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  1. With today’s Healthy Sail Panel announcement, it looks like cruising as we once knew it is gone (as is most things with Covid). Based on what we know now from today’s announcement (Mandate on masks, bubble shore excursions only, probably testing at own expense), how likely are you to consider cruising as your next vacation?
  2. Biggest disappointment from all of this is their lack of commitment to testing at the pier. This is a BIG red flag to me. Securing a Covid test 5 days or 24hrs before debarkation is going to be a fiasco. Plus the expense! FL tests range $119-$250 per person with results ranging from 1-3 days. Talk about an added expense for cruising. My cruise fare for a 3 night balcony room is less than my Covid test. I know these remain recommendations, but I hope RCL seriously considers testing at the port as their main testing resource.
  3. Has there been any communication from Celebrity on when they might release 2022/2023 itineraries? Thanks!
  4. Has anyone had any luck Lifting and Shifting an existing Empress booking to another ship? I’m getting nervous that our Empress cruises may not happen in Jan 2021. Thanks!
  5. I’m reading lots about “pent up demand,” but I am curious if people’s enthusiasm for cruising may negate this assumption.
  6. No cruises until Spring 2021..... all my cruises that I was hoping to take this year are toast.
  7. Hi - so sorry, but no way I could know. Dependent on so many factors that are outside everyone’s control. I can tell you I too am booked for Alaska in June 2021, so am hopeful it will sail.
  8. There is an email that was sent to crew that stated it will be 2-3 months before contract renewals even begin. Sadly, there is risk that the necessary Visas held by many of these crew members will begin to expire. With US embassies either shut or functioning at limited capacity around the world, this will complicate things even further. Bottom line is 2020 will either operate extremely minimally or not at all. RCL & NCLH intend to give their proposals to the CDC around 8/15. CDC has already told the cruise lines that it could take 4-6 months to even review and approve these protocols. Expect more detail on 7/24 when there is further extension of the no sail order.
  9. Breaking news: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/19/cruise-lines-voluntarily-suspend-all-trips-out-of-us-ports-until-sept-15-trade-group-says.html
  10. If Royal cancels my sailings due to Corona, am I due a refund of the RCL travel protection? i have received a refund of my taxes, the 125% FCC, but still nothing for the cruise care. Thank you.
  11. 1. No noise 2. No smoke 3. Yes I like the fact that the doors open up to allow huge open access to the balcony.
  12. It is a glitch. If you purchase anything in cruise planner, it deducts from the deposit for some reason. Did you purchase anything for $150? Call RCL tomorrow morning (wait times will be minimal), and have them notate this glitch and confirm in a memo on the booking that $500 has indeed been paid.
  13. If I have a Western Caribbean cruise on Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston, can I lift and shift to a western Caribbean cruise (Labadee, Jamaica, Mexico) on Symphony of the Seas? Same cabin category for each and both 7 nights? Thank you.
  14. I have tried and tried and tried to shift a western to an eastern. No luck. Policy is Caribbean is divided into three regions - Eastern, Western, and Southern. You cannot move between these regions, because it violates the same itinerary clause.
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