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  1. Sky Loft suites don’t come with a genie. You get a genie in a grand loft or star loft suite. The sky loft comes with the sky suite benifits, which are still very nice.
  2. Hi All, I’m new to Disney-kinda. I did a Disney Cruise more than 10 years ago and someone else paid for it. I’m looking for a last minute getaway for me and my mom(69) in Nov. or Dec.. Current rates are a little more than I want to spend. I remember a few years ago seeing rates a little lower around those times.... Can some one give me an idea if rates will drop a little. I’ve cruise A LOT just not with Disney as we are a kid free house hold. Disney is more my Moms speed.... Thanks in advance ! Jenn
  3. Thanks Y'all....It sounds like we are going to be so spoiled when we get on the ship... and thanks for giving me a heads up on the level of contact to expect. Maybe I should start watching my email a little closer because we cruise in 2 weeks.
  4. Hi All, I know this has been ask before, but I can’t figure out the new search function on here. How much contact should I expect from our Genie before we cruise. I’m horrible about checking my email. I was also wondering what things to ask for before we sail and while we are on the ship. ‘Thanks, Jennifer
  5. I am doing this itenary on the Anthem in a few weeks. Our sailing is Nov 3-10... once I’m back I’ll be happy answer any questions for you.
  6. Since irons are banned from the cruise I actually take a hair flat iron with an adjustable temp to “iron” my clothes with. It works really well. You just want to make sure it’s clean, and does not have any hair products on it. I have a cheap on I use just for cruising. I use it combined with wrinkle releaser.
  7. What did your Genie do for you? I completed our survey a few weeks ago, and we are just a few weeks out from our trip and I was wonder what you ask your genie for. We are pretty low maintenance pple. Thanks, Jenn
  8. This will be our first Star Class or Suite on Royal Caribbean. We have done suites on other cruise line but it just never worked out on RCI. We are really looking forward to it. I received our Survey to complete on Monday. I’m starting to get really excited plus I’m in dire need of some down time!
  9. I’m following this I cruise in a star class suite Nov 3rd on the Anthem!
  10. Hi All, I just complete my Star Class Survey for an upcoming trip, and it told me to book my shore excursion. Then redirect me to the private journey page. It looks like a bad web page...so my question is what is Private Journeys ? We are traveling to Bermuda and Boston in November. Thank you for any insight, Jenn
  11. How much did you tip the porter if you don’t mind I ask..
  12. It’s only for 6 night due to Texas Law... you won’t get to use it on the first day due to crazy Texas Laws !
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