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  1. Hey, Dan, thanks for including Gettysburg in your list of locations! 😉
  2. Rick, I love the title of your topic! Your enthusiasm for your cruise plans is delightful. I just checked out the itinerary for your Riviera cruise from Istanbul in October 2021, and it is superb with many fascinating ports and lovely sail-ins and sailaways. Best wishes for you and your wife’s continued recovery.
  3. Any hotel in Istanbul is more than happy to arrange all your transfers, the airport is modern, the cruise port is very centrally located, and hotels are priced very reasonably there. I truly do not understand why you would spend your money in this manner. Are you actually paying $695 per night for your hotel there? JMO Enjoy this wonderful beautiful historic city!
  4. We have embarked twice in Istanbul on Oceania cruises, once on our very first cruise ever in 2008 (on Nautica) and once in 2014 on Riviera; it is one of my favorite cities with a very cosmopolitan mix of people. Both times we flew in early because Istanbul is such a fascinating city to explore, partly because of its historical importance to both Christians as the “New Rome” from Constantine’s era (Byzantium/Constantinople) through the mid-15th century conquest by Muslim Turks. It also is physically beautiful due to the waters on which it is located. There are many lovely hotels with welcoming warm helpful staff in both the older historic Sultanahmet section south of the Golden Horn and the newer area north. The cruise port is very centrally located as well near the mouth of the Golden Horn. With the rise of President Erdogan it is becoming less and less pluralistic unfortunately. The difference we observed between our six-year visits was disturbing but the sightseeing still is superb.
  5. My crystal ball says no Oceania cruises in 2020 but I sincerely hope I am wrong.
  6. From what I have read just tonight on the Oceania thread titled “Our cruise officially cancelled,” an email stating that several mid-December Oceania cruises had been cancelled was released prematurely by Oceania and rescinded as being issued in error. I am not certain if that means your sailing indeed is cancelled, not yet cancelled so officially still scheduled as of now or what! Hopefully GICNJC has the latest information.
  7. I usually enjoy the ones relating to the history and major sights of ports I never previously have visited, particularly helpful if we are touring DIY. For example, we never had been to Curacao, so I attended the enrichment lecture for that destination on our RT Miami Riviera February 26 - March 11 2020 Caribbean cruise. I found it very helpful for touring the town of Williamstad on our own. Similarly in May 2019 on our Marina Western Mediterranean cruise, I enjoyed the one I attended regarding Ajaccio, Corsica, Napoleon’s birthplace. IMO the lecturers vary considerably in quality.
  8. In March 2020 it still did!
  9. Hi, Jazzbeau, nice to see you here on the only cruise line board I follow this year. Hope all is well with you and yours.
  10. I agree that the library on the “R” ships is superior to the library on the “O” ships; also that it is my favorite space on the “R” ships. I certainly spent a great deal of my leisure time there on my first three cruises when we were in those very small “E” cabins (barely-obstructed 6030 or 6033) with no veranda and nowhere to sit but on the bed. Regarding the OP’s question (now that I long have moved on/up to booking veranda cabins,) I personally do not believe that it is worth the extra money for the perks listed for the same physical space; I prefer to eat in the many excellent dining venues rather than in my cabin and the other perks add up to little for my Oceania sailing habits.
  11. Wow, there is so much to unpack in your post that I am speechless, and I sincerely hope I am misreading your intent. Therefore, I respond to your first paragraph only: Drs. Fauci and Redfield are doing their jobs and both could earn much more money if they chose to work in the private sector rather than in public service. Dr. Fauci certainly would not have to have security for him and his family and put up with all the death threats he and his family still receive. I personally trust what he says regardless of the pressure he endures and cite the resignation of Dr. Amy Acton, public health director in my state of Ohio, for the price these intelligent caring public servants have paid for their efforts.
  12. I still do not understand your query because I would not worry about needing a roof over the pool on a Greece/Turkey/Israel itinerary in July. 😉
  13. Watch out, Paul, when I pointed out those numbers to him four days ago, he responded by calling me a liar. (See post #11.)
  14. Great video, and great news for you, Mr. Brown!
  15. Oh, Petoonya, I am so very sorry; I remember how much you have been trying to help your spouse go to a place he dreams of so much. I hope and pray that you will be able to as soon as it is safe to do so. Hugs, Pam
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