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  1. How nice that you have figured out the Crystal boards! Here’s hoping all goes smoothly for you in the planning and then from the minute you step onboard, 16 months from now. My first cruise on Crystal was a nine-night on the Symphony. 😍
  2. If I found out my travel agent wasn’t recommending Crystal, I’d be aghast, when I found out what Crystal is really like! Thankfully, I’m way past that stage, so my agent can rest easy. 😌
  3. Sincere condolences to you on the heartbreaking loss of your husband. I expect your refund will be processed soon by Azamara, now, and then will only be held up by the limitations of the credit card company. That a reservations agent was not able to go off script to listen to what you were saying, is certainly an extra layer of sadness. Soon I hope you will be able to bring out your old picture albums and use your memories as a consolation.
  4. I remember the stop in Edinburgh! From years ago! Thank you, Scott, and Drew. Stay safe.
  5. Roy, I am so happy you are home, and back to Cruise Critic. I think most of us here in the US are just staying home, except for necessary trips out. Indeed, some are having groceries and even restaurant meals delivered. There’s even something called Touchless Delivery. One of the most common activities right now is going for a walk. You’re so good at that! I hope your weather will allow you that luxury. Yes, be careful! Even with deliveries and mail. Wash your hands! Thank you for your wonderful posts.
  6. Scott, This was absolutely a superb episode. First, arriving under the Golden Gate. Nobody could do that, better than you. Then Muir Woods. What a blasted shame! Mr. B and I have been there a few times. The first time, in about 1990, we were the second car in the parking lot. The silence, and the scenery, and the appropriately cool air, were breathtaking! Please all four of you put Muir Woods back on your bucket list. How wonderful, that we have one more episode to await patiently. Boblerm is right. Needed now more than ever. Nancygp, so glad you also enjoyed this wonderful cruise. Cheers, everybody. Make the best out of your sheltering in place. —May B Muriel
  7. Roy, I was sad to see your blog post from Sydney, where you mentioned how tired you were. I hope soon you will be home, safe and sound in your own bed. We, your fans, will wait patiently for your return to your usual self. Be well! Or, as I used to tell my friend in Australia, and she told me, shluff gesundt. —May B Muriel
  8. A very happy anniversary to you! My son and DIL just celebrated their 25th on March 5th. It’s been a fun opportunity to look at all the photos, plus he emailed me their invitation, which I didn’t remember. It was beautiful, like their marriage. 😃🥂
  9. Actually, I think it needed 011, which the Princess rep knew, and my cell phone did, too! still haven’t gotten an answer, though, plus now I have nine hours of progress to read.
  10. I did and that turned out to be an exercise in futility! However, she actually HAD left me the correct number, it seems, but so far I haven’t gotten through. Thank you all for your help.
  11. Thx a ton! I didn’t realize that. I saw the phone number for family but instead I called the general number, which has a dedicated prompt if caller has a concern about a guest onboard Grand.
  12. I have read the first page plus last two pages of this thread, plus I’m on hold with Princess. So far, my question is unanswered. Does anybody know the phone number to call the ship? Our really good friend is on board, with no devices to connect her to the outside world except her cabin’s telephone. She called me Thursday but I didn’t get to answer. Her message left a phone number with too many digits! I’m sure she would appreciate a phone call from us. Anybody know how I could call her?
  13. I agree it’s strange that you couldn’t move within your category. We may never know why, but if you politely ask the Hotel Manager, I’ll bet he will tell you. Or perhaps he’s called Hotel Director.
  14. Good luck! It will certainly be a different vibe onboard. Bon voyage.
  15. To onesoutherngirl, I saw your post on a Rob’s thread and I came here to see your longer post. Deepest sympathies to you and your husband. How sad! Rest In Peace, MIL.
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