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  1. Well, I just got off an AA flight from Orlando to Westchester (That was cancelled in Charlotte) AA had no issues giving all of us hotel vouchers, food vouchers, and rerouting us the next morning..... (And I was a lowly coach passengers. Maybe this is a "CYA" thing?
  2. In speaking to a cruise line representative , I got the distinct impression that this requirement is specifically so that if you get to the embarkation point, and then test positive (And are denied boarding) you "may" have some recourse. (Or at least the cruise line can claim)
  3. The people I feel for are those novice travlers who look at Travelocity (Or any of the other on line booking sites)... They see a cheap fare and they don't know any better.....
  4. In todays covid world, with airline schedules changing almost daily, you are lucky that your FLIGHT was not changed, (and changed and changed) the equipment was not changed, (and changed and changed) or one of your two flights was not simply cancelled. More so than I have ever seen in my 50+ years of flying the old adage "Time to spare... go by air" is appropriate this summer.
  5. Well, first, Port Stanley is so damn small that "usually" there is only one ship in port. (Although I have heard a couple of recent horror stories of 3-4 ships in) But in our 2 stops there it was just us. THEN, you have volunteer point. An hours drive in SUV's (no busses, you are going "overland" to an absolute BEAUTIFUL beach that could be in the Caribbean and filled with penguins. The glory of this place is that there are no fences, no boardwalks, no tourist stands. You are told not to walk up to the penguins, but they can walk up to you (And the juveniles DO) You can also walk down to the waters edge and watch the penguins time their entry into the ocean to avoid the leopard seals (Waiting for the penguins...) As there is a "guide" (Your driver) for every 4 guests you also get a GREAT running commentary on the island, it's history, and ecology. In summery, on both visits it is the most memorable port we have ever visited.
  6. Great airline. (Our favorite) BUT, remember that they do not "interline" with anyone else, so if your flight gets cancelled, you can only rebook on them. This is not an issue with their more popular routes (Where they have 2-3 or more flights daily) but if you book to somewhere they only fly once a day.....) Of course this also goes back to "Rule number 1" (NEVER fly to your departure port the day your cruise departs..... NEVER)
  7. To the original question.... No I do not think that there will be another "pause" UNLESS there is another Diamond Princess scenario. Then all bets are off and(In my opinion) over half of the cruise lines we know and love will permanently cease operations. In a nutshell, that's why I am cheering every time I hear of another line saying '"100% vaccinated ONLY.
  8. Annnnd. Based on this (very good) review, I googled the lawsuit and found this: https://shipmonk.co.uk/2021/04/04/star-clippers-awarded-substantial-damages-in-row-over-the-worlds-biggest-tall-ship-now-known-as-golden-horizon/
  9. LOL.... And something like COVID has never happened (in modern history) either!
  10. Only one.... But it went so well it somehow stuck for the next 40 years! 😊
  11. LOL.... Then you have the (little known) trick airline pilots used to use... When the crowd in the back was getting a bit too rowdy (drunk) we could raise the cabin pressure a "bit". (Normally kept at between 7000 and 8000 ft) The higher pressure would quickly conk out the drunks. Of course I am talking about the 60's and 70's so I have no IDEA what is done now! 😁
  12. Nope, but if YOU were on a Cunard 9 day out of San Juan on early October 1980.... Well never mind, (but DAMN it was a good Honeymoon!) 😁
  13. When our kids were young, we had to adhere to "school holiday" periods... and (trying to raise 2 kids) we always chose "basic" mass market lines and trips. Result? Yeah, we have seen a lot of drunk and unruly behavior. Since the kids went off to college, our travel habits have changed. No more "spring break" or holiday cruises, and more "longer" and exotic trips. (Read "no college kids and no youngsters out for a booze cruise" trips.) Result? Have not seen any questionable behavior for years and YEARS.
  14. "Azul" tequila in Mexico.... While NOT exported, it is hands down the best/smoothest tequila I have ever had. My son in law (A liquor distributer) poo pooed me on this until he had some.... Now he brings back a couple bottles every time he goes south.
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