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  1. DH does not 'do' formal as such - but he wears a black jacket, black trousers, white shirt and coloured bow tie. He has never looked out of place. I do palazzo pants and silk blouse or similar. We pack light (mostly carry on size luggage) for any trip under about 2 weeks, so no long formal stuff. The only long dresses I do are on Cunard. We really liked the dining options on Muse - and the ease of tables for 2 which really suited the way we like to eat. Tables are far enough apart to be separate but still close enough if you want to talk to the people next to you.
  2. We did the Muse Christmas cruise in 2019 and were booked again last year (2020) which of course was cancelled, We loved the ship and the choice of dining areas rather than aa MDR. Won't be waiting till 2022 though I don''t think as there are other things we would like to do. We had the early booking/payment but certainly wouldn't bother again for only 10%. Would rather hold the money myself, We asked and received a refund (less ~$200 as we canceled it before they did - DH had some health issues) but it did take over 2 months to be refunded. Like most lines, Christmas menus (Eve and Day)
  3. It's a b@ of a disease and takes many randomly. Hugs to you. I know it must be hard.
  4. Mongrel of a thing but take heart. I had chemo and radio for CaRtBr when I was 37. That is now over 30 years ago. Some travel insurance will not cover any cancer related events but routine things like broken bones from falling down stairs (as long as not drunk) are fine. As it is a very recent event you may not be able to cover for cancer though there are a couple of companies that do specialise in medical cases. Best idea is to read the PDS for any possible ones carefully to check what is covered. All the best. I know what it is like.
  5. Interesting re Ponant as I was not aware they had leased the ship to a NZ company. I did read that visa were not approved for the 'non essential' staff. Thanks for the information,
  6. My feeling is that there will be no NZ cruising until 2022 for Australian pax. Maybe just maybe the end of this year but not sure. It is the risk NZ don't want to take with international pax. Even with NZ px only, Ponant have had to cancel all of their scheduled cruises for the first half of this year (and ships are usually not in our region then over our winter). Ponant not allowed to dock as NZ decided some staff were not essential and the line could not source local NZers to replace them. I understand Ponant is scrambling for an answer on the Kimberley. The current cruises to Tasm
  7. Sounds like then problem was more Aust Post than the actual passport office.
  8. Thanks for the review - I wondered if you had gone or if something had happened and the cruise didn't go ahead. Wonderful photos. Oh and yes, Ponant do have zodiacs.
  9. the site won't show any pricing for me now - just a message that 'pricing is unavailable' - for all cruises.🙁
  10. I would say that as you had a super cheap deal for the cruise that it is a case of bad luck for you that it has been cancelled and that current prices for the same/similar itinerary is much higher. I can see why you are disappointed and perhaps somewhat annoyed. If it was me I would go for a refund so that you are able to take advantage of any special that might come up (not necessarily on Princess).
  11. Maybe he's been too busy taking the WA Govt to court.🤣
  12. I had already cancelled my 22 December cruise to NZ but see on the SS site that the Muse is now not sailing until 5 Jan 2021 (and I take that with a bit of salt).
  13. At least it happened before I booked a cruise for next year - was tossing up whether to take a risk for March or wait. Well decision has been made for me now.😃
  14. A few observations/opinions though of course anyone may disagree: 1. I'm not sure there would be much appetite for cruising from the usual punters if the hoops they have to jump though are like the Coral Expeditions resumption - initial health questionnaire, own questionnaire, doctor's questionnaire (7 - 10 days before cruise), 7 days isolation pre-cruise, COVID-19 test 72 hours before boarding, arrival in departure port 24 hours before boarding for check in and confirmation of negative test result. 2. The issues (still continuing) with crews of ships currently in Australian waters
  15. The only time we had a different menu was for specialty nights - Christmas Eve, Christmas night, NYE - not sure if there are others. It was the same menu over the whole ship and you had to make a booking for the restaurants (all of them) a day or so before. The communications around this wasn't very clear with one set of info saying only large groups needed to make a pre=booking but then in another set (correct as it turns out) - it was everyone had to book.
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