cruise - they added 2 bedroom GS. I have two GS booked. Between both reservations I have a total of 7 bids placed (a few of them were max bids and the others on the lower end of the spectrum). I have not heard a peep yet and we are now less than 30 days out.
  5. Clearly they reacted to Suite guest complaints from the last President's cruise. I also know they received ample feedback from the SL and CK staff.
  6. Very cool. Now I want to go back to St. Marten for the 784th time to try this. Nothing like it in St. Thomas?
  7. Aside from the food what was so bad on Harmony?
  8. I've bought frozen shrimp too. What I don't like is paying premium prices at a restaurant that serves frozen seafood and wasting a perfectly good evening with such fare.
  9. When we go to our nice, local seafood restaurants in Miami (Milos, Sapore di Mare, Matsuri, etc...) we enjoy their FRESH seafood, many of it flown in from other parts of the world. Not sure what there is to like about the frozen seafood at Hooked. Do you really think it's fresh? Do you think someone from the kitchen staff buys fresh local seafood at each port? #redlobsteratsea
  10. What exactly makes you feel they "got it right" with this one? Honeycomb in SL looks cool. Of course you know we are disappointed with the suite product on RCI - are you noticing they are trying to up their game more? Are the menus in CK still the same tired menus?
  11. There is a Lilly store right next our house at Merrick Park in Coral Gables.
  12. John won't have that problem. His similar experience involves a similarly situated couple throwing wine at other guests and genies.
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