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  1. I understand there are two options. The other excursion is listed as well and its indicated its on a "powerboat" As I said, my main enquiry related to what we had experienced in the past and the significant increase in price. I feel like the call centre agent simply went on the website and confirmed that it was $110 as I had indicated, and did not actually check into my specific enquiry. We have done this coastal cruise to the pitons for years and always enjoyed it.
  2. Just following up on my post. Captains Club replied basically telling me that $110 was the correct price, they don’t know why it doubled, they were sorry I was disappointed and wished me a pleasant day . Today the sale is over, and the price is $69 .... I realize errors can be made but did they even look into it ..... I’m booking today at that price.
  3. We have done this excursion several times and enjoyed it. The last time we did it was November 2018 and we paid $59 per person. I see it is "on sale" now for $110 per person. I have written to Celebrity to ask if this is an error of some kind. Perhaps they have a new shore partner but there's no way its worth that kind of $$. We are going again in March and I had intended to book this but not at that price.
  4. Thanks for all this information. We are on Reflection in the Baltics in July and this week I've been busy reserving all our tours. We are booked with SPB for the 2 day grand tour in St. Petersburg, and in Stockholm as well. For Copenhagen and Helsinki we have booked Stromma for the HOHO combo bus/boat tours in both places. A bit apprehensive about meeting spots, distances, how to get from pier to town, etc. but hope all will become clear once we get there. I have read about different piers being used by different ships and some of it seems to depend on volume of traffic, etc. so hard to always know in advance. Love your reporting style.
  5. Haven’t seen anything in my cruise papers but are we allowed to carry wine (or beer) on board and is there a limit ? Thx.
  6. Haven’t seen anything in my cruise papers but are we allowed to carry wine (or beer) on board and is there a limit ? Thx.
  7. There will be several ships in port when we disembark. We plan to walk off as early as possible and get a cab to FLL. Any other advice re pre booking a ride service or ways to get out efficiently, recognizing the airport will also be a zoo.
  8. I agree with one putt. Prices are getting more than we’re willing to pay. Love Celebrity and love cruising but ... we booked a month or so ago 9 night Silhouette for November 22/19. Price for Concierge was $5700 Cdn incl 2 perks. Today for the cabin next door which is still available, price is $7200 Cdn with two perks. We booked Reflection for March 2020 while on board Reflection in November 2018. Price is $3700 US for go best (4 perks). Today with 2 perks price is $5200 US.
  9. Your experience is what I had read about and feared. We now always try to do walk off and will continue to do so. I believe I also read that the new Pier 25 (I think ...?) May be better but you disembarked at Pier 18 I believe. I will monitor this until our next cruise in November!
  10. Thanks for a great review and the disembarkation info for Canadians !
  11. I received this email on the weekend and decided to give it a shot. Very easy to book on line, no payment till August. Fingers crossed they don’t start moving my flights around but so far it’s worked for me.
  12. Yes I did that. Was looking more for on the water/sailing info.
  13. We will be sailing from Amsterdam to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, St Petersburg at the end of July. I am expecting sunny long days, with highs of mid teens and a max of 20 (Celsius) and anticipate cool evenings on the verandah while sailing. Does this sound about right ? I plan a light windbreaker and a cardigan as part of my packing ... any input appreciated. !
  14. I have a Nexus card. Have never seen a separate line for this at the port, only the airport. This change I’ve read of is quite recent, as we cruised in November in Reflection and were fine. Since then and perhaps related to the shutdown, I’ve heard all US citizens are off first. Everyone else waits So I’ll be interested in Mr Ts input.
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