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  1. OMG!!! How tacky! I didn't think your flight was that long.
  2. Sounds like you are going home at just the right time. I'm so happy that, for the most part, your 8 days have been quiet and enjoyable. Safe travels Greg.
  3. I think I could spend hours on the "Lazy River". Looks very relaxing.
  4. This definitely helps you to sober up between drinks. 🤣
  5. I've had that happen on cruises. I travel with "Post It" notes. If it's an ongoing thing, I put a note on their cabin door asking them to please stop slamming the door. The neighbors don't appreciate it. So far it has worked. Sometimes people need to be made aware of their rude behavior and how it impacts others.
  6. Your comment caused me to go back and do a mock booking on two of the cruises I booked last night. I paid $1248 and $1083 (refundable) and today they are both selling for $3498. 🙀 Do prices usually jump that high that fast? This is my first time booking something as soon as it was released.
  7. I've put a deposit on five, 7 night cruises 😁
  8. Navigator OTS is now available for booking cruises out of Los Angeles into 2023. 🥰
  9. I booked two and went into my account to look at them and they say the same thing. RCCL IT strikes again.
  10. Late joining the Tribe's first virtual vacation, but I have gone back and read all 18 pages. "@ The handsome Saint Greg", first question I have, are you enjoying yourself? Do you find it too quiet? The pictures are great. ENJOY!!!
  11. I was getting ready to head to bed, but think I'll stay up for awhile. The notice says until 11:45 pm.....🙃
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