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  1. I think the next few weeks will give us an idea between 100% vaccinated cruises, and those that are not. Happy Travels!
  2. Seany527, THANK YOU so much for taking the time to answer our questions and share your experiences! Much appreciated!
  3. Do you have a link for where you read this? Thanks.
  4. NEW SURVEY June 2021 Got a e-mail survey today with the Subject: “Please Share Your Thoughts on Potential Health and Safety Measures“ Message: “As we continue to navigate through the pandemic, we are encouraged by signs of progress and look forward to a measured return to travel. During this time, we have been regularly evaluating the health and safety policies we may implement upon our return to sailing. We would like to hear your thoughts on some of the ideas under discussion.” Haven’t had a chance to take it yet, but wanted to share here, may want to check your I
  5. Seany527, Thanks so much for sharing your experience! All of you passengers have been in our prayers. So glad Celebrity handled this situation with the utmost efficiency. It really sounds like they were prepared. I have some questions: -If the next day after finding out about the positive tests was not a sea day, would passengers have been allowed off the ship as planned? -Did the ship ask passengers to report any symptoms to them over the next few weeks? -I know CDC doesn’t recommend that vaccinated people get tested after exposure unless symptomatic, but did the ship give any
  6. cangelmd, I have questions! I’ve heard over the last year that rapid tests work best to catch someone who’s infectious. If an asymptomatic person tests positive with a rapid antigen test, does that mean they’re infectious? Is it true that if exposed, it’s best to wait on a rapid test for 5 days after exposure? Thanks for your insight!
  7. I’m not familiar with where, but I’m also interested in protocols post-cruise. I would imagine there won’t be any contact tracing for departing passengers because all adults are vaccinated, per CDC guidelines, but I do think it would be helpful to know 14ish days from now if all passengers remained symptom-free (and also negative, though I would imagine most won’t get tested again). Anyone know if departing passengers are asked to report if they develop symptoms?
  8. The live stream last night from the YT Channel mentioned in this Thread (passenger on board) stated that PCR tests confirmed the initial positive tests.
  9. 😀 One thing I think that has been reassuring in all of this, though an unfortunate situation, is that shipboard life continued on. I think a major hesitancy in booking right now is the question, “What happens when there is a positive test onboard?” And Millennium had 2. We can read the policies and procedures in advance but want to see if the real world scenario matches the protocols. Celebrity seemed prepared and according to those onboard, the ship is filled with pleased cruisers who had an enjoyable time. I pray everyone on board continues to stay healthy, I’m sure some will re-test on thei
  10. The news of the 2 passengers being asymptomatic came from Royal Caribbean Group’s Press Release: https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/143/celebrity-millennium-update/
  11. Yet two onboard have differing stories😉 (unless the flight is after a quarantine hotel). After I saw this post, I heard on a story from MSNBC that they were told by Royal Caribbean Group the 2 passengers would be taken home via private plane after the cruise is over, and this article also mentions it. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/06/11/royal-caribbean-cruises-to-sail-despite-covid-cases-on-celebrity-ship.html
  12. Here’s a story about this: https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-delta-variant-60-more-transmissible-than-alpha-and-more-resistant-to-vaccines-phe-reports-12330068 “New PHE research suggests the Delta variant is associated with a 64% increased risk of household transmission compared with the Alpha variant - and is 40% more transmissible outdoors. As of 7 June, there have been 42 deaths in England of people confirmed as having the Delta variant and who died within 28 days of testing positive. Of these people, 23 were unvaccinated, seven had had their first dose more t
  13. Some discussions here yesterday wondered what more clarity there could have been (for test results and vaccine information, too) if only a better distinction was made early on between between the virus, SARS-CoV-2, and the disease, COVID-19. Thankful that the vaccines overwhelmingly prevent the disease.
  14. Both the live stream from the YT channel previously mentioned and TPG’s reporter (via twitter), both onboard, have reported that the Captain announced all passengers and crew (outside of the 2 positives) have tested negative. Glad to hear this good news! Best Wishes to All!
  15. Interesting. Thanks for the info. A passenger onboard said they’ll be flown home tomorrow in a private medical aircraft. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2784744-two-test-positive-on-millenium/page/19/?tab=comments#comment-61263167 TPG’s reporter on board said they’re in an isolated cabin and will quarantine in a hotel after disembarkation until they test negative. Best wishes to all!
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