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  1. This is encouraging news. On our last Cruise Survey, I made sure to include a comment about missing the chilled soups, and remember an older Thread where others are doing the same. I used to enjoy them so much. Happy Sailing!
  2. We have never purchased any photos on board. After the embarkation photo, during subsequent requests, we would normally politely say “not today, thanks” and be on our way. A few years back, we had a more persistent team so we decided to have a little fun with it. We started making goofy faces and silly expressions. The mascot wasn’t always aware they had “bunny ears”, and the photographer would be in on the joke. We ended up being friendly with the team and it gave them a laugh in their day. It gave us lots of laughs, too, as it was always hilarious to see the pictures in the Gallery that night alongside the more serious ones (before the digital format). Happy Sailing!
  3. I attended ATK aboard the Nieuw Statendam this June. It was VERY well attended. For whatever reason, they were scheduled at times that conflicted with other major events, so I rarely got to attend them in their entirety, although I did enjoy them and found them entertaining. I did miss the samples, I used to look forward to that. On a couple of demos, they were tapering down the recipe cards and told us to go online to get them. Here is a website where you can find the recipes given during the demos: https://www.americastestkitchen.com/guides/america-s-test-kitchen-onboard-holland-america-line Happy Sailing!
  4. Germancruiser, Thanks for sharing your experience. What time did you arrive for Embarkation? Thanks!
  5. Here's more about the Orange Party from a recent Thread:
  6. This Thread made me think of one from last year. Several posters reported their flights getting cancelled just by browsing for better prices. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2551853-flight-ease-concern/ Seems like there was another Thread or two on this topic, but I couldn't find them. Hopefully, whatever glitch there was has been fixed, but just wanted to pass that along.
  7. Be sure to either get the rate in advance or have them use the meter. We used Sourdough on one occasion and they charged us $35 for a 4 mile, 6-8 minute ride!!! 😀 They were very friendly, but we felt that was steep. Lesson learned. Yellow Cab was up front with us with our rates and we were pleased with them.
  8. Didn’t do a private tour, but booked a 2 day tour of St. Petersburg with them online and was with other passengers from our ship who also booked independently. We were in a van. Had an amazing time! Highly recommend!
  9. At the Nieuw Statendam’s Grand Dutch Cafe, the koningsbol is not bite size, but quite large. I didn’t see the ones at the Orange Party, but there were smaller versions in the Lido on occasion.
  10. They call the Bossche Bol “koningsbol” on the menu at the Grand Dutch Cafe. 😀
  11. Last month aboard the Nieuw Statendam, there was no entertainment on the World Stage for the first evening, except for the EXC Guide's "Norway in a Nutshell" talk at 9:30pm. I called the Front Desk to see if it would be broadcast on tv and was told it would. It was not. I am not the only one who politely voiced my displeasure. After that one, all of the EXC Guide's talks that were in the World Stage were broadcast on tv. The English talks were standing room only and she followed them with another in Dutch.
  12. calgaryflames, Did BA inform you of the reason for cancellation? Under certain circumstances, you may be entitled to compensation under EU Regulation EC 261/2004. See https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/british-airways-executive-club/1948451-2019-ba-compensation-thread-your-guide-regulation-ec261-2004-a.html
  13. Wow, calgaryflames, it sounds like you had quite a trip! I, too, experienced a canceled (independent) flight a few weeks ago, but it was at the end as we were disembarking Nieuw Statendam. I take it you booked your flights through HAL? If so, like previously said, they really should have helped you find an alternate route. I have also used CDG, BRU, and RTM + train. I believe the Eurostar also has this route. I am so sorry this happened and completely understand the mix of emotions and hassle as you try to manage airline contacts and schedules. In our case, AA was too busy to answer phones so we had to get to the airport to sort things out. Am I to understand that the NS did in fact make it to Eidfjord? I, too, am curious about the response you will receive. All the Best!
  14. oceanmom, Six years ago, on the Eurodam there was a walk in closet close to the front desk where the gently used clothing was stored. They let us go in and see what we might need. I’m not sure of the current policy.
  15. Six years ago, our bags stayed behind in Berlin, missing our flight to Copenhagen (along with FIFTY other passengers’ luggage!!!). We were without our luggage for 3 days. HAL offered to let us borrow formal wear and other types of clothes. While we had enough in our carry ons and also were able to shop for clothes at the on board store (the airline reimbursed us), it was nice to know this was available through HAL. I do not know the current policy. Happy Sailing!
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