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  1. Does anyone know what time boarding begins, specifically on the Wonder? Our assigned time is 1:00; can we go aboard earlier? Thanks.
  2. We just booked a short cruise in San Diego. The Bibbity Boo makeovers are only available after 7 pm, too late for our kiddos. I’ll keep checking on line, but I’m wondering if it will be possible to book a better time once we’re on board? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Lynda
  3. Here’s what I did - I read many posts about Kotor here and on TripAdvisor. . I ended up finding three tour companies that got good reviews and sounded great. I emailed them with my questions, and chose one that was most helpful with planning the day. Since most cruise ports are only one day, there’s never enough time to see everything. I hope you can someday return to your favorite spots. Good luck! Lynda
  4. Thanks. I was looking at morning flights but today found one at 12:40. I’m thinking that’s what I’ll go with. I agree with making plans that set us up for as little stress as possible! Lynda
  5. We’ll be ending our cruise at Civitavecchia at 5 am as well. What is a safe time to book a flight home? thanks!
  6. We end our cruise in Civitavecchia at 5:00 a.m. per the itinerary. How early is it safe to book a flight home? thanks.
  7. We’ve gone with Stagecoach several times. Santa Ynez Valley is beautiful. Ask them to take you to Bella Cavalli winery!
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