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  1. In reality Churchill’s lounge on the queen vic is open to all smokers (regardless of what it says officially) and the area immediately outside is also pretty sheltered from the wind. Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Forums
  2. Now they’ve been released, in very excited about this ship. Probably like many of you, I enjoy looking over the details. https://www.pocruises.com/global/deckplans/Iona/Iona_Deckplans_2019-20.pdf Here’s my observations: Lots of lifts and stairs: Should be easier to get around with 2x 8 banks of lifts and 1x6 bank of lifts. Plus mid, aft and fwd all seem to have top to bottom staircases Pools and Hot tubs: always shy away from Britannia because it seemed under pooled for the size. Iona seems to have *lots* of hot tubs. Not sure what infinity ones on deck might be, but hey ho! Outside space: seems to be quite a lot of it. And a proper walkable promenade deck. I know some of the space will be taken up with eateries, but I would imagine for those like me who like to get their 07:00 sea stroll in, it’s going to be great. Odd Cabins: I’m not struck on the deck 8 balcony cabins that are “visible” from the promenade. It would be a bit like sleeping in a beach hut?! I’m keen to see what these look like in real life, but there goes my strategy of taking a balcony guarantee and hoping for the best! That were just my observations from a quick look over. The ship seems to has to re thought in the design. I’m no p&o cheerleader, but I can’t wait to try it. What does everyone else think? Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Forums
  3. At the risk of getting flamed why would anyone allow their kids to use a pool that’s clearly marked for adults only? Regardless of whether it is presently empty or not, the terrace area is a quiet space for relaxing and had a different vibe to the main pools midships where kids can use the facilities as they need. It’s little wonder that a fellow guest would complain, but then I don’t think everyone else’s world should revolve around my kids.... Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Forums
  4. Omg. I literally never even thought that this could be a thread, but hey ho it’s fun. I wouldn’t expect the steward to deal with any of my clothes. I’ve always put everything away somewhere or at the very least fold it and leave it on the chair. As for putting stuff in the drawers, well I hate to tell this to you, but the bedside drawers and the place I hide all my dirty undies and socks before they get gathered up and chucked in the laundry [emoji15]. Still those marauding bacteria have never got me yet [emoji40] Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Forums
  5. I would have thought a cruise counts and if pretty sure this would have been tested in law at some point (the original regulations have applied since 1992). Be interesting to see if someone finds a definitive answer. If I were particularly aggrieved, my first point would to complain in writing. And if that go no-where I’d phone the legal assistance people that come with my insurance. Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Forums
  6. According to the Facebook comment replies from p&o it appears she’s been sold to “a domestic Chinese operator” Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Forums
  7. The two likes are more similar than different. Cunard is a slight step up in terms of service and overall “niceness”, but in terms of what matters you’ll find decent food, a nice cabin and largely ok service. P&O is significantly cheaper for onboard purchases (especially bar drinks). Many people have something against Ventura, but i think it’s a fine enough ship. Although it’s significantly bigger than Elizabeth/Victoria if you are select about where you go you can often find quiet public areas or deck space to relax. The ship is moderns so there is decent level access everywhere or a suitable alternative route with lots of lifts (4 aft, 4 fwd, 6 mid) and power assisted doors in many locations to access the deck. If you are a regular Cunard person there’s nothing that should stop you from booking p&o. Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Forums
  8. Internet is always patchy on transatlantic cruises. They don’t position the kind of fast internet beaming satellites above miles of open ocean for the occasional passing ship. The fast internet works fine on a ship in Europe; I sailed on a sister carnival brand recently with fast internet and it was just as good as in the Caribbean. However they might need to adjust the equipment once in a new location to set it up correctly. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. Well I ignored the personalised video email too. The P&O version was a little more explicit. Ok so I logged into my circle account and sure enough it says “edit these details to remain in the captains circle”. I only found this after logging in and then eventually stumbling on the option. Thanks for the heads up, otherwise I would have missed it. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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